27 May 2022

Och's new album Pö om pö is released today

"Distills kaleidoscopic rapture and oracular intensity."

"Soundtracking a mysterious ceremony on a medieval planet."

"Take an existential trip through the dimensions."

Swedish trio OCH release their new album Pö om pö today pick-up a copy of the ltd edition 'Ceremony Purple' vinyl from your local record shop or from here:


Watch the great video for the band's first single from the album 'Bolid' here: 


Pö om pö (meaning ‘little by little’) is a journey further into inner space from ‘II’, the band's previous album. It’s a still more expansive and vibrant transmission from the ether which distills kaleidoscopic rapture and oracular intensity from a variety of sources. The excursions here are jam-based in origin but lucid in approach, crepuscular in aspect but uplifting in effect.

Dwelling in a smoke-clouded glow that’s equal parts sunset gold and effects pedal red, OCH have here transcended all influences to create a tapestry of potent psychotropic sound. A record in which new horizons open up beyond the small hours, and where primeval wah-wah-abetted skronk and mantric folk-tinged repetition can collude to reveal new third-eye perceptions. Little By Little, Pö om pö, these forty minutes are here to bridge the chasms between conscious and subconscious, and in style.