20 Mar 2019

First look at Centrum 'För Meditation' Red Vinyl

First look at Centrum 'För Meditation' Red Vinyl.

"I didn’t not want it to stop… I never want it to stop." 
Read this great review Fragmneted Faneur

Pre-order your copy here: Bandcamp 


19 Mar 2019

Unsung Podcast on Goat's World Music

They say:

World Music by Goat
We retreat to Scandinavia again this week, this time travelling further north than ever before in order to meet Goat.

Whilst the band (allegedly) come from the Arctic Circle, the music couldn’t be further from the frozen north in sound. A strange fusion of psychedelic rock and afrobeat, ‘World Music’ plays like a 60s throwback. All at once intoxicating and rousing, it’s an assured debut by a mysterious, talented band. There’s everything from Can to Parliament found in here, alongside influence from a bunch of African artists. We touch upon all of this in today’s episode, and a lot more besides. 

Chris has compiled a playlist that serves as a brief intro to Afrobeat and more.

Is this their best album? As ever, the decision is yours.

See the rest and hear the podcast review here: Unsung Pod


Introducing Mamuthones 'A Place In The World' EP

We are delighted to reveal that the Kraut-Disco Post Punk band Mamuthones have a new 4 track Digital EP 'A Place In The World' due out on April 5th.

Visit Rumore Magazine to watch the video from the lead track 'A Place In The World' here: Rumore

Pre-order: Bandcamp / Stream

The Press Release:

The vibrant reinvention that Mamuthones have undergone, from Italian Occult Psychedelia to Kraut-Disco Post Punk, is no more evident than on their new track ‘A Place In The World’.

Recorded around the same time as their electric mischief ‘Fear On The Corner’ album from 2018, the track creates a kaleidoscopic vortex of groove-based cerebral punk invention, in the direction of distinctly New York-based headspace where a realm of mirrorballs and black-clad basements share infectious hooks.

The band having originally taken their name from the death-masks used in rituals in their native Sardinia, now find themselves transcending their roots and undergoing a
metamorphosis from mystical and ceremonial realms into a direct connection with the everyday, the personal and the political. Like self-induced neurosis ‘A Place in the World’ is
the end of the party that began with ‘Fear on the Corner’ where there is nothing left to fear.

Mamuthones are patient; Mamuthones are benign; they envy nothing; they are never distracted; never puffed up; they have neither aspirations nor seek not their own; they are
even-tempered; and think not evil; they mock not iniquity; they are enraptured with scientific truth; they support everything; and believe everything; have faith in everything and uphold everything.

So at least if Mamuthones can’t find their ‘Place In The World’ they can exorcise their percussive needs, frenzy another guitar solo, embrace even more demented synthesizers all into a CAN like soup as a vitriolic No-Wave beast where Chrome share sonic invention with LCD Soundsystem.

This 4 track EP, features a deranged alternative take of the title track, where the band truly unhinge their sound. Then we have 2 remix tracks by Italian DJ and producer Lucretio a.k.a.
Domenico Cipriani. The first takes us into a more minimal mantric beat driven kinetic excursion, the second a bleak tapestry soundscape, transcending into a demonic conclusion.

Now ask yourself, which is your place in the world?


Mamuthones tour dates are: 

28 March / Spazio Astra / Foligno
29 March / Camelot 3.0 / Prato
30 March / La Fine / Roma
31 March / Freak Out / Bologna
10 May / Santeria / Milan (w / ZU)
18 May / Gnoomes Fest / Perm (Russia) (w / Gnoomes & Gum Takes Tooth)
12 July / Subcult Fest / Padova

Vinyl copies of the 2018 album 'Fear On The Corner' are still available here, CD's have long since sold out: Bandcamp


'Rocket to Russia' – 'Gnoomes Fest 2019' announces great line-up

Gnoomes have just announced the line-up for this years 'Gnoomes Fest' in their home city of Perm in Russia on 18 May. 

The bands playing are:


+ DJ’s

Doors: 13:00
Venue: Zavod Shpagina

And Gnoomes have said this about the event:

Gnoomes are bringing the mighty Rocket’s to their Motherland!

Gnoomes Fest is a 1 day international music festival in Perm, Russia and focuses on artists who doesn’t limit themselves in the extension of musical palette. At the event one could meet different genres from ethno-folk and krautrock to abstract hip-hop and experimental electronic music.

The key elements of the festival will be the performances of the London-based band Gum Takes Tooth, the Italian band Mamuthones with whom other Russian artists will share the industrial stage of ‘Zavod Shpagina’.

Rocket's Mission Control will be travelling over for the event, it would be amazing to see other Rocketeers joining us!! 

Tickets and more info can be found here: Gnoomes Fest

And follow on Instagram here: Instagram


18 Mar 2019

Joe from Hey Colossus has new book published

Joe from Hey Colossus was approached by publisher Pomona to write a book about life as a DIY musician in the UK underground scene as past of their 'Sleeve notes Series. And that is exactly what he did...it even features some words from Rockets very own Chris Reeder.

The book is a must for all music fans, so buy it from here: Pomona

Photo is by DRMCNT


Fragmented Flaneur reviews Centrum album 'För Meditation'

They say:

We are all on a journey. Aren’t we?

Sometimes life seems to make sense, but perhaps more often we feel as if there is no continuity to our lives. As the world around us seems more fragmented we try to construct paths and ways to make sense of things. Our existence can become an Instagram feed of images with voids in between where the famous metaphysical question, of whether a tree makes a sound when it falls alone, is very pertinent.

In other words if we don’t post something on social media, did it happen? Hell, not only do I write about music, I even post pictures of the records I play, and I’m really happy that Rocket Recordings provided me with a copy of this album in advance of its release to do just that).

This is the point that one of the members of the band (Centrum are made up of members of Hills and Weary Nous amongst others) made to me while talking about this album.

‘För Meditation’ is a perfect opportunity for what it sets out to be: ‘for meditation’. An opportunity for the listener to disconnect from the laptop, Facebook, the constant influx of white noise for 40 minutes and just relax. And maybe catch a glimpse of some previously unnoticed quality of one’s mind...

Reads the rest here: Fragmented Flaneur

Preorder the album on ltd red vinyl here: Bandcamp


Neolyd say some words about DJINN

They say:

It is seething again in Götheborg's magic kitchen. Last year, the goat man had already left the goat association for a short time to release his first solo album "Rhythms" . Now, fragments of the mystical bands Goat and Hills have teamed up to create another offshoot: Djinn . And, probably, everything here remains as mysterious and inscrutable as in the formations just mentioned.

The new collective fabricates experimental psych-jazz that feels well in the drawer of Alice Coltrane and Sun Ra. With the five-and-a-half minute excursion to the Garden of the Dead (including the original title "Le Jardin de la Morte"), the formation presents a first harbinger of this: a meditative trip, interspersed with noises, rattle and atmospheric gejazze. That sounds very promising and makes you want to the self-titled debut work, which appears on 17 May on the British label Rocket Recordings.

See the rest here: Neolyd


15 Mar 2019

Raven SIngs The Blues say some words about Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation new single 'Feel The Sun'

They say:

A new single seeps out today from Swedish psych slinkers Joesfin Öhrn + The Liberation. The second single off of her upcoming Sacred Dreams is a hazy bubbler, teeming with rhythmic burble, swirls of echo, and despite the title’s focus on the sun, a darkness that creeps up the spine. Öhrn has long been propping up the more shadowy and less showy end of the psych-pop spectrum, opting for humid atmospheres and an oil painted presence rather than the dayglo colors and high-octane moves of so many riding the psychedelic throttle through pop’s waters. The new record lands April 22nd on her usual stomping grounds at Rocket. Slip into this seether below. 

See the full piece here: RSTB


More shows on Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Spring tour sold-out

The up-and-coming Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs UK tour is heading for a complete sellout! Only 5 shows left with tickets for sale and by all accounts they are selling fast too...so if you don't have tickets for those shows, be quick!


Listen to new Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation single Feel The Sun

Josefin Öhrn + the Liberation release their third album for Rocket Recordings 'Sacred Dreams' on 26 April. The new album is both a musically hefty amalgamation of their reverb drenched space-rock and retrocentric electronics, with a more focussed approach to songwriting with deeper studio explorations, all which marks a new direction for the band.

And following first single, 'Desire' the band have today released the latest track to be revealed from 'Sacred Dreams', the amazing new single 'Feel The Sun'.

Listen to 'Feel The Sun' above or via: Spotify

‘Feel The Sun’ invites you into the bands very own dimensional soundscape, a world built with transcendental guitars, driving grooves and otherworldly, enchanting vocals, altogether seeped in layers of blissfully produced synths.

'Sacred Dreams' is available in several different formats. We have sold out of the special 'Yellow & Black Colour In Colour' vinyl but you can buy direct from the band on their up-and-coming tour – or there is also a ltd 'Indie Exclusive Blue/Black Swirl' version, and a ltd 'Orange' vinyl version, both will be available from your local record shop. 

Preorder Sacred Dreams CD here: Bandcamp

Josefin Öhrn + the Liberation tour dates are:

23 Apr / Oxford / The Bullingdon
24 Apr / Leeds / The Brudenell Social Club
25 Apr / Manchester / The Deaf Institute
26 Apr / London / Islington Assembly Hall
27 Apr / Bristol / Thekla
30 Apr / Birmingham / Hare & Hounds
01 Mar / Liverpool / Jacaranda
02 Mar / Glasgow / Stereo
03 Mar / Newcastle / The Cluny
05 Mar / Leicester / Handmade Festival


13 Mar 2019

Songwriting Interview Gum Takes Tooth

Songwriting Magazine Interview Gum Takes Tooth:

The masters of pyrotechnic electro noise break down their unique way of working and the benefits of being a duo

When the single Borrowed Lies landed On The Stereo back in December 2018, it immediately piqued our interest (and gave our ears a good old bashing). Such was our enjoyment of the track, we were determined to find out a little more about those responsible for this, “scuzzy call to arms.”

Formed in 2009, the London-based duo of Jussi Brightmore and Tom Fug have recently received their third album as Gum Takes Tooth. Arrow builds on the work that the pair laid down on previous records, Silent Cenotaph and Mirrors Fold. Their sound, built from the drums up, combines electronically manipulated beats with distorted sounds and vocals, packing a devastating punch which you’d think was created by an entire army of battle-hardened sound warriors. There’s also plenty of substance beneath the noise; Arrow deals with themes of fatherhood, class struggle and the difficulties of living in Britain’s capital city during these uncertain times.

With plenty of questions in mind, we recently tracked down the pair to discuss their unique approach to songwriting…


Are there specific strengths that come from being a duo?
Jussi Brightmore: “Absolutely. I like being able to bat ideas around so quickly, having each other to riff off but not getting bogged down with having to put everything through a committee. We sometimes don’t agree with each other but that’s fine – on the whole, it just means we don’t do whatever’s contentious and get on with it.”
Do you have a set way of starting a song?
Jussi: “I think it’s worth mentioning that we don’t write “songs” in the traditional sense of, ‘I’ve got these lyrics,’ ‘I’ve got these chords/this riff/whatever,’ and, ‘Now I’ve got an idea for an arrangement.’ The way we’ve been working since the beginning is quite unusual in that, through the designed-in technical necessity of our self-built setup, we have pretty much always had to play at the same time to create any sound at all.
“Tom’s drums trigger the electronics, I manipulate them live, playing dials and buttons to mould sounds and create different note sequences without any keyboard input device or scale as a reference point.
“In the usual sequence of things, Tom will just start playing an acoustic drum rhythm and I’ll start building sounds with that rhythm. Often this will stop, we’ll junk the first attempt then start again with either or both of us proposing refinements or new rhythm ideas that is a response to the first. Definitely both of us equally throw in suggestions. It’s always exploratory. Even if we start with a defined idea of what we want to do, it pretty much invariably turns into something utterly different quite quickly.”
Tom Fug: “Generally all our songs come out of jamming. Although one of us might have an idea of a type of sound or rhythm we are after, more often than not, the result is nothing like the initial idea. We definitely don’t have a strict approach to songwriting – the only constraints we have are technical ones. Due to the nature of our setup, it’s difficult to make any sound without both of us being present.”......
Read the whole  interview: Songwriting Magazine


11 Mar 2019

Introducing the debut album by DJINN – the new project recorded by members of GOAT and Hills

We are very excited to reveal the S/T debut album by DJINN – a new project that features members from GOAT and Hills. Watch the video for 'Le Jardin de la Morte' – the first track to be revealed via our friends at The Quietus.

Watch video here: The Quietus 

DJINN's debut LP is ltd to only 500 copies worldwide on 'Ice' coloured vinyl. We have 50 copies for pre-sale via the Rocket Bandcamp and the rest can be purchased via your local record shop on its release on 17 May.

Preorder here: Bandcamp

Follow the band here: Facebook


Press Release:

Neither inherently good nor evil, the DJINN have been heralded in Arab culture since the Pre-Islamic period, located somewhere on a spiritual plane between humanity and the realm of deities. A mysterious force, their influence - essential between angel and demon - has subsequently extended to mythos, religious belief and folklore far and wide, from the malevolent spirits that originally haunted deserts and inspired poets to the archetypal Western genie in a bottle. 

Yet also, the DJINN’s name has been interpreted as meaning “beings that are concealed from the senses”. This makes the word a fitting moniker for an album which, despite being shrouded in mystery, manifests an unknowable yet intense spiritual force. Their first release - also the first ‘proper’ jazz record to see released on Rocket Recordings - is manifested as equal parts hidden and otherworldly influence. 

Formed by the talented musicians of Swedish bands Hills and GOAT, DJINN foray into numerous quarters on a far-reaching metaphysical quest lasting the course of this record. It’s a psychic travelogue which frequently encompasses full-throttle free jazz - as in the blistering ‘My Bank Account’, with its echoes of the transcendent extrapolations of Albert Ayler, and the more loose ‘Algäbannem’, which nods to the demolition derby that John Coltrane and drummer Rashied Ali engaged in via ‘Interstellar Space’. 

Yet this is an album of a wild and wilful variety of textures and headspaces - whether entering into astral jazz or new age ambience akin to the later devotional work of Alice Coltrane, as on ‘Le Jardin De La Morte’ ,or entering into Don Cherry-style small-hours auras as on the reflective and hallucinatory thumb-piano-assisted bliss of ‘Fiskehamm Blues’, all excursions into the unknown are marked by potency of delivery and singularity of intent. 

Titles such as ‘Djinn and Djuice’ might make the listener suspect that a certain levity is present here, yet such self-deprecating tones are entirely belied by the modus operandi of creators who engage with a rare sensitivity and sensuousness in their playing - nodding to the traditions and stylistics of the records they love whilst using them as a springboard into dimensions unknown. It’s a record made with deftness and restraint where necessary, yet also one unafraid to jump in the deep end in search of rich atmospheres and intoxicating soundscapes. 

“The world is full of magical things patiently waiting for our wits to grow sharper” - thus once remarked Bertrand Russell, he whose very name is bastardised by DJINN to moniker the drifting, hallucinatory ‘Rertland Bussels’. A mighty array of such things on offer within these eight tracks, amidst a soundworld that any intrepid psychic explorer should be delighted to sharpen their wits for.


Gum Takes Tooth to play Woodland Gathering

Gum Takes Tooth have been confirmed to play this years Woodland Gathering Festival in Ulverston on 16-17 August. They say:

We welcome back GTT to WOODLAND GATHERING in 2019...
Two man everything machine endlessly seeking what-the-fuck aural mesmerism in a maze like arrangement of sound system culture, riffs and pan-cultural psychedelics. Dark primal frequencies are felt and not heard, unremitting circular drums shatter and rebirth whilst vocals provide an astral guide through dizzying new sound worlds.

Information and tickets can be found here: Woodland Gathering


Soundblab compile their Top 40 Rocket Releases

We are honoured to find that great site Soundblab have compiled their Top 40 Rocket releases in order as the first part of a new regular feature they are doing.

See what they have chosen here, it is a very interesting read: Soundblab

Do you agree with what they have put?
What would be your Top 10?


Read a rare interview with GOAT by Australian site Life Without Andy

They say:

We got what we could out of the ever-elusive Goat.
The way I see it, there are three categories of people in this world; those who love Goat, those who hate Goat, and those who haven’t heard Goat. If you fall into any category other than the first, you are probably not going to think much of the answers provided in the interview below with the Goat member who called themselves Gävlebocken.

For us “first category” people who are mesmerised by Goat’s riffery, hypnotised by their percussion-heavy rhythms, and electrified by their wailing vocals, just knowing that some part of of the enigmatic group is still alive and kicking will satisfy us. Probably in more ways than some overly intellectualised responses to a few surface-level emailed questions ever could.

The last sign of life from the masked minstrels was their standalone singles ‘Friday, Pt. 1’ and ‘Let It Burn’, the latter of which was used in Killing Gävle – a documentary about a straw goat that is constructed annually in a small Swedish town and set on fire or destroyed by mischievous pagans. Much to the delight of fans, ‘Let It Burn’ also marked Goat’s return to fuzzy rock, after their 2016 “folk record” Requiem.

Since then it has been quiet on the Goat front, which may be due to their guitarist “Goatman” releasing a record of his own, or perhaps his record (titled Rhythms) was reactionary to the unavailability of the rest of the group. Either way, a live record and a couple of singles, despite their brilliance, isn’t enough to keep us diehards going. We tracked down the band to try and find out when we’ll be hearing some new music, what they’ve been up to, and when they’ll be back to Australia. Here’s what Gävlebocken had to say...

See the full piece here: Life Without Andy 


Paddy from GNOD releases new split tape

Hyphagogic has released a new split tape featuring Paddy from GNOD and Woven Skulls' Worship my Panther Split

Buy from here: Hypnagogic Tapes


8 Mar 2019

BBC 6 Music give first play of new Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation single

Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation revealed a fantastic new single called 'Feel The Sun' on BBC 6 Music yesterday.

Steve Lamacq premiered it on his Roundtable show.
Listen here: Roundtable

Then Rocket advocate, Gideon Coe played it again on his show.
Listen here: Gideon Coe

More news regarding this great new single will be revealed next week, so keep your ears peeled.

You can preorder the new album Sacred Dreams on ltd edition colour vinyl here: Bandcamp

And tickets are available for the up-and-coming tour as shown above here: See


7 Mar 2019

Gnoomes reveal the first dates of forthcoming UK tour

Russian four piece Gnoomes have revealed the first run of shows for a UK tour that is happening in May/June this year.

The current dates are as follows with more to be announced:

30 May / London / Shacklewell Arms
31 May / Manchester / The Peer Hat
01 Jun / Newcastle / Cluny 2
03 Jun / Norwich / Norwich Arts Centre (W/ Wooden Shjips)
05 Jun / Southsea / The House of Rapture 
08 Jun / Bristol / Exchange

If you are interested in booking the band, please email: gnooomes@gmail.com


6 Mar 2019

Teeth of the Sea create a killer playlist and answer questions for Fred Perry

They say:

Name, where are you from?
Teeth Of The Sea, London

Describe your style in three words?
Sam: Widescreen, Liminal, Zesty.
Mike: I’d Rather Jack
Jimmy: Right bloody racket.

What’s the best gig you’ve ever been to?
Mike: It'd have to be Wolf Eyes at The Electrowerkz. After witnessing a particularly synapse destroying set we staggered out into a moonlit Angel and were so inspired we formed Teeth Of The Sea right there in the street. There was much beer induced hugging.
Sam: Leonard Cohen O2 Arena September 2013. A real hero of mine and delighted to get to see him before he died. He didn't disappoint and the whole evening had a phenomenal emotional charge to it
Jimmy: Avail at Southampton Joiners, 1995. Just the most electrifying atmosphere of any night out ever. There’s nothing like a room full of people going absolutely batshit crazy with huge grins on their faces.

If you could be on the line up with any two bands in history?
Sam: Funkadelic circa 1971-75 and The Birthday Party. Would be a kerrrazy scene.
Jimmy: MC5 in 1969 and Aphex Twin in 1993

Which Subcultures have influenced you?
Sam: I don't know how much these things have influenced our music but I've always had an interest in lots of subcultures - Mod, 70s New York Loft scene, British Avant-Garde Jazz, NWOBHM, No Wave, Goth, US Hardcore, Rave, Grime. Anytime that young people get together, create their own world with its own codes of music, dress, behaviour and ethics is an inspiring and empowering thing.
Jimmy: “Heavy metal, heavy metal, heavy metal. Just like your brain, Den.” ...

Read the rest and listen to the playlist here: Fred Perry


Echoes and Dust reviews Gum Takes Tooth's 'Arrow'

They say:

Echoes and Dust found the best writer possible to review this but, they’re busy, so instead, you get me. I fucking love Gum Takes Tooth. No other band can offer such spectacularly narcotic dinge. The first time I saw them I was hungover to fuck at ArcTanGent (I think it was 2015?), then I recall watching them whilst trashed at the last ever Bad Guys show and then surprisingly watched them sober for one of my first shifts at The Lexington as part of The Quietus’ run of 10th anniversary shows.

However, my favourite Gum Takes Tooth set has to be their performance at Rocket 20, which is easily the best festival I’ve ever been to. I’m fairly certain it was the night where I was getting gnarly after some mysterious powder and earlier in the night Jussi had kept me afloat with a beer after seeing me melting on my own at the main stage (I think my co-pilots, Jake and Dan had drifted off to the other stage for whatever was on there, I dunno) but, in any case they were wisely chosen to play after Goat’s headline set to make sure everyone was at their maximum level of intoxication. And from those great highs, our chosen delegates were plunged into the depths...   

Read the rest here: E&D


Exclaim! reviews Teeth of the Sea's Wraith

They say:

UK psychedelic noise-rock experimenters Teeth of the Sea embrace the more spectral side of their sound on the tellingly titled Wraith.

The industrial punk elements of prior releases are recalibrated, no longer spending as much time at the forefront of the mix. Now, their sonic knives are honed and deployed with the precision of assassins. The compositions that make up Wraith take their time building scenes, setting the mood, luring you in with seductive saxophone lines, ethereal synth orchestras and buoyant drum programming, before driving an icepick of noise through your skull at just the right moment.

Not every song employs those dynamic tactics. This album's a more subtle affair than that, making it all the more potent when the band do drop stealth bombs on their beautiful creations. Mid-album highlight "Visitor" is a great example; building from a simple modular synth line and sparse atmospherics, it explodes into a Jaga Jazzist-esque epic psychedelic prog workout, quiet unexpectedly, and to spectacular effect...

Read the rest here: Exclaim!


4 Mar 2019

Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs DJs completes Raw Power line-up

Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs have been announced to be DJing at this years Raw Power Festival, they are joining fellow Rocketeers GNOD who are headlining on Sunday night.

Tickets are available here: Raw Power


Get into This put Gum Takes Tooth in their 'Albums of the Month'

They say:

Gum Takes Tooth: Arrow

Gum Takes Tooth are at times reminiscent of bands like Liars, Oneida, Fuck Buttons or Holy Fuck (yes there’s a fair few fucks there). With each song they traverse a pop/indie soundscape with anthemic, pleasing chops.

Passing the opening track we are headfirst into a collapsing star of a song, the titular The Arrow slowly developing into a raver of a track. Moving through each song we get a better feel of what this band wants to achieve. Developing the each strand of sound into a hedonistic troupe, unapologetic about the enjoyment it plays.

It’s downward spiral into further depths of joy, skipping into trance state electronica. We push through into ever more pleasures, cascading into one track to another, each delivering the listen further into a hypnotic state.

Slowing down through some classic style early industrial landscapes and falling into tribal beats. This album is a classic in the making.

In this album Gum Takes Tooth have encompassed what great indie albums can achieve; stealing the instruments of the pop ethic and twisting into realms that only a few other bands have been able to follow.

If you’re a fan of bands like those mentioned above then you’ll love this band. Here’s hoping we can see them live very soon. – Guy Nolan

Read the whole piece here: GIT


Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs to play The Great Escape Festival

Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs are heading to the seaside to play The Great Escape Festival on 9-11 May down in Brighton...

Info/tickets here: Great Escape


Teeth of the Sea live in London 2/3/19


Teeth of the Sea live in Lille 27/02/2019


2 Mar 2019

Andrew Weatherhall plays Paisiel and premieres new Centrum track

Listen to Andrew Weatherhall's latest NTS Radio show to hear the premiere of the 2nd CENTRUM track to be revealed off their forthcoming debut album.

Not only that, he opens the show with the mighty PAISIEL track Satellite!!!

Listen back here: NTS

And the prorder the Paisiel and Centrum ltd edition colour vinyl pressings here: Bandcamp


Echoes and Dust reviews the Paisiel album

They say:

The brainchild of Portuguese drummer, percussionist and all round sonic sculptor Joao Pais Filipe, and saxophonist Julius Gabriel, Paisiel is very much a trip into the obscure free-form worlds laid open by Sun Ra and Miles Davis, but imbued with a sense of punk urgency more in line with early Hawkwind. Whilst there may be no motorik riffs, or space noises for that matter, within the music that unfolds here is a developing embrace of industrial space age sculpture, aligned with a sense of freedom in movement. Call it jazz, or call it space rock, the result is the same as you get hurled into a cavernous void.

The “trip” begins with ‘Satellite’ which pulls you in on Gabriel’s saxophone before leaving you adrift on a noise of sonic ambience, All the while the drums beat a tribal rhythm in the background inviting alien races into a cataclysmic war. White noise drone peers through the crack as a Paisiel cast us ever onwards on their mysterious path. Entrancing meditative moments offer a primal solution to the questions that the music throws up. Where are we going? What is going to happen? The choice is ultimately yours…

Read the rest here: E&D

And preorder the album on ltd colour vinyl from here: Bandcamp


Lay Llamas announce rare performance at this years Yellowstock Festival

Lay Llamas have announced their first live show in 2.5 years! 
They will be playing at Yellowstock Festival on 10 August – sharing the bill with other great bands including our good friends Tomaga.

Info and tickets here: Yellowstock

Nicola from the band says this about it:

"After two years and half from last Lay Llamas live show it's time to hit the stage again and spread some afrokrautpsychfourthworldmediterranean vibes around. With me two lovely guys and great musicians: Marco Bernacchia (Above The Tree, Stregoni Network, Virtual Forest) and Giulio Deboni (C+C Maxigross, Stregoni Network). We're cooking a new live set that covers Lay Llamas' music from the first s/t tape to the new album 'Thuban' released last june by Rocket Recordings. 

Well, I'm so proud and happy to announce our first confirmed show next 10th August at Yellowstock Festival XI Ed. in Geel, Belgium. Thanks so much to my brother Freek Cruysberghs. Love and Respect to you man! More gigs are TBA and TBC. For those interested to book a Lay Llamas show please e-mail me at LAYLLAMAS@GMAIL.COM At the moment we haven't a booking agency or similar, so everything is proudly managed in DIY."

Lay Llamas latest album Thuban can be bought from here: Bandcamp


1 Mar 2019

The Quietus makes Teeth of the Sea one of their Albums of the Month

They say:

Wraith seems to reflect on cultural turbulence and change, with music that mixes elegy with elements of disaster movie and failed futures. Yet as well as chaos there is reflection, stillness and redemption. Teeth of the Sea are now almost veterans of a UK alternative music scene that, over the last couple of years, has delivered some exceptional responses to increasingly disturbed and disturbing times. Albums such as Gazelle Twin’s Pastoral and Gnod’s Just Say No to the Right Wing Capitalist Fascist Industrial Death Machine have set the standards for engaged music. Teeth of the Sea are far from an overtly political band, but how do you retain a sense of purpose without relating your music to your times. How to do this with music that’s largely instrumental? Wraith takes on the challenge with tracks that explore their concerns through titles and illustrative qualities, as soundtracks to events we cannot see, but lurk on the edges of our fears. The vivid, evocative qualities to Teeth Of The Sea’s music makes space for the mind to roam.

See the post here: The Quietus


Amnplify reviews WRAITH by Teeth of the Sea

They say:

I have this habit over the years of pigeonholing bands into specific genres. This is pure selfishness on my behalf and a compulsive behaviour that is nigh on impossible to change. When I first heard the new Teeth Of  The Sea track Hiraeth a few weeks ago it felt like the walls were closing in around me, as my brain desperately searched for some kind of rational classification.  The London based outfit have successfully leapfrogged over genre barriers for 13 years now and their new album Wraith is no exception. Their experimental tendencies have seen them traverse psychedelic & prog rock soundscapes with ease whilst utilising guitar distortion and analogue synthesizers to great effect.  With the departure of drummer John Hirst, Teeth Of The Sea are now a three piece with Jimmy Martin on guitar, Mike Bourne on bass & synthesizers & Sam Barton on trumpet.

The album opener (and new single) I’d Rather, Jack was produced by the deft hand of Erol Alkan and his minimalist approach gives ample breathing space for Martin’s jagged guitar work.  The slow burning pace builds up into a rhythmic swirling crescendo of synths & trumpet before dissipating into the ether. Both Hiraeth and Burn Of The Sheiling possess a vivid, cinematic quality reminiscent of Ry Cooder‘s Paris, Texas with Barton‘s trumpet breathing a shimmering twilight world into life. Haunting definitely seems like a theme throughout the album and even the band admitted just as much when they first started recording Wraith...

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Echoes and Dust interviews Mike Bourne from Teeth of the Sea

They say:

Teeth Of The Sea have just released their stunning new album Wraith and it is an expansive listen that builds on their past work but takes the band’s sound into exciting new places. We had a chat with Mike Bourne to hear all about Wraith and how the album came together as well as how the band’s sound has evolved. We also heard about the band’s live plans, festival memories, having their music played by the mighty Andrew Weatherall and playing live with the Boredoms.

(((o))): Your new album Wraith is out soon. How did the recording of the album go?

It was fun. Personally I love being in the studio; that’s where we really get to indulge every idea we can come up with, and it’s never too arduous making a Teeth Of The Sea record, we tend to work very quickly due to the fact that we can’t afford much time in the studio. Often what we’re trying to achieve is quite unorthodox so we’re very lucky to find people who are willing to take risks and work outside of their comfort zones, in this case Giles Barrett at Soup Studios and Erol Alkan at The Phantasy Sound.

(((o))): How did you come to work with Erol Allan and what did he bring to the tracks he produced? 

Well, Sam’s known Erol for years and he’s played some of our tracks out before so we just asked him. We’ve never worked with a producer before and we felt it would be interesting to explore some new working methods on this record. Erol instantly understood where we were hoping to achieve with ‘I’d Rather, Jack’, and introduced some really exciting ideas that sent the track off in a different direction. His studio is totally lush, filled with analogue gear – it was nothing but a pleasure to work with him...

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