31 Jul 2011

Rocket Probes July 2011 Playlist


Teeth of the Sea – Marine Fields Glow (Esben and the Witch remix)
(Amazing remix from TOTS, ethereal synths, metallic rhythms and mournful trumpet...lets hope it see’s the light of day sometime soon!!)

You're Smiling Now But We'll All Turn Into Demons - Prismatic Reflections
(18 minute track that starts with a slow lazy groove of wah riffs and hazy vocals that is cut dead by proto-doom repetition and some serious fuzz wah abuse, that brings The Heads to mind! Great stuff from this Portsmouth band)

Sri Aurobindo - Cave Painting
(Fuzz bass, fuzz wah guitars, echoed vocals and primitive drums all present on this great psych album from this Baltimore band)

Goat - Goatman / The Sun, The Moon
(Two great tracks of fuzzed out afro psych, all the way from...Sweden!! Thanks to our good friends The Hills for turning us onto this)

Charles Albright – I am the Counter Culture (drop out)
(Very Hawkwind’esque sounding track..thanks to Dave from Optical Sound for turning us on to it)

Sunflare - Young Love
(In your face, overloaded fuzz, psych punk from Portugal, a lot like High Rise and that first Purling Hiss record)

Pink Floyd - Interstellar Overdrive (Tonite lets all make love in London)
(The ultimate version featured on the Peter Whitehead's film soundtrack)

Pink Floyd - Piper at the Gates of Dawn
(Something of a Syd revival around these parts, none come better than this album of great English tinged pop with experimental weirdness)

Beak> - Spinning Top
(New track for the 2nd album - Geoff & Billy are becoming serious contenders to take over the Holger & Jaki crown)

Sonic Youth - Rather Ripped
(Great SY album, one of the best in years, especially the 7" Helen Lundeberg / Eyeliner which accompanied the album)

Residual Echoes - s/t
1st album on Big Drum records, with hand re-cycled sleeve - a far-freak-out!)