1 Oct 2015

The Quietus review Hey Colossus at Liverpool Psych Fest

Saturday is undoubtedly about the groove

With a set that sounds like Jan Hammer having a nervous breakdown, Sun Araw's electronic meadering fails to hold interest so it's with a state of excitement that tQ makes its way to a rammed District Stage for an unforgettable set from Hey Colossus, a band going through an intense period of creativity and artistic highs. With the band about to release their second album of the year in the shape of Radio Static High, Hey Colossus are playing at the peak of their powers. 'Hot Grave' is especially pummelling tonight, its atonal strumming intro drawing huge cheers down the front but it's with 'Hop The Railings' that the band truly hit paydirt. A massive, swaggering beast that levels all before it, this is a moment to savour before fully surrendering to its relentless groove and letting the feet and hips take over. JM

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