10 Feb 2009

Profs Plop #1 (Comments on Various Musics)

Head Machine - Orgasm

Here’s the exploitation record from The Gods recorded late 69 time and released on Major Minor.UK sleeve has some kind of minimal swirl logo on the front maybe signifying the heady swirl of O.Ooo knows. Starting with ‘Climax’ strangely, it starts with a grand riff, nice and heavy before descending into some nice Cream type jamming. Guitars are nice un heavy plectrum to pick proto prog, at 4 minutes it goes down the full-tilt bullshit Quo boogie that lays a big brown one on the grand heavy opening riff. It kind of resolves itself slightly with a riffin waltz, but the boogie is not forgotten.

More heavy handiness from the lyrics via The First Time (most of the lyrics must of have been written in the studio over a Brooke Bond and Players number six) but with a great infectious organ lick that stays in the head, with great fade. Other songs cover lesbianism with the delicate The Girl Who Loved, The Girl Who Loved and other tales of climax. All in all there’s plenty of heaviness here with a couple of organ-led slowies. ‘Orgasm’ in particular is a dumb ass 2 chord riffing epic which inevitably speeds up with those heavy axes in full flow. Heavier than The Gods 2 Columbia LPs with less of those slightly wrong harmonies and unfortunately just as expensive. I’ve got the cd of this by the way, I’m no rich head. Anyway its worth a check if you like heavy proto prog.

FUZZ RATIO: Pre- amped but not fuzzy.

WAH RATIO: zeroed.

Here’s a fella playing The gods first single on youtube. Still with those slightly cheesy vocals but with a nice heavy freak beat with guitar and organ. I think it’s the best thing The Gods did and I wish I had a copy.