29 Jun 2010

Rocket Probes June 2010 Playlist

Teeth of the Sea – TBC
(The new album is finished and is being mastered in the coming weeks and we are extremely excited by it...hard to describe how it is sounding as it is kind of unique, maybe somewhere between Eno's ‘Another Green World’ and The Buttholes ‘Locust Abortion Technician’)

The Mask of the Imperial Family – Track 5
(Taken from their self titled album.... sampled drums, looped electronics and repetitive untreated guitar...sort of sounds like Coil meets Spacemen 3)

Loop –Prisma Uber Europa
(Nice find in a great Barcelona shop called ‘Wah Wah’...this 12” includes a great live version of Burning World that we haven’t heard before, it is nearly on a par with the live version off the Italian ‘Red’ live album)

Lumerians – Burning Mirrors
(The lead track on this two track 7” is a great cover of Crazy Horses, once again, thanks to Dave Cambridge for turning us on to this)

Skyramp – Days of Thunder
(Lovely analogue electronica soundscapes with a bit of 80’s movie soundtrack kinda vibe from a collaboration between Oneothrix point never and Mark McGuire from Emeralds)

You're Smiling Now But We'll All Turn Into Demons – Prismatic Reflections
(Classic Rocket type superfuzzed big muffed psyche - thanks again Dave C!!)

David Wrench – Spades & Hoes & Plows
(Traditional folk themes from around the British Isles, each preaching defiance and insurrection in dark experimental ballads)

VA - Love's A Real Thing - The Funky Fuzzy Sounds of West Africa
(Early 70's psychedelic Afro grooves, Moussa Dombia’s “Keleya” Krautfunk and the fuzz guitars of “Allah Wakbarr” by Ofo The Black Company - stands out)

Can - Monster Movie
(On a polyrhythmic trip with Jaki Liebezeit)

Black Sheep - Kiss My Sweet Apocalypse
(Long mediative drum workouts & ambient chanting, Rocket are getting into a serious groove thing this month, primitive repetition...)

John Carpenter - Escape From New York (soundtrack)
(Selective tracks - The Dukes Arrives / The Barricade / The President at the Train / Over the Wall - tension building keyboard themes)

Eluffant - S/T
(Scarce 70's Dutch psyched out of this world keyboard driven prog monster - a sample - approx 4.30 mins in here)