31 May 2023

Rocket Probes – May 2023 playlist

The Holy Family – Bad Travelling
(A dark repetitive mantra of a new track)
The Holy Family

Julie's Haircut – Plaster Mask EP
(New music from your fave Italians)
Julie's Haircut

Shit & Shine – 2222 and Airport
(Another really great album from S&S)
Shit & Shine

Thee Alcoholics – Power
Thee Alcoholics

Tomaga – Ersangerkreig
(Love this track)

Cluster – Heiße Lippen

A'Bear – Ignition unite

Okay Temiz / Johnny Dyani - Witchdoctor's Son
(Immersive Jazz sounds)
Okay Temiz / Johnny Dyani

Phil Upchurch – Voodoo Chile
Phil Upchurch 

Waiting Mode – Enjoy The Silence
(JP from GNOD/Holy Scum on Tesla Tapes)
Waiting Mode 

Kapibara - Część Trzecia "Smutek nie musi być negatywny"
(This is good)

Raptus – Count Down
(Mutant Funk)

Westside Gunn – Big L & Half a Mil
(Loivi'n the Gunn)
Westside Gunn

DRMCNT – RX Live Sessions
(Heavy sounds from thee alcoholic)

Kammerflimmer Kollektief – Mäander
(An old fave in Mission Control...sounds like a Rocket release)
Kammerflimmer Kollektief

Sonny Sharrock – Black woman
(Turn up loud)
Sonny Sharrock

Vacuous – Dreams Of Dysphoria
(Great British Death – produced by Wayne Adams)

Holden – Blackpool Late 80s
(Classic Holden)

Ak’chamel, The Divinatory Monkey and the Sovereign Plumed Serpent – Phallus Pallace
(Tribal texan sounds)
Ak’chamel, The Divinatory Monkey and the Sovereign Plumed Serpent

Tina Turner – Keep on walkin'
(Rest In Power)
Tina Turner 

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