2 Dec 2019

True Cannabis interviews Julie's Haircut

They say:

Julie’s Haircut: creativity is silence electric

Music as an act of creation: we're meeting bands and artists asking for their approach in finding new paths of inspiration. Let's start with Julie’s Haircut.
Creativity is a movement that changes through time. This is particularly true for Julie’s Haircut - a band from Emilia, northern Italy that keeps looking at the irresistible noisy pop of their early years through an ever-imaginative kaleidoscope. In their ninth album, In The Silence Electric (Rocket Recordings), they bring together rhythmic quadratures and jazzy flashes, blasts of noise and metaphysical oases. We met with Luca Giovanardi, the sextet’s singer and guitarist.

Nick Cave once said: “Inspiration is not the sacred fire that comes down from the sky, but a need that must be nourished”. Do you feel the same?...

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