10 May 2011

ON: Acid House Art & 20th Century Psychedelia

Three of the UK’s most influential graphic artists, members of an ever morphing collective named Golden Sun Movement, exhibit a collection of hypnotically striking works at Idea Generation Gallery from 20th April 2011. Luke Insect, Leo Zero and Dave Little share a common thread, not only in their roots seated firmly in the psychedelic scenes of the 60s to the present day, but also in the impressive roster of musicians, clubs and brands for which they have produced artwork. Newly created site-specific pieces will sit alongside the artists’ most recognisable commissions which previously existed as some of the most lauded club posters and album artworks. ON and Golden Sun Movement represent the contemporary equivalent of Hapshash and the original UFO spirit.

ON will display not only a selection of the artists’ originals and back catalogue works but also bespoke site-specific creations inspired by the converted warehouse space of the Idea Generation Gallery. The mixed media creations will be made as a trio and individually. Featuring eye-bending perspectives, shocking colours and a pastiche of styles including Victoriana and Pop Art the show resonates with vivacity.