3 Aug 2009

Rocket Probes JULY 2009 Playlist

Gnod / White Hills – Dropout CDR
(The last 25 minute odd track is psychedelic bliss, truly amazing!!)

Master Musicians Of Bukkake – Totem One LP
(Has some really nice Eastern tinged psych moments)

Serpentina Satelite – Nothing to say CD
(Really good Loop’ish space rock from New York, via Peru)

The Heads – Practice room Feb 2005 CDR
(Thanks to the Leeds boys for this one, includes a truly mind boggling 33min version of Hairy Chapter)

Gunter Schickert – Uberfallig LP
(Imagine if the Necks had a Jam with Can sometime between when they made Future Days and Babaluma)

Rävjunk - Uppsala Stadhotell Brinner LP
(Apparently they were Swedens first punk band... this is great proto punk with a good kraut/psych/70’s rock vibe!)

Beak> - 05/01/09 > 17/01/09 + EP & 12inch
(Motorik minimalism from Wessex's finest, Team Brick, Billy Fuller & Geoff Barrow)

Thought Forms - s/t
(With their sonic guitars, the youth are getting restless)

Grails - Burning off Impurities
(Sombre, atmospheric, instrumental drones)

Silvester Angfang – II
(Dark haze of fuzz.....his 7" split with Burial Hex is still his best though)