19 Aug 2019

Music Pills Horizon say some words about DJINN

They say:

Djinn is both a mythological creature and a weird union of music and musicians. Djinn album review under the lens of jam and experimentation

Djinn is the name of spirit creatures whose origin can be put back in the early Islamic mythology and has been anglicized in genies. They could be considered good, neutral or bad, and it’s said that God created them out of a mixture of fire. Djinn is also the name chosen for an alternative project born from the mind of members of Swedish bands Goat and Hills. We’re going to dig into their first and homonymous full-length.

It’s a step forward for the label Rocket Recordings into a “jazzier” soundscape, where folk elements blend with free form solos to form a mysterious soundscape salted by a touch of irony and fun. The cover shows black and white characters whose traits are distorted and bent, their textures slightly show a fine symbolism regarding eyes shedding tears. We can group the figures this way: two single characters, each by its own, and all the others forming a masked unit, their mouth a painful grimace. Then there’s the single man on the left, the only one that wears a hat, a sort of crown, and the only one laughing at the scene. The main one is at the center of the mess: its skin is pure black, his limbs unnaturally stretched trying to grab something covered. This better reflects the image of the djinn, the mythologic creature.

The cover clarifies the sonic content: a distorted beast with bad intentions aiming to twist your mind with sounds beyond the earth, and the laughing man maybe is the conscious listener, the one who doesn’t fear the new and the mysterious. Together with him, let’s dive in...

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