29 May 2010

Rocket Probes May 2010 Playlist

Omar Souleyman – Highway to Hassake
(Amazing psychedelic keyboards over primitive beats from this Syrian wedding singer!!)

Slow River Slow – TBC
(Readings finest dropped this bombshell on us a couple of weeks back...Monster Magnet, Loop, Dead Meadow and The ‘wind are all accounted for within these 5 fuzz-wah loaded tracks...be great to see this reach the public one day!!)

Magic Lantern – Platoon / Show Stopper
(They have gone a bit more into the Sun Araw direction...but that is no problem, great Funkadelic sounding grooved out psych)

Nadja – Bodycage / Radiance of Shadows
(Fell asleep to these blissful albums recently and then got woken up by earth-ending shattering noise...amazing drone/noise/shoegaze/doom)

The Fall – Your Future Our Clutter
(Can’t stop playing this album, can’t wait to see these tracks live, Mr Smith is definitely on a roll)

Zoo – Hard Times
(Awesome slice of funked up heavy rock with one helluva killer riff, a ‘Nothing is...’ favourite)

Alexander Tucker & Decomposed Orchestra - Grey Onion
(Terry Riley inspired orchestral eerie meditative minimalism)

This Heat - Live in Krefeld
(1986 copy of this originally cassette-only release Post-Punk, Krautrock 1980 concert, thanks to Paddy & Chris for the vibes!)

Gnod - A Very Special Request
(Demo tracks recorded after their European tour, hints of Achim Reichel jamming with Sun Araw & Lee Perry, great use of loops, echoed psyche guitars & krautrock)

Faust - Ravvivando
(Something of a Faust revial in these parts, claustrophobic and intense, might have something towards the up & coming Eraserhead world my life will soon be entering eh Kev?)

The Deviants - 3
(The Deviants, Pink Fairies & Edgar Broughton Band, it's the '60s dream teetering on the brink of the precipice.....welcome to the bands that severed that dream)

Cosmic Psychos - Down on the Farm
(Along with Lubricated Goat 1st few LP's, CP's 1st album on Amphetamine Reptile records is the best in OZ brutal Stooged distorted wah mayhem, makes you want to drink & destroy)