2 Nov 2009


A hodgepodge of albums that have been kicking my ass recently:

Der Blutharsch – Flying High (WKN 2009)
Brand new album from Albin Julius and company that finds the band diving deeper into drone heavy psychedelia. Fantastic and heavy synth washes collide with deep space song driven material creating a heavenly sound that is black as the night. This album can take you to the farthest reaches of any black hole. A must have for all space cadets!

Black Sheep – Black Sheep at the BBC Maida Vale, April 5th 2009CE (Fuck Off & Di 2009)
Now those who know me…know that I am a big fan of all things Cope. It took me hearing this release to realize the genius behind what Cope is up to with his Black Sheep Ensemble. Guttural, primal, punishing, disturbing, cathartic, mesmerizing, beautiful, and uplifting. This is scream therapy music at it’s best. One part Cromagnon, one part Art Ensemble of Chicago and all Cope. People won’t realize the genius of this ensemble until they are long gone.

Graveyard – Graveyard (Tee Pee Records 2007)
Hailing from Sweden this band is everything that I wished for when first hearing Witchcraft. The main difference being much better song writing. These songs might sound like they were written in the 70’s but they are completely from the present. Biting socio-political commentaries add intelligence to the overall esthetic's that is not pushy but eye opening.

BORIS - #2 H.M.A. (Heavy Metal Addict) b/w Black Original (Southern Lord 2009)
This, the second installment of a series of 3 45’s from Boris finds the band grinding away in a heavy metal pyre. Something is a bit off kilter with this 45…is it the hand clap track on H.M.A or it’s almost propulsive driving disco feel combined with a truly metal guitar lick. I can’t pin it down, but I like it!

The Stooges – You Don’t Want My Name You Want My Action…1971 The Missing Link (Easy Action 2009)
A 4xCD boxset documenting The Stooges short lived line-up that featured the dual guitar attack of Straight James Williamson and Ron Asheton with Jimmy Recca on Bass and Scott Asheton on drums. The sound quality is what one has come to expect from such Stooges releases, but that does not detract from the raw primal energy this band had at the time. Wild and punishing, this is not music for the meek. Lately the show from St. Louis at The Factory on 5/26/71 is the disc that I am digging the most.

Dave (White Hills)