27 Oct 2023

Bonacons of Doom's 'Signs' is released today

“Beckoning the aliens to beam down and join us.” The Quietus

“Simply divine.” Sleeping Shaman

“Bonnacons of Doom are a hard band to beat.” Clash

This is the sign you have been waiting for. Echoes And Dust

Today sees the release of Bonnacons of Doom's new album 'Signs'

There are three gatefold sleeve vinyl versions of 'Signs' available. A very special numbered Dinked version that has unique sleeve art, a cutout and keep 'Doom' mask and is pressed on exclusive Silver vinyl:


You can also pick-up a ltd edition Yellow vinyl via the Bandcamp link and a ltd edition Frosted Clear vinyl via all good record shops:



Building on the intimidating intensity of Bonnacons Of Doom’s self-titled debut, 'Signs' offers a sonic response to the tension between the urge to pursue continuity with our past and to adapt to our changing present. Hypnotic grooves and the monomaniacal intensity of the riff are fractured by digital interplay, electronics and the incantatory vocals of ceremonial leader Kate Smith, coalescing into a metaphysical force which stands defiant of easy categorisation. 

Within these otherworldly manifestations on 'Signs' lurks solace in a place where the transcendent powers of heavy amplification, electronic sonic explorations and forces darker and more unknowable can coalesce to cathartic and redeeming effect. 

See the band live at their home town show, with more dates TBA:

11 November / Liverpool / Quarry