30 Nov 2011

Rocket Probes November 2011 Playlist

The Heads - Vertigo Swill
(What electricity was discovered for)

Robedour - Too Down To Die
(Psyched out jams of electronics, guitars and primitive rhythms...has a real 'stoned out' Gnod style which is a good thing in our books)

Picchio Dal Pozzo - Seppia
(Awesome heavy italian prog, like Klaus Shulze meets Soft Machine meets Crimson, taken from their self titled album, thanks to Cherrystones for turning us onto this great track)

Dead Moon - Unknown Passage
(Great album that features the amazing 'AC/DC gone motorik' track Dead Moon Night...also, check out the documentary of the same name, a great watch)

Kandodo - Kandodo
(Good album of psyched out, fuzz drones by Simon Price of The Heads)

Horrors - Skying
(What can we say...we like our pop music with soaring shoegazey guitars and swirling keyboards)

Dashiell Hedayat - Obsolete
(More great Canterbery sounding prog, this time from France and features Daevid Allen)

Cliff Martinez - Drive (OST)
(Great film and a great incidental soundtrack of dark, moody, droney and repetitive electronic soundscapes)

Faust - 71 Minutes
(Hypnotic Kraut masterwerk, Rocket are currently having a Faust revival)

Creation Rebel - Starship Africa
(Kraut Space Dub)

Bevis Frond - Bevis Through The Looking Glass
(With a title like '1970's Home Improvements' on the album, what would you expect)