29 Sep 2017

Rock Your Lyrics Interview Luca From Julie's Haircut

Rock Your Lyrics Article:

Ten days ago passing by the Super Sonic in Paris we had the opportunity to see Julie’s Haircut live…it was definitively one of the most powerful shows we have seen in the last few months! Once home, we decided to listen more of their music and especially their last album “Invocation and ritual dance of my demon twin”.

Today we interviewed Luca that answered us about the future projects of the band and , of course, about the meaning behind the verses of their songs……

What is behind the title of your last album “invocation and ritual dance of my demon twin”?

It’s some sort of playful crossed reference to Frank Zappa’s song “Invocation and Ritual Dance of the Young Pumpkin” and Kenneth Anger’s film “Invocation of My Demon Brother”.

We like mixing references, it always adds up to new meanings and interpretative possibilities.

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