17 Jul 2019

PETBRICK announce debut album on Rocket

PETBRICK - the duo comprising Wayne Adams (Big Lad/Death Pedals/Johnny Broke) and Iggor Cavalera (Sepultura/Soulwax/Mixhell), are releasing their debut album 'I' via Rocket on 25 October and you can listen to the banging first track 'Horse' above

See what The Quietus say about the track here: The Quietus

'I' is available to buy on CD or LP in three ltd formats, all in a special spot varnished sleeve.
There is a ltd edition 'Black & White Swirl' vinyl can be preordered now from here:


And from your local record shops there are two ltd edition versions available – a 'Black & Clear, 50/50 split' version and a 'Skinned' colour version.

And for USA and Canadian fans, the PETBRICK album is being released there on the great Closed Casket Activities label.


Electronic experimentation, hardcore attitude, dystopian dread and in-the-red dementia collide and collude to form a uniquely invigorating assault that mixes the intensity of Ministry and the synapse-shredding mischief of Aphex Twin yet lodged firmly in the here and now.

'I' is packed with guest vocalists - from the full-throttle intensity of Full Of Hell’s Dylan Walker to Integrity’s legendary vocal exorcist Dwid Hellion. From the exhilarating melodic counterpoint of Mixhell's Laima Leyton and the unique stream-of-consciousness lunacy from Warmduscher’s Mutado Pintado.

The duo are taking the PETBRICK noise around the country and can be seen playing at:

02 Aug / FR / Fort de Bertheaume, Plougonvelin / Visions Festival
03 Aug / UK / Oxfordshire / Supernormal Festival
16-17 Aug / UK / Ulverston / Woodland Gathering Festival
28 Oct / UK / Huddersfield / The Parish
29 Oct / UK / Sheffield / Record Junkee
30 Oct / UK / Manchester / Soup Kitchen
31 Oct / UK / Bristol / Exchange
01 Nov / UK / Cardiff / Clwb Ifor Bach
02 Nov / UK / London / Shacklewell Arms 
06 Nov / CZ / Prague / Underdogs
08 Nov / BE / Antwerp / Het Bos    
09 Nov / NL / Utrecht  / Le Guess Who? Festival  


Watch fan made video of Gum Takes Tooth's 'Slowly Falling'


Sounds from the GNOD Farm

GNOD were invited by Dublin Digital Radio to create a special mix – sounds from around the house and garden mixed in with random home recordings and current hifi listens.

Immerse into the sounds from the GNOD farm above


16 Jul 2019



Bonnacons of Doom to play Sneaky Snake Festival in Berlin

Bonnacons of Doom have been announced to play Sneaky Snake Festival at Urban Spree in Berlin on 20/21 September.

Info can be found here: Sneaky Snake Festival

Their full list of shows now read:

26 - 28 Jul / North Devon / Kozfest
30 Aug / Manchester Psych Festival / Manchester
17 Sep / Huddersfield / The Parish
18 Sep / London / The Lexington
19 Sep / Brussels / Magasin 4
20-21 Sep / Berlin / Sneaky Snake Festival


15 Jul 2019

GNOD announced to headline The Psych Rising Festival in Manchester

Astral Elevator are hosting their Psych Rising Festival on 5 October at Night People in Manchester... 

Info can be found here: Astral Elevator 

GNOD's full list of shows now reads:

27 Jul / UK / Bristol / SchwetFest
15 - 17 Aug / UK / Bristol / Arctangent Festival
31 Aug - 1 Sep / UK / Todmorden / Tor Festival
05 Oct / UK / Manchester / Psych Rising Festival
07 Nov / UK / Reading / South St
08 Nov / FR / Paris / Le Petit Bain
09 Nov / BE / Brussels / Magasin 4

10 Nov / UK / London / Dingwalls


Get into This reviews Teeth of the Sea and Gum Takes Tooth at Deeper Cuts Festival

They say:

Teeth of the Sea, meanwhile, prove a big draw in Phase One. It’s not hard to see why.

Having released Wraith earlier this year through Rocket Recordings (label founder Chris Reeder spins records later on) the band have now amassed a serious arsenal of heavyweight tracks.

It’s intriguing to see how they pull off such dense, meticulous and wide-ranging sonics now that they operate as a trio – that they do it so well is quite the achievement. Songs bristle with grizzly electronics, thumping percussion and Jimmy Martin‘s killer riffs.

They’re cinematic but also a juggernaut of grooves which finds the dancefloor filling with a serious amount of heads bobbing to their widescreen death disco.

They close with their trademark death disco Responder – all 15 minutes of relentless, strident power closing with Sam Barton’s wall of trumpet squalls. It’s triumphant.

With the midnight hour passed fellow Rocket label heads Gum Takes Tooth hit the Phase One stage with a brutal assault of rhythmic punishment.

Relentless hardly covers it, and it’s exactly the kind of music fit to finish off the night – hyper-kinetic thuds and blinding electronic dissonance...

Read the rest here: GIT


FREQ reviews GNOD and Bonnacons of Doom at Astral Festival

They say:

Back to SWX for the insane sight of Bonnacons Of Doom; about half-a-dozen people on stage wearing shining disc masks that make them look like some sort of astral version of The Residents. Fronted by a cape-wearing woman coming on like a high priestess, she wails over the top of a tribal post-metal sludge fest with guitars that sear and scorch through the dramatic light show. Her voice has real power and cuts through the righteous maelstrom like a knife through butter. The glinting masks behind her make the whole scene appear like some post-nuclear metal band that had survived disaster and were just waiting for Mad Max to stride through the bar-room door. Crazy stuff.


We escape back to the relative cool of SWX, but the upheaval that Gnod are causing on stage is anything but chilled. The band seems to be travelling on a trajectory that makes the sound angrier and louder and more ferocious each time we see them. Gone are the experimental jaunts and japes from ten years ago, and now they are a monolithic behemoth, seemingly taking up where Godflesh left off, but with none of the vulnerability and far more firepower. The third twin drummer attack of the day with Jesse Webb once again claiming a drum-stool, this is by far the most devastating.

The brutality of the group, caught in the ire of Paddy Shine‘s vocals and reflected in the shrieking of the two guitars which seem to be set on stun, even when at rest, is matched by an excoriating light show; all bright white and epilepsy-inducing shudders. The lights conspire to fabricate imaginary portals to Heaven along which the group are only too happy to escort us, and these moments of transcendence where the entire band lock in as one are perhaps the real moments of the set. It is hypnotic and relentless, the volume eye-bleeding, but coupled with some real clarity — although the guitars behave like some sort of torture victims desperate to wrest themselves from the players.

Read the rest here: FREQ


Remembering Gnoomes Fest 2019

Here is a little video compiling footage from the amazing Gnoomes Fest 2019 that took place on 18 March in Perm Russia. Gnoomes brought a host of bands and DJs to their home city that included Rocket's Gum Takes Tooth and Mamuthones for what was an incredibly special event...we now all wish for a Gnoomes Fest 2020!

Gnoomes latest album 'MU!' as well as Gum Takes Tooth's album 'Arrow' and Mamuthones latest 'Fear on the Corner' can all be bought from the Rocket Shop: Bandcamp


13 Jul 2019

Twisted Soul say some words about PAISIEL

They say:

Released initially on cassette via Lovers & Lollypops, Paisiel‘s eponymous debut LP has now been issued on vinyl by Rocket Recordings.

Across the three-track recording, the duo of Portuguese drummer João Pais Filipe and German sax player Julius Gabriel roams freely between the repetition of krautrock, techno, jazz, experimental music and more.

The re-release of Paisiel follows on from João Pais Filipe’s collaboration last year with fellow drummer/percussionist Valentina Magaletti (Tomaga / Vanishing Twin) on the album CZN.

This is an brilliant album! Very unique stuff with so many twists and turns, throughout the whole release.

Check out the album below and if you want to grab the stunning limited edition transparent deep blue vinyl, head here – but hurry, as there’s only a few left!

See the piece here: Twisted Soul


12 Jul 2019

Rocket bands in new Louder than War Feature

Louder Than War Magazine has a special feature on the 'New Era of Psych' – and in this feature you will find interviews with Rocket bands Teeth of the Sea, DJINN, The Utopia Strong and Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs...

Get an issue here: Vive Le Rock


9 Jul 2019

Get into This interviews Teeth of the Sea's Sam Barton

Ahead of this weekends Deeper Cuts Festival in Liverpool (tickets here: Deeper Cuts) Get into This asks Sam Barton from Teeth of the Sea some questions, it reads:

With Teeth of the Sea set to headline Deeper Cuts Festival Getintothis’ Rick Leach chats to Sam Barton about the immediacy of performing live, getting things just right and being undefinable.

It’s a hot afternoon in early July as I phone Teeth of the Sea’s Sam Barton.

The sun is shining, there’s scarcely a breath of wind and a clear unbroken blue sky lies overhead.

All the windows are open and there’s a fat, lazy bee wandering from flower to flower outside. It’s rather too warm to be doing anything.

Our dog is fast asleep on the floor, exhausted by the heat and having been lulled into a dreamstate by my repeat playing of Teeth of the Sea’s most recent album, 2019’s astonishing Wraith earlier on.

I’ve got the Wimbledon tennis tournament on the television in the background on mute and the incongruity of chatting about Teeth of the Sea’s music which has been described as ‘dystopian,’ ‘science fiction’, ‘dark imaginary Bladerunner-esque soundtracks’ on a typical balmy English summer day is striking at say the least...

Read the rest here: GIT


8 Jul 2019

New Music Social say some words about Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation

It says:

Since I started this blog in March 2019, I’ve vigorously used social media to promote the content. The aim has been to say nice things about people that make good music, and probably the most satisfying part of doing this comes when the artist acknowledges the post. The most appreciative people are without doubt all those associated with Rocket Recordings, which only makes me like them even more. Josefin Ohrn and the Liberation are part of the Rocket Recordings roster, originally from Sweden but now based in London, they make damn fine music, and from my interactions with them on social media they seem like very nice people too.    

As is often the case with me, my first exposure to the band was via their latest album ‘Sacred Dreams’. Having been suitable impressed by what I heard, I was encouraged to steadily work my way through their back catalogue, which has been an enjoyable experience that I’d thoroughly recommend.

Latest album ‘Sacred Dreams’ was released in April this year, and kicks off with the track that I first heard of theirs Feel the Sun, a lovely bit of psychedelic pop. The album twists and turns through a variety of genres - from the Goldfrapp like electronica of I Can Feel It and Desire to Velvets style 60s pop like Hey Little Boy  and ‘Caramel Head’ to the T-Rex glam of Baby Come On and the Suicide-esque Whatever You Want....

Read the rest here: New Music Social


GNOD to headline SchwetFest and Tor Festival

After demolishing SWX at Astral Festival, GNOD have been revealed to headline Schwet Festival in Bristol on 27 July, info here: SchwetFest

And also headline Tor Festival at the Golden Lion in Todmorden on 30 Aug - 1 Sep.

Tickets can be purchased from here: Tor Festival

GNOD's full list of up-and-coming shows are:

27 Jul / UK / Bristol / SchwetFest
15 - 17 Aug / UK / Bristol / Arctangent Festival
31 Aug - 1 Sep / UK / Todmorden / Tor Festival
07 Nov / UK / Reading / South St
08 Nov / FR / Paris / Le Petit Bain
09 Nov / BE / Brussels / Magasin 4
10 Nov / UK / London / Dingwalls


Lay Llamas announce two new shows and ltd vinyl version of Thuban made available

The new live incarnation of Lay Llamas have announced two new shows:

20 Jul / IT / Verona / Forte Santa Sofia
08 Sep / IT / Roma / Sinapsi Festival

Plus the band have these already announced dates:

10 Aug / Bel / Geel / Yellowstock Festival
20 Sep / IT / Sardinia / Here I Stay Festival

Due to a warehouse find, the long sold out version of the bands latest album Thuban can be purchased on ltd orange/black swirl vinyl from here: Thuban


5 Jul 2019

Poster for GNOD's show in Reading

Typical Hunks

South Street Arts Centre
7 November

Tickets can be bought from here: Reading Arts

GNOD's full list of shows are:

06 July / UK / Bristol / Astral Festival
15 - 17 Aug / UK / Bristol / Arctangent Festival
07 Nov / UK / Reading / South Street Arts Centre
08 Nov / FR / Paris / Le Petit Bain
09 Nov / BE / Brussels / Magasin 4
10 Nov / UK / London / Dingwalls


1 Jul 2019

The Utopia Strong announces Hastings show

The Utopia Strong are going to be playing a live set as part of this special DJ soundclash between Steve/Kavus Vs Graham Massey (808 State) and Leila (Reflex).

Gonna be a great night of cosmic sounds....

Info/Tickets here: Facebook


Music Pills reviews DJINN

They say:

Djinn is the name of spirit creatures whose origin can be put back in the early Islamic mythology and has been anglicized in genies. They could be considered good, neutral or bad, and it’s said that God created them out of a mixture of fire. Djinn is also the name chosen for an alternative project born from the mind of members of Swedish bands Goat and Hills. We’re going to dig into their first and homonymous full-length.

It’s a step forward for the label Rocket Recordings into a “jazzier” soundscape, where folk elements blend with free form solos to form a mysterious soundscape salted by a touch of irony and fun. The cover shows black and white characters whose traits are distorted and bent, their textures slightly show a fine symbolism regarding eyes shedding tears. We can group the figures this way: two single characters, each by its own, and all the others forming a masked unit, their mouth a painful grimace. Then there’s the single man on the left, the only one that wears a hat, a sort of crown, and the only one laughing at the scene. The main one is at the center of the mess: its skin is pure black, his limbs unnaturally stretched trying to grab something covered. This better reflects the image of the djinn, the mythologic creature.

The cover clarifies the sonic content: a distorted beast with bad intentions aiming to twist your mind with sounds beyond the earth, and the laughing man maybe is the conscious listener, the one who doesn’t fear the new and the mysterious. Together with him, let’s dive in....

Read the rest here: Music Pills


Gum Takes Tooth and Teeth of the Sea in The Quietus's 'Albums of the year so far'

They say:

17. Gum Takes Tooth - Arrow
This isn’t an easy listen, or at times even an enjoyable one – Arrow grabs you by the back of the neck and proceeds to electrocute you from inside out, hissing “do you see?” in your ear every 30 seconds. From the artificial heartbeat and shattered, sinuous vocals of opener ‘Chrome Cold Hearts’ to the outer-space metallic maelstrom of ‘House Built On Fire’, Gum Takes Tooth make sure that this is not escapism, but a shackling to the Hellmouth that we have all helped to create. 
Brendan Telford

28. Teeth Of The Sea - Wraith
Teeth of the Sea have excelled themselves on this highly rewarding record. Their collaborators - Chlöe Herington and Katharine Gifford as well as Magaletti, and the production skills of Erol Alkan - has given them a new polish, a sophistication, even. While there was never any doubting their psychedelic influences and their way with a groove, Wraith offers something more. Full of variety and unpredictability, like the best science fiction it maps out a dreamworld of our times, a tonic against the deathly thoughts of the small hours.
Tom Bolton

See the full rundown here: The Quietus


Colourhorizon say some words about Teeth of the Sea's WRAITH

They say:

Aggressively forging the future: Teeth Of The Sea present WRAITH

The Scribes made many Foretelling in the days before the Ending Time. Employed by the Slavic dukes they would toil to make predictions for their masters. While the dukes dined on suckling pig in their marbled halls, the Scribes huddled in the candle light of their under-rooms. When the Foretelling arrived, the eyes of the Scribes would roll upwards in their heads and their quills would scratch ramblings and snatches of the things to come.

One such Scribe, Obseqious, saw Teeth Of The Sea in a dark Foretelling. Obseqious fell into a deep trance for many days, to the point in which the duke raged at the thought of his valuable Scribe possibly dying. When Obseqious awoke his papers where full of scattered notes on Teeth Of The Sea. He later compiled them into a vague narrative, translated by a Czech historian:

… there will come a time in which the beloved Post Rock will falter and fall… 

Read the rest here: Colourhorizon


30 Jun 2019

Rocket Probes – June 2019 playlist

The Utopia Strong – Brainsurgeons 3
(Killer 10min+ track by this new Rocket three-piece – the vinyl is a thing of beauty too!)

Papivore  Death and Sprong
(Agathe from KURO and Tom from Tomaga...really great new sounds on Hands in the Dark)

Errant Monks – The Táltos
(Sad to hear Errant Monks are no more, but at least they left us this...)
Errant Monks

Astral Social Club & Grumbling Fur Time Machine Orchestra
(Unfolding, repetitive loveliness)
Astral Social Club & Grumbling Fur

Attempted Moustache – You're The One
(Another Cherrystones endorsed banger!)
Attempted Moustache

Prairie WWWW  Pán
(Kosmiche grooved pop from Taiwan...'another' Heather from Black Impulse tip)
Prairie WWWW

White Manna – Ape on a Sunday
(Nice psyched out jams on Cardinal Fuzz)
White Manna

Cosmo Vitelli – Kuldip
(Cosmic groove)
Cosmo Vitelli

Stereolab – Jenny Ondioline Part 2 (Breakdown Mix)
(Great unreleased version on the recent reissue..thanks John Hirst)

Carter Tutti Void  t3.5
Carter Tutti Void

Einsturzende Neubauten – Armenia
(Looping noise)
Einsturzende Neubauten

Rien virgule  Des Punks sur nos Caillebotis
(Postpunk Can sounds from France)
Rien virgule

Hama – Houmeissa
(Great synth rave from Niger that Joe from Hey Colossus played during his 6 Music interview)

Gazelle Twin  Belly of the beast
(Repetitions...a modern Munic & Elsewhere)
Gazelle Twin

Frozen Sun  Electric Soul
(Fuzz rock)
Frozen Sun

Queens of the Stone Age  Born to Hula (Old Version)
(Nice groove out at the end)
Queens of the Stone Age

Pious Faults – Old Thread
(Thanks to Adam Reid for telling us about this Australian noise band)
Pious Faults

Listen to our updated monthly Rocket Probes playlist on Spotify:


27 Jun 2019

Bandcamp daily interviews Gnoomes for article on Russian Shoegaze

They say:

Gnoomes’ reputation has been rapidly growing thanks to 2017’s Tschak! and this year’s MU!, both powerful albums full of psych/electronic fusions. The band freely cite shoegaze as their initial inspiration, and early releases, like 2014’s It’s moonbow-time, boy, are awash in gently-lapping waves of guitar and distant, mournful vocals. “We were big fans of that particular genre for a long time, since we were kids,” says keyboardist Masha Piankova. “We weren’t able to go see bands play live, so we got all our info from the Internet. When we started as a new band, we called ourselves shoegaze—not even shoegaze: Stargaze!”

Read the rest here: Bandcamp Daily


24 Jun 2019

Gum Takes Tooth and Teeth of the Sea in Get Into This's 'Top 25 albums of the Year So Far'

Get Into This has published their list of 'Top 25 albums of the Year So Far' and we are proud to say we have the following two albums in the list:

Gum Takes Tooth – Arrow
Teeth of the Sea – Wraith

You can see what they say about both albums here: GIT

And both bands are playing a very special festival in Liverpool by the Get Into This team called 'Deeper Cuts' that takes place on 13 July also includes Housewives on the bill. Tickets can be bought from here: Deeper Cuts


22 Jun 2019

Teeth of the Sea's trip to the moon

Last night Teeth of the Sea played a two hour set soundtracking the documentary Apollo Moon Shot at the Science Museum and what an 'out of this world' experience it was!

Top  marks to the boys on taking such a gargantuan project and pulling off such a stellar performance. And congratulations to all involved at the Science Museum and the Smithsonian Channel for hosting such a special event!

Photo by Neil Thompson for the Smithsonian Channel 


20 Jun 2019

Gnoomes Tschak Remixed! cassette – small repress on sale now

Due to demand from fans we have done a short run of 25 of the long out of print Gnoomes cassette 'Tschak Remixed'.

The tape features remixes by Rocket bands:

Lay Llamas
Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation
Julie's Haircut

Plus remixes by

Ulrich Schnauss
Lorelle Meets The Obsolete
Al Lover
Kalli Ma

Buy the cassette here: Bandcamp


19 Jun 2019

Circuit Sweet say some words about The Utopia Strong

They say:


“The overall sound was pretty accidental” reckons Kavus Torabi. “I certainly didn’t expect the music to sound so ecstatic and positive, Without wanting to puncture the mystery, there really felt like an element of magic at play in making this album. For the most part it was incredibly effortless”

“The band evolved from having had so much fun together and also sharing similar musical tastes” continues Steve Davis, “Mike (York) was living in Glastonbury where Kavus and I DJ’d in 2017. We all hung out together during the festival and the Utopia Strong was born. The name came later and I suppose reflects the fact that – once we’d jammed together and listened back to the improvising – the music felt pretty euphoric and otherworldly. It was very psychedelic but also strangely wonky”

It was never any secret that Davis – even at the peak of his household name status in the 1980s – was as happy putting a needle on a vinyl record as anything else involving a cue. Renowned as an aficionado of soul, jazz-funk and progressive rock from the seventies onwards, he famously once single-handedly promoted three nights at the Bloomsbury Theatre for French esoteric leviathans Magma, so frustrated was he by their absence from British shores...

Read the rest here: Circuit Sweet


Kultur Magazin give Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation's Sacred Dreams a 9.5/10 reveiw

They say:

We have the hypnotic psychedelica of Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation, the deep electronic spaciness of Gramm and Ethik, some timeless house grooves from Francis Harris and the Toy Tonics crew, the Balearic swells of Ghost Vision, and lots more.

So, prepare yourself for a journey through time and space, and let us begin…
Sacred DreamsJosefin Öhrn + The Liberation’s third album Sacred Dreams is the sort of thing any good mother would warn you about; trippy, dangerous and addictively good. Out now on Rocket Recordings, the London-based band’s new LP is full of fuzzy riffs and acid-drenched rock jams. Feel The Sun opens the record with some squelchy synths, a driving groove and Josefin’s whispered lyrics to form a track which gets the adrenaline flowing from the off. After the heady electronica of Honey Slumber, I Can Feel It merges I Feel Love style synths, loose guitar licks and rising vocals on a song which is going to sound like explosions going off in the brain when heard live. From here, Desire is deep and sexy pop music with a gothic heart, Hey Little Boy sounds like The Velvet Underground at their most languid, Baby Come On shows how rock music doesn’t have to be intricate to excite, Caramel Head is gorgeously hazy, while the dirge-like groove of Let It Come is worth the price of admission alone. Recalling the psychedelic majesty of fellow Londoners Toy, Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation are a band tailor-made for these fucked-up times. 9.5/10.

Read the rest here: Kultur Magazin


Bonnacons of Doom announce summer shows

Bonnacons of Doom are heading out and playing some shows this summer:

06 Jul / Bristol / Astral Festival
26 - 28 Jul / North Devon / Kozfest 
30 Aug / Manchester / Manchester Psych Festival
17 Sep / Huddersfield / The Parish
18 Sep / London / The Lexington
19 Sep / Brussels / Magasin 4
20 Sep / Berlin / Urban Spree

Keep your ears, eyes and heads peeled for some Bonnacons of Doom news soon!


18 Jun 2019

GNOD announce Reading show

GNOD are heading to Reading to play the great South Street – with local heroes Typical Hunks in support...see you there!!!

Tickets/info: South Street

GNOD's full list of shows, now reads:

06 July / UK / Bristol / Astral Festival
15 - 17 Aug / UK / Bristol / Arctangent Festival
07 Nov / UK / Reading / South St
08 Nov / FR / Paris / Le Petit Bain
09 Nov / BE / Brussels / Magasin 4

10 Nov / UK / London / Dingwalls


Echoes and Dust reviews Gnoomes album MU!

They say:

Gnoomes’ previous release, Tschak! was one of my favourite albums of 2017, so for me (and I’m sure many others) this latest offering, Mu! comes highly anticipated. The thing about Gnoomes though is that, as a band, they’re a uniquely melon-twisting experience. They’re equally as psychedelic and narcotic as the rest of Rocket Recordings’ roster and yet, they sound like none of the other bands. Sure, very few of the label’s roster sound alike (usually, this is the result of side-projects) but, I find that I can at least categorize the large majority of the bands. Putting such a band into words is something that I find difficult and daunting but, a pleasure all the same.

I continue to love how simultaneously electronic and analogue everything sounds. Moreover, they continue to create beautifully segued together and seamless albums that flow as one cohesive whole. For me what stands out most as something that I like from this record is the guitar work. There are so many nice guitar parts and I really mean nice. There’s something really pleasant and euphoric about the music on this album and whilst the synths do a lot of the work, I love Gnoomes with guitars, it’s fucking sick...

Read the rest here: E&D


The Utopia Strong to play Supernormal Festival

Happy to announce that The Utopia Strong are playing this years 'sold-out' Supernormal Festival – joining fellow Rocketeers DJINN as well as many other great artists. 

Loads of new bands have been announced check out the full list here: Supernormal Festival


17 Jun 2019

Lay Llamas to play Here I Stay Festival

Lay Llamas join Housewives and others at Here I Stay Festival in Sardinia on Friday 20 September.

Info and Tickets here: Here I Stay


New Music Social say some words about Gnoomes

They say:

Reminds us of:

My Bloody Valentine, Neu! The Chemical Brothers, Cocteau Twins, Slowdive, Roykssop, Faust, Death in Vegas, Boards of Canada, Sonic Youth, Loop

I’ve always been a fan of music that you can get lost in. One minute I’m focussing on a task with music on in the background, and the next that music has completely enveloped me, and I’m lost in some beautiful cacophony and completely detached from everything. Pure escapism in a hectic world. That moment comes very early for me in Gnoomes latest album ‘MU!’

The band come from Russia and are signed to the wonderful Rocket Recordings, home of Josefin Ohrn and the Liberation (who I’ll be writing about on this site soon) and other artists such as Teeth of the Sea, Lay Llamas, Goat and the Utopia Strong, the experimental minimalist collaboration between (Snooker) Steve Davis, Michael J York and Kavus Torabi.   

MU! was released last month. Opening track Utro heads straight into ‘Loveless’ My Bloody Valentine territory, which quickly grabs your attention before shifting into early Chemical Brothers  with Sword in the Stone and Irma. Next up is the brilliant Glasgow Coma State and Sine Waves are Good for your Health.  By this stage by the way, anyone or anything trying to get my attention is out of luck – I’m completely lost! The rest of the album is equally impressive, more epic noisiness follows on Ursa Major and Progulka, before the music really gets its chance to stretch its legs on How do you. The closer Feel Now brings you back into reality, probably a good thing, and it’s a noisy little beast...

Read the rest here: New Music Social


14 Jun 2019

2nd Poster for Apollo’s Moon Shot : Teeth Of The Sea Live Score

Here is the 2nd poster for the Teeth of Sea Show at the Science Museum IMAX on the 21 June.


Smithsonian Channel And The Science Museum Present:

Apollo’s Moon Shot :
Teeth Of The Sea Live Score


Join the Science Museum for a unique preview of Smithsonian Channel's new series 'Apollo’s Moon Shot' with a live score from Teeth Of The Sea.

'Apollo’s Moon Shot' looks back on one of the most important leaps forward in human history, exploring the journey from America’s first manned orbit to the last man on the Moon. The six-part series premieres on 17 June on the recently launched Smithsonian Channel UK and airs weekly throughout June and July.

We will be screening an abridged feature-length cut of the documentary series, with a live score performed by London psychedelic rockers Teeth of the Sea and introduced by famed American aviator and NASA 'Mercury 13' astronaut trainee Mary Wallace 'Wally' Funk.

Tickets: Science Museum 


Poster for Apollo’s Moon Shot : Teeth Of The Sea Live Score


Here is the first poster for the Teeth of Sea Show at the Science Museum IMAX on the 21 June.

Tickets are going at a brisk pace so if you want to hear 2 hours of brand new Teeth of the Sea material soundtracking the Smithsonian Channel’s incredible documentary ‘Apollo’s Moon Shot’, all in the iconic surroundings of London’s Science Museum, then best get on it!


Smithsonian Channel And The Science Museum Present: 

Apollo’s Moon Shot :
Teeth Of The Sea Live Score


Tickets: Science Museum 


Talk Sport interviews Steve Davis about Utopia Strong

Talk Sport called up Steve Davis and discussed his new music project The Utopia Strong, the new band he is in with the great Micheal J York and Kavus Torabi.

Listen back here (about 30min in): Talk Sport


Birthday Cake for Breakfast interviews Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs

They say:

It’s apt that on their second album, Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs – the riff-hungry, ear-piercingly-loud Newcastle based doom outfit – recorded in the presence of actual pigs. Wild boar in fact, that – along with deer – surrounded the converted farmhouse in the Italian countryside where the band spent a week writing, recording and living in fear of being eaten alive by boars.

“Totally spooked Chris…” Chuckles Matt Baty, vocalist and synth player in the five-strong Pigs’, recounting the brush with death experienced by bassist John-Michael Hedley and drummer Chris Morley. “Chris was stood outside, smoking, and he comes charging through – I think he locked Johnny outside in panic. Ran in – ‘There’s a bear, there’s a bear outside!’ Johnny was banging on the door to try and get in…”

Baty tells me this with a laugh from the safety and comfort of the backstage area at BBC Radio 6 Music Festival, many miles away from muddy fields and ‘bears’ on the loose. Whilst outside in the hallway Aussie artist Julia Jacklin peruses the fruit bowl and hip-hop royalty Chali 2na helps himself to a complimentary coffee, we’re sat inside a curtained off area as Baty tells me all about their Italian break putting together ‘King of Cowards’.

“…It’s quite cliché saying we went away, that’s where we wrote our album…” He says. “The Italy thing, we had a few dates get cancelled on a European tour, so we had like a four or five day gap. So it was either cancel the whole tour, which would’ve been a shame, or find something else to do. So that was our something else to do and it was really beneficial.”...

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