13 Oct 2011

Introducing - THE WATCHER

Rocket are pleased to introduce fellow brainstormer, Optical Sounds' Dave C's new
regular guest feature 'THE WATCHER'.

THE WATCHER will be Dave C's take on the sounds of his forever swirling psychotomimetic optical world.

The first mission to be fired into orbit is an article about the Leeds band 'Hookworms'.



Photo credit Bart Pettman


Who are Hookworms? A relatively new five piece psychedelic rock group based in Leeds or more specifically the scene that collects around the fantastic Brudenell Social Club.

What they sound like? Think Spacemen 3 / Wooden Shjips / Magic Lantern in a psyched up spew but that's probably just me and hopefully ive got yer attention.

After supporting Sun Araw at the Brudenell at the back end of last year Cameron Stallones expressed his admiration for the band and how they made him wish he still played with Magic Lantern. He asked them if / when they had laid down some tracks would Hookworms be able to send them over for his listening pleasure. Well when Cameron heard the tracks Hookworms sent over they fried his mind so much he emailed the guys backs immediately and told them - " I gotta put this out on my new tape label." Well said tape came out and sold out within a couple of days on Sun Ark.

But lucky for us Faux Disc and Gringo Records have teamed up to release said tape on Heavyweight vinyl (500). What you get is 4 tracks and 27 minutes of white noise maelstroms , riffs to infinity and astral synth whirr all swathed in a heavy psychedelic drone as tracks build to a glorious whiteout. All 4 songs are full of hooks, melodies and fabulous waves of acid drenched guitars. But live Hookworms are able to take this brew and blow your head off in an all out Sonic Attack. Totally essential.

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Dave C.