16 Jun 2010


Apollolaan Recordings APANO31 2010

The world of Head Heritage/Julian Cope has opened many doors for me over the years…for example hooking with Rocket Recordings. Besides that, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting many people that I probably would have not met if it was not for Julian giving White Hills props early on…it just so happens that many of these people make music themselves. One of those people is Stephen Bradbury aka Squid and his utterly fantastic project BLACK TEMPEST.

The latest release under the BLACK TEMPEST moniker is Proxima…a massive work of some truly amazing cosmic music. Flowing naturally like ocean currents, Proxima is seemless and organic. Over 52 minutes, the three tracks that comprise Proxima weave pastoral and heavenly synth washes and sequences with tasteful processed guitar and electronics. The longer the song the more difficult it is to keep a listener captivated…that is not a problem with this album. The different parts in each composition come in and out at exactly the right moment keeping the listener attentive and engulfed in the music from beginning to end. For this Mr. Bradbury should be applauded.

Nothing about this album sounds forced at all. When I listen to this disc, I am taken to a different place each time. It’s the perfect soundtrack for inner peace and understanding.

Proxima was released as a limited edition CD-r of 50 copies on Apollolaan Recordings. At this time it is sold-out but you can still purchase the music digitally directly from the artist for only £3 here, http://blacktempest.bandcamp.com
Stephen tells me the companion to Proxima, titled Ex Proxima, is already finished and in production. I for one look forward to its release!

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Dave W (White Hills)