20 Apr 2009

The Heads / White Hills: Stoned Hand of Doom

New record and festival in Italy

We are very proud to announce the release of 'Camden Brain Slurry' on our great friends Rocket Records. It is a split 12" release with the wonderful White Hills,who's offering for this slab of vinyl is 'I Will Find Peace of Mind'.

It's the first in a series entitled 'Collisions',this the first volume comes in a limited run of 1000 copies with 300 on orange vinyl and only 150 with a limited numbered art print. It comes in a die cut sleeve and insert with outstanding artwork we have come to expect from Johnny 'O. Unfortunately they managed to get the labels the wrong way round but once you are aware of this it shouldn't impair the aural experience contained within the grooves of this fine item. It is released on Monday 20th April and can be ordered from Cargo Records or purchased from your local Independent Record Shop.

To mark the release we are playing the 'Stoned Hand of Doom' Festival in Rome on Saturday 17th May at INIT. White Hills will also be playing that night as part of their European tour. Tickets are 15euros and are available from shod_tickets@hotmail.it,doors are at 16.00hrs and we will be headlining. Look forward to seeing you there !

H.Morgan (The Heads)