28 Jul 2010

Rocket Probes July 2010 Playlist

High Wolf – Ascension

(Really good vinyl only album of warm repetitive drones..... from (future Rocket artist) Annapurna Illusion’s other guise)

Deehunter – Cryptograms

(Great summery sonic indie pop with very nice droning interludes)

Various – Black Chains with Black Exhaust

(Thanks to Plastic Crimewave to sending us this great comp a few years ago, some of the best heavy fuzz funk to soundtrack these summer days)

Fennez – Infinite summer

(Sonic mastery...one for the headphones!!)

Optimo – Acid eyefull podcast

(It’s Summer 1989 again....)

Mugstar – ...Sun, Broken....

(Great album from this great band from Liverpool...lovely artwork too, hopefully Important Records will do a nice vinyl version)

Shit & Shine – Bass Puppy

(the mighty $&$ twisted take on dubstep....shame this great band are parting from these shores, they will be missed!!!)

Pyramid – Dawn Defender

(fantastic 30min kosmiche track, it’s up there with AR Machines Echoes!!!)

The Moles – Future Sound of Ashton

(Early Flaming Floydian Lips pop through the eye of a kaleidoscopic lens)

video here

This Heat - Deceit

(Hard edged Mondrian-like psychedelic methodology)

Soggy - S/T

(Kicking out the Jams French metallised Stooges like Punk from 80-82, Thanks to Dave W)

Loop - A Gilded Eternity

(This re-issue has been on constant flow, deeply penetrating repetition)

Gong - Continental Circus

(We are not big Gong fans on the whole, but this 71-72 motorbike film soundtrack drives on the right side of the cosmos)

Walter Wegmuller - Tarot

(Classic Krautrock with members of Ash Ra Temple & Klaus Schulze)