28 Apr 2010

Rocket Probes April 2010 Playlist

Sunburned Hand of the Man – Jaybird
(Thank to Paddy Gnod for turning us on to this grooved out psych monster of an album, can’t believe never heard this before!!!)

Sun Araw – On Patrol
(Even more dubbed out than previous releases...has a bit of a Count Ossie and the Rasta family feel to it at times)

People of the North – Deep Tissue
(Four great psych driven tracks from this Oneida side project by Fat Bobby and Kid Millions)

Algarnas Tradgard – Famtiden ar ett Svavande Skepp, Foorankrat I Forntiden
(Great 1972 album from Sweden...imagine if International Harvester set up their commune in Germany and invited Popol Vuh over to live with them...well it may of sounded like this)

Kid Millions – Man Forever
(What..... two records by one of our favourite drummers in this months playlist!!!!)

Faust - Rien
(94 comeback album featuring the 15 minute long trance drone-rock epic 'Listen To The Fish' )

Afflicated Man - Get Stoned Ezy
(This British (80's) blown-out psych-punk speed monster has been mentioned to sound like 'Saint Vitus' covering 'Les Rallizes Denudes', throw in 'Human Instinct' & 'The Heads' & I might agree)

Harmony Of The Spheres - VA
(Compilation of tracks all over 18 minutes long, Includes cuts by Flying Saucer Attack, Jessamine, and Bardo Pond's 'Sangh Seriatim', which is why it features on this months playlist - a nice slow tripped out feedback drone-drenched workout)

German Oak - S/T
(Heavy Krautrock recorded in an old WWII bunker, dark, damaged and ominous rumblings)

Simply Saucer - Cyborgs Revisited
(Canadian proto-punk psychedelia with splashes of electronics)