10 May 2010

ON THE DECKS # 13 - Various Items Tickling My Ears

In preparing this months OTD there was too much to choose from, so once again I will highlight a number of things that have been tickling my fancy over the last month.

Split LP (Mid-To-Late Records)
I’m still on a big Carlton Melton trip and was anxiously awaiting the gig White Hills recently played with these California space monsters. Also playing at the gig was Empty Shapes. The two bands released a split LP for the tour and let me tell you it is one amazing LP. Both bands rip it up and take the listener into the far depths of your mind. Empty Shapes unleash 3 tracks that bring to mind Parsons Sound. Dense, thick, and droney. Perfect for heavy meditation. Carlton Melton’s side takes off where they left us with the “Pass It On” LP. Two tracks in total…one taking up almost the entire side. I can’t recommend this LP enough…and it is pressed on black and white vinyl! Pick one up before these suckers are gone forever.

Powers Of Audition (Kranky)
Second LP by these kraut informed space cadets from San Francsico. Less of a solo project for
the bands mastermind Jesse Reiner this time around. He assembles a band that contains
members of Mi Ami, Trans Am, and 3 Leafs to help him out. The result is a compelling album that should appeal to fans of Klaus Schulze, Cluster, and Ashra.

Space Rock Tulip
Yet another spacerock super group so to speak from San Francsico. 3 Leafs contain members of Tussel, Citay, White Pee, Daevid Allen’s University of Errors, and Jonas Reinhardt. This album has it all for any psychrocker… motorik grooves, space jams, hypnorock and wonderful ethereal moments. This is a self- released LP and is worth every cent.

Sun, Broken (Important Records)
With Sun, Broken…Mugstar have fashioned a tight and amazing space punk juggernaut of an album. Drugged out and hypnotic…everytime this CD ends I find myself starting it over again because I want more and more of it! These Liverpudlians deserve more success than they already have. Definitely one of the best neo-psych space heads on the scene. A must have for anyone psychedelically and punk informed.

Dave W (White Hills)