23 May 2017

Echoes and Dust reviews Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs live at Desert Fest

It reads:

A band which noisily emerged in the underground scene on Rocket Recordings is Pig Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs. After frontman Matt Baty took vocal duties for Terminal Cheesecake’s extremely trippy head fuck psych on Friday, he returns with his own band and their own take of Sabbathian riffs and Butthole Surfers weirdness. It results in a rip-roaring, raging mess, and this is meant only as high praise.

With Matt only donning black Addidas shorts, his stage presence is like a drunken British holiday maker in Benidorm having a severely bad acid trip. It might not look dignified, but it is visually riveting. ‘Sweat relief’ possesses an even more punked up ferocity live, but is held together by the band with aplomb, as is the whole set. This in turn informs an exuberant mosh pit. Pigs x7 are as encompassing chaos as I was hoping, and more. Great stuff.

Read the full review here: Echoes and Dust


Anthroprophh reveal sleeve of new album on Creepy Crawl

Anthroprophh have revealed the great sleeve for their new album that is coming out on Bristol label Creepy Crawl in August.

No info has been released about the album – but of course we know it will be an essential listen!


18 May 2017

Watch live video rendition of Julie's Haircut track 'Deluge'

Watch live this great live rendition of the Julie's Haircut track 'Deluge'.

The video was filmed at the Locomotiv in Bologna, Italy on March 3.

Read what the Italian website Rock It had to say here: Rockit

The band are on tour in Italy on the follow dates:

08/06 Modena - Estat OFF
15/07 Chiaverano - (TO) A Night Like This Festival
20/07 Molfetta - (BA) Eremo Club
21/07 Benevento - Soundproof Festival
22/07 Loreto - (AN) Reasonanz
23/07 Genova - Pop Sagra Urbana
26/07 Osio Sotto - (BG) Libera la festa


Flowers Must Die posters for up-and-coming UK shows

Here are two posters for up-and-coming Flowers Must Die shows in Reding and Cambridge....

Full tour is:

16 Cardiff, The Moon
17 Reading, Public 
18 Birmingham, Supersonic Festival
19 Cambridge, The Portland Arms

20 London, Café Oto (supporting The Space Lady)

Don't miss!!!


Hey Colossus announce special album launch party at New River Studios

To celebrate the launch of Hey Colossus's new album 'The Guillotine' the band are playing a special party at New River Studios...tickets can be bought from here: Baba Yaga's Hut 

Baba Yaga's Hut presents:

The Wharves

June 8th
New River Studios / Manor House / London

Tickets here: Baba Yaga


To help celebrate this night and new album, Rocket's faithful brewer Brewage à Trois have brewed a great Dubbel IPA called LOSE YOUR HEAD. 

At 9% abv it's a rich, strong beer, packed with aromatic Belgian yeast, Citra hops and a sharp, clean finish. 

So...another great excuse to come and lose your head!!


Schwet: 10-05-17 - GNOD Special

Check out this great mix going through Gnod's 10 year career curated by Schwet.

Some classic Gnod tracks have been included here – also some classic tracks are missing, still it is one helluva listen.

They say:

Attempting to condense 10 years of sonic sorcery from the Salford psychedelic cult, into a bitesize two-hour all-vinyl mix.

Gnod & White Hills - The Secret Society of Ants
Gnod – The World Is Good
Negra Branca – Farca Do Inberno
Gnod – The Importance of Down Time
Gnod – The Somnambulist's Tale (B)
Gnod - Creedon's Clearwater Revival
Dru$$ - Last Train To Nowhere
Gnod - 5th Dub
Anonymous Bash – Ambiguous Trash
Love Cult Take Druss – Nonplusultra
Gnod – Vatican
Dwellings – Drone Invasion
Gnod – Holy Empire
Dwellings – 20 Sides a Minute
Gnod – Manimal Agnotism
Gnod – Man on The Wire
Gnod – Bodies for Money
Gnod – The Mirror
Gnod – Tron 
Gnod - Shitting Through The Eye of a Needle in a Haystack


Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs to support Acid Mothers Temple

Excited to announce that Baba Yaga's Hut have got Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs to support Acid Mothers Temple at the Dome in London:

Acid Mothers Temple + Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs 
Saturday 14th October 2017 

The Dome Tufnell Park
2 Dartmouth Park Hill, Tufnell Park, London, NW5 1HL

Tickets: Baba Yaga


17 May 2017

Gnoomes expand their forthcoming Tschak! tour

Gnoomes have expanded their up and coming tour with dates in Russia and Switzerland:

May 19 / Smoky Dog / Perm (RU)
May 20 / Night Of Museums - Perm State Gallery / Perm (RU)
May 23 / Sady / Moscow (RU)
May 24 / Südpol / Luzern (with Froth) (SW) 
May 26 / Cardinal / Schaffhausen (SW)
June 01 / Pie & Vinyl / Southsea (UK)
June 02 / Open / Norwich (UK)
June 04 / Soup Kitchen / Manchester (UK)
June 06 / Cluny / Newcastle-Upon-Tyne (UK)
June 07 / Broadcast / Glasgow (UK)
June 09 / Wharf Chambers / Leeds (UK)
June 10 / Bootleg Social / Blackpool (UK)
June 12 / London / Brewhouse (UK)
June 13 / Purple Turtle / Reading (UK)

Their latest album Tschak! can be bought from all good record shops or direct from here: Bandcamp


London in Stereo interviews Hey Colossus

Ahead of their show at the 100 Club tonight – London in Stereo caught up with Joe from Hey Colossus:

Joe Thompson – bassist in crushing heavy rock group Hey Colossus – waxes nostalgic about their early days ahead of their 100 Club gig on Wednesday (May 17th). With a new album out in June the veteran noisemaker reveals his early influences and the origins of the band and how DIY music-making is the only way forward…

Forgive the historical slant. But today is my birthday and I’m feeling misty eyed. In 1990, Hey Colossus was called The State We’re In – named after the first Dogs D’amour album. There’s no shame in this, as the first couple of Dogs D’amour records are decent (in fact the first one sounds like Royal Trux).

Before that we were called Garage Daze (sort of after a Metallica EP), we had other names – Brain Bucket (a grindcore attempt, one show at a school assembly to stunned silence), the Mad Moshing Midgets (I think we recorded a tape in my bedroom), probably loads of others. We liked metal, we traded tapes with other bands who wrote into Terrorizer Magazine…

Read the rest here: London in Stereo


Flowers Must Die June UK tour poster


16 May 2017

Capra Informis to release Ltd 7" single – watch video

We are excited to reveal the second release by Goat offshoot Capra Informis – a two track 7" called Tunnels of Qliphoth released on 7 July, watch the band made video for the lead track above.

And see what the Quietus say about the record here: The Quietus

The 7" single is ltd to 300 copies – with only 150 being exclusively sold via the Rocket Recordings shop (Preorder here: Rocket) the other 150 will be sold via the band direct.

The press release reads:

Capra Informis – Tunnels of Qliphoth
Capra Informis, the band put together by Goat’s demonic djembe player return with their second release Tunnels of Qliphoth. This two track 7” follows their debut and now highly sought after EP Womb of the Wild which was released on Rocket in 2015.

The two tracks on the 7” continues where Womb of the Wild left off – with a darker, more menacing take on Goat’s tribal grooves –creating something that is uniquely Capra Informis.

Lead track Tunnels of Qliphoth is driven by heavy organ, repetition and chanted dual vocals, which sounds like the evil cousin of Master Musicians of Bukkake at their most shamanic. While B-side Ho Draken Ho Magas introduces frantic djembe rhythms and a fog of black metal guitars that swamp the ritualistic chants.

In truth we at Rocket don’t know that much about Capra Informis. The project is very secretive and we are unaware how many people are actually involved. We are sure there are at least two members; the masked man who stares out the audience from behind his djembe at Goat shows and one other unnamed member who can be heard on vocals, who we also believe reveals herself in the video for Tunnels of Qliphoth. 

We asked the band for some information regarding this release and this is what they said:

“Invoke the force that dwells within the depth of your soul.  
Enter a world beyond the universe as we know it.
Through the shadow worlds of the subconscious, find wisdom in the unknown.
Capra Informis is the musical reflection of the divine chaotic inner self in pure lust and creativity."
The Tunnels of Qliphoth, the mysterious paths from the material plane into the black hole, the absolute core where everything is possible. 
Break the chains of the flesh and join the ride into the mesmerizing darkness!”

We hope the band will bring their dark sounds to European stages later in the year, watch this space.


Flowers Must Die announce June UK tour

Excited to announce that Flowers Must Die are returning to the UK for a sting of dates in June:

16 Cardiff, The Moon
17 Reading, Public 
18 Birmingham, Supersonic Festival Tickets
19 Cambridge, The Portland Arms Tickets
20 London, Café Oto (supporting The Space Lady) Tickets

Their album Kompost can still be bought from here: Rocket Bandcamp


15 May 2017

Hey Colossus 100 club show this week

On Wednesday Hey Colossus will be taking people's heads off at the London's legendary 100 Club. Gonna be a special night!!

Tickets from here: Baba Yaga's Hut

The band have these other great show also lined–up:

09/06 – Torino / Radio Blackout Festival / Italy
10/06 – Verona / Wunderbar Summer Festival / Italy
11/06 – Guastalla / Handmade Festival / Italy
07/07 – Ferme Electrique Festival / near Paris / France
08/07 – Bristol / Psych Fest / UK
25-26/09 – Seachange Festival / Totnes / UK

Their new album 'The Guillotine' – released on LP/CD/DL on 2nd June


Listen to exclusive GOAT playlist for Crack Magazine

Ahead of Goat's headline show at Brixton Academy on July 29th (tickets here) the band have put together an exclusive 75 minute Spotify playlist for Crack Magazine.

You can listen here: Crack Magazine


12 May 2017

Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation play Double Dot Dash Festival

Next weekend Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation are heading to South Street Arts Centre in Reading for the Double Dot Dash Festival.

Full line-up, info and tickets here: Double Dot Dash


Poster for Gnoomes Leeds show

Tickets: Wharf Chambers


Gnoomes announce home town show

Gnoomes are premiering their Tschak! live set next week in their home town of Perm:

_DOORS : 19.00
_DJ GNOOMES: 20.00 - 21.00
_GNOOMES LIVE: 21.00 - 22.00

Free entrance

Then they hit the UK:

01 / The Wave Maiden / Southsea
02 / Open / Norwich
04 / Soup Kitchen / Manchester 
06 / Cluny / Newcastle-Upon-Tyne
07 / Broadcast / Glasgow
09 / Wharf Chambers / Leeds
10 / Bootleg Social / Blackpool
12 / London / Brewhouse
13 / Purple Turtle / Reading


Raven Sings and Blues reviews Flowers Must Die

It reads:

UK psych outpost Rocket Recordings roster is full to brimming with Marshall-stacked amp toasters, but Swedish six-piece Flowers Must Die vary the formula by adding a touch of deep bench influences to their sound. Not totally divorced from fellow Swedes Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation, who bend pop instincts through the prism of Krautrock and a fog of psych, Flowers Must Die are cherry picking bits of bottom-down disco dipped in space-rock swirls for a record that’s decked out in psych’s finery but feeling frisky with the notion of pop. The band has a habit of dipping the ends in free jazz squall and haunting Eastern drones as well and blending the styles subtly rather than throwing wholesale styles into a hodgepodge pot.

The extra hands make it possible to flesh the sound out with vintage keys, flourishes of flute and a clattered clutch of percussion. The hard to pin down styles mesh together nicely, not unlike some of the more outre soundtrack work of the ’70s. “Why?” seems like it might hold sway among some of the pieces from The Holy Mountain, with its ecstatic moans and chugging percussion. The band flips from Ash Ra Temple to Lindstrøm and finds space for both to butt against the ozone fry of dry ice riffs that feel like a Logan’s run dreamscape. Its a banner year for the psychedelic folds and Flowers Must Die are pushing things out of heavy riffs and into a heady haze that’s far more than the sum of its parts. 

Read more here: Raven Sings and Blues


11 May 2017

Teeth of the Sea play Golden Cabinet

Tickets /info here: Golden Cabinet


The Quietus reviews Gnod at Roadburn

It reads:

No other band could’ve done what Gnod did this weekend.
The first time I saw Manchester based psych institution Gnod some eight years ago now was a truly transformative experience. There relentless throb of their kraut influenced druggy psychedelia felt at once both monolithically oppressive but absolutely freeing too – their warped cacophony, I’m sure, on some level forever altered my brain. But quite honestly they looked more fucked up that most of the people watching them and band leader Paddy Shine spent the whole set looking as if he was having some sort of brain aneurism or stroke. Honestly, that they could have risen to the status of Artists In Residence at Roadburn was pretty unthinkable. Eight years later, though, and you really couldn’t envisage a band capable of doing what the Salford collective pulled off. From their searing, caustic improvised noise set on Thursday, to their nodding, multi-hued collaboration with Bristol’s Kuro on Saturday and their heavy-psych mainstage performance on Sunday as BBV with Radar Men From The Moon, like sonic chameleons the band moved through their guises with liquid fluidity without ever abandoning or jeopardising their core sound. It was their Friday ‘greatest hits’ set, however, that was the most special of the weekend. With vocalist Neil Francis back in the fold, the sextet powered through a heady melange of their heavier material, mostly culled from last year’s excellent Mirror, new LP Just Say No… and even, by the sounds of it, their psych-kraut masterpiece Chaudelande. At times soundings heavier and doomy-er than many of their more metal contemporaries on the bill yet also wandering into warped noise excursions that would make most other psych bands this weekend look about as psychedelic as shoe shopping this was a performance so buzzing with gnarled electricity as to be forever indelibly stamped into Roadburn folklore...

Read the full piece here: The Quietus


Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation to play Way out West Festival

Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation have been confirmed to be playing Way out West Festival in Sweden.

Tickets and info can be found here: Way Out West

Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation have all these dates coming up:

20 May / Double Dot Dash / Reading / UK
26 May / Dot to Dot / Manchester / UK
27 May / Green Man Courtyard / London / UK
27 May / Dot to Dot / Bristol / UK
28 May / Dot to Dot / Nottingham / UK
25 June / Glastonbury Festival / Pilton / UK
09 July / Blue Dot / Jodrell Bank Observatory / UK
05 August / Skeleton Coast / Holylake / UK
10-12 August / Way Out West Festival / Gothenburg / Sweden

17 September / Beyond the tracks / Birmingham / UK


The Monitors reviews Gnod's "Just say no..."

It reads:

Hello my dear friend, confidant, comrade. I write to you at a stage in 2017 where we are socially and politically in a very precarious position. With the upcoming election and on-going ‘Brexit’ deal, things have the potential to go a wee bit pear-shaped over the next few months; and by ‘pear-shaped’ I mean ‘really fucking tits up’.

Now, that might not be your fault (maybe it is) but whether or not you choose to involve yourself in politics you can still make a difference, the world doesn’t have to go down the shitter. We can still make things right by making the right choices, and Gnod are here to offer up help and advice.

Gnod have always been a band to push the listener with their music, but this time round they also provoke with a title that is as stark and antagonistic as the music within – deep breath here – Just Say No To The Psycho Right-Wing Capitalist Fascist Industrial Death Machine.

If you think that’s a mouthful try typing it out. Which I will do, in full, throughout this review. No corners cut on my part, Gnod deserve the full typed-out treatment...

Read the rest here: The Monitors


Poster for Julie's Haircut show at Manchesters Soup Kitchen

Info and tickets: Beauty Witch


Hey Colossus plays Wunderbar Summer Fest

Great poster and great line-up!!

Info and tickets here: Wunderbar Summer Fest


10 May 2017

Tickets selling fast for Gnod Weekender in Bristol

Weekend and Saturday tickets to Gnod weekender now SOLD OUT!
And apparently Friday and Sunday going the same way...

Don't miss: Tickets


Photos of Temple Ov BBV live at Roadburn

Friend of Rocket Jens Wassmuth has posted up loads of great photos of the stunning Temple Ov BBV set from Roadburn last month:

See here: Facebook

Temple Ov BBV Ltd LP is avaialble to preorder now – released 8 June: Rocket Bandcamp


Josefin Öhrn joins Whyte Horses at The Barbican

The Whyte Horses Experience comes to London tomorrow and like the last time in Manchester Josefin Öhrn will be one of their guests.

More info and tickets can be found here: Barbican


9 May 2017

Concrete Tapes release GNOD and AYN SOF live tapes

Concrete Tapes are to release two live tapes – one by GNOD and the other by AYN SOF , the solo project by Gnod's Paddy Shine.

We have not been given any more info about the releases apart from they will go on presale tonight.

So best thing is to keep an eye here: Concrete Tapes and/or CT Bandcamp


Flowers Must Die to support Space Lady at Cafe Oto

Upset The Rhythm presents...


Tuesday 20 June
Cafe OTO (22 Ashwin Street, Dalston, London, E8 3DL)
8pm | £10 

Tickets: Wegottickets


The Quietus reviews Flowers Must Die's Kompost

It reads:

It's tempting to say that if you only buy one psych-rock record this year, make it Kompost. I wouldn't go quite that far because you should obviously buy loads of 'em including those neglected by this column as a result of short-term memory loss. Plus, Bardo Pond have just released a new LP (see above and distribute your pocket money accordingly). Even so, such is the wealth and diversity of psychedelic gubbins lurking in Kompost's yellow grooves that you could spend countless rewarding hours in its company. The record is dronesome in certain places, funky in others, with generous smatterings of krautrock, space rock, jazz, proggy freak folk and other fuckings about which all prove more colourful than Joseph's Amazing Technicolor Pollock Palette Spillage. Amon Düül II certainly spring to mind, as do Can, Acid Mothers Temple and Flowers Must Die's fellow cosmic Swedes Träd, Gräs & Stenar. Having said that, one section masquerades as a lost Donna Summer blaxploitation soundtrack being run through a mangle. Oh, and do you prefer a male, female or robotic vocal? Don't worry, in different places Flowers Must Die experiment with all three. Kompost has something for everyone plus a little bit extra.

See the full piece here: The Quietus


8 May 2017

Watch Gnod perform new track

Watch this live recording of a new 'as yet un-named' track by Gnod – recorded at last weeks show at The Green Door Store in Brighton – part of their current European tour.


Julie's Haircut – rare London show this week

This Wednesday Julie's Haircut will be hitting the UK for a rare London show:

Julie's Haircut

Snack Family
Rocket Recordings DJ

London Fields Brewhouse
10 May
8 –11pm

Tickets: Dice


The Rave Mag interviews Goat

It reads (roughly translated from Turkish):

Goat is a group that has opened in the world from the small village of Korpilombolo in the north of Sweden and has drawn attention to it in a short period of time with its high performances of different mythologies and energy. Of course, there is also a part of this in the masked appearance of the group members. Naturally, they avoid giving names in interviews. After three albums in different colors, each with their "Requiem" in 2016, we performed a short and concise conversation about musical backgrounds, live performances, curiosities about Turkish music and their future projects.
How should I address you in this interview?

I think I'm Dr. Bombastic the Fantastic.

For Goat you call it a "musical collective". What are the items that affect you collectively? And how do you transfer them to the limited nature of the recording medium?

If you are a part of Goat, there is no limit for you. We define the world as a well where many things are possible, and inspiration is limitless. This is reflected in the recording environment as well...

Read the rest here: The Rave Mag


5 May 2017

Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation to play Glastonbury

Proud to announce that Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation have been announced to play the Glade stage at this years Glastonbury.

It has been two years since we had Goat blow peoples minds on the Park Stage – so it is nice to be going again and this time seeing Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation make people lose their shit to their psych grooves!!

More info here: Glastonbury

Twitter: @GladeAreaGlasto


4 May 2017

Hey Colossus reveal Italian dates

Hey Colossus have revealed some Italian tour dates:

June 9th, Torino, Radio Blackout Festival
June 10th, Verona, Colorificio Kroen
June 11th, Guastalla, Handmade Festival

The Guillotine tour start stonight in Brighton!!

Watch the video for the track Englishman off their forthcoming album The Guillotine above.

You can preorder the digital album now at discounted price of £5.99 and get ‘Englishman’ & ‘Experts Toll’ instantly here: iTunes


3 May 2017

Freq reviews Flowers Must Die live at The Cube

It reads:

What a racket; and the headliners, the Swedish group Flowers Must Die, were just incredible. Signing off the evening with a perverse treat of ’70s disco-delics, a malestormed joy akin to those Finnish rockers Circle, full of hungry basslines, moshy directives and retracted bites that were definitely more wayward than their recent (stunning) studio offering suggests. An overloaded hand with echoic oh(ings) of vocals from Lisa Ekelund flung through its soulful soupiness, the odd whir of Theremin or rub of violin adding to the delirium.

The backdrop screen filled the place with vivid flashes of colour, every song topsy-turving a never-ending parade of sonic treats, hijacking all objectivity on speculative scissors and ransomed trajectories, errant eurovisions purring a surprise of Miko-esque vocals that skipped faunishly through. The sound was instinctively everywhere, burning up on funky eruptions and cobras of Egyptian flute, the lead guitarist treating his frets to beer-bottled abstractions between doodling in these super-hot riffs that literally exploded in your head.

An intense experience, into which a newly announced song arrived, splattered in a Pollock-esqe verve of squally spurred delight. A flame of distortion to majestic eagles filling the screen as Icarus-like double vocals plunged on through the flanging keys, the vocalist pleading “centipedes on your knees”… “oh please”… “oh pleaseeeeeee!”

Flowers Must Die were a joy-inlaid juggernaut that left your inner child literally ragged.

Read the full review of the night here: Freq


Julie's Haircut announce new shows

Julie's Haircut have revealed loads of new shows to their ongoing tour to promote their amazing 'Invocation And Ritual Dance Of My Demon Twin album':

06.05 Wurzburg (De) - The Lucid Dreams Of Dr. Sardonicus Festival @ Cairo
(Early Show On Stage 13:00)
06.05 Nuremberg (De) - Z-Bau (Night Show On Stage 21:30)
07.05 Gent (Be) - Kinky Star
09.05 Paris (Fr) - Supersonic
10.05 London (Uk) - London Fields Brewhouse
08.06 Modena (It) - Estatoff
18.06 Reggio Emilia (It) - Musei Civici
15.07 Chiaverano (It) - A Night Like This Festival
21.07 Benevento (It) - Sound Proof Festival
23.07 Genova (It) - Pop Sagra Urbana
14-19.09 France - Tbc
20.09 Brighton (Uk) - Green Door
21.09 Manchester (Uk) - Soup Kitchen
22.09 Liverpool (Uk) - International Festival Of Psychedelia

We at Rocket are excited to finally catch the band live at their show London show next week (poster above) tickets available here: Dice


Gnoomes remixes 'LegPuppy' track

Gnoomes have remixed the track She's Lost Her Soul by the band LegPuppy  taken from a forthcoming EP that is releases on Friday 5 May.

More info can be found here: LegPuppy


And don't forget that Gnoomes are heading out on a UK tour in June:

01 / The Wave Maiden / Southsea
02 / Open / Norwich
04 / Soup Kitchen / Manchester
06 / Cluny / Newcastle-Upon-Tyne
07 / Broadcast / Glasgow
09 / Wharf Chambers / Leeds
10 / Bootleg Social / Blackpool
12 / London / Brewhouse
13 / Purple Turtle / Reading


Music OMH reviews Flowers Must Die's Kompost

It reads:

Flowers Must Die - KompostIt’s that time of year again when the sun is starting to make an appearance, the smell of freshly mown lawns hangs in the air alongside the whiff of barbeques, the sound of honking thanks to barbeque related food poisoning and of course there’s the threat of rain for good measure. At some point between now and the coming of autumn it’s advisable to find a field in which to build a massive bonfire, and then under the influence of whatever takes your fancy you can prance about like a modern day shaman with no shame (disrobing is entirely up to you)...

Read the rest here: Music OMH


2 May 2017

Watch video for 'Englishman' – the new Hey Colossus track

'Englishman' is the next track to be revealed from the new Hey Colossus album 'The Guillotine' which is released on 2 June.

The video was made by the bands very own Paul Sykes.

The band are heading out for some shows to play tracks from the album – the first three are this week:

04/05 – The Prince Albert, Brighton
05/05 – The Full Moon, Cardiff
06/05 – The Old England Pub, Bristol
11/05 – The Maze, Nottingham
12/05 – NICE N SLEAZY, Glasgow
13/05 – Soup Kitchen, Manchester
17/05 – The 100 Club, London
25-26/09 – Seachange Festival, Totnes

Preorder the album here: Rocket Recordings


Watch Flowers Must Die's full set from Flashback Records + interview with the band

Watch Flowers Must Die's full set at Flashback Records where the band premiered three new jams.

The band were also interviews after and you can watch that above too.


Clash reveals new Hey Colossus track 'Englishman'

Hey Colossus have revealed a video for 'Englishman' – the second track from their forthcoming album The Guillotine which is released on 2 June.

Watch the video here: Clash Magazine

The band are heading out for some shows to play tracks from the album – the first three are this week:

04/05 – The Prince Albert, Brighton
05/05 – The Full Moon, Cardiff
06/05 – The Old England Pub, Bristol
11/05 – The Maze, Nottingham
12/05 – NICE N SLEAZY, Glasgow
13/05 – Soup Kitchen, Manchester
17/05 – The 100 Club, London
25-26/09 – Seachange Festival, Totnes

Preorder the album here: Rocket Recordings


Echoes and Dust reviews Gnod's residency at Roadburn

It reads:

I’ll start with the artist in residence, which was the psyche collective Gnod, who played 4 very different sets throughout the festival. I watched all 4 sets, and I can now say with more certainty that I am not sure anymore if these people are from a different planet or not. From their punishing experimental electronic set at Het Patronaat on Thursday, all the way to their last set opening the Main Stage on Sunday with fellow psychers Radar Men From The Moon, under the collaborative name Temple Ov BBV, my brain simply got rewired every single time I watched them. My favourite set of the 4 was their Friday night set in the Green Room, where they played their more “classic rock” set, and presented some songs of their latest protest album JUST SAY NO TO THE PSYCHO RIGHT​-​WING CAPITALIST FASCIST INDUSTRIAL DEATH MACHINE. By the time they started their last 20 minutes of heavy, pulsating psyche using nothing but flashing strobe lights they had turned the whole Green Room into one gigantic dancing mass. Their Saturday set where they collaborated with drone duo Kuro was also of outstanding quality. I feel sorry for the people who left after 25 minutes of listening to a very slowly evolving drone set, which in first instance didn’t seem to go anywhere. But Gnod being Gnod, the second half of the set somehow miraculously turned into yet another massive psyche fest. How on Earth they do this, I really have no idea. They are simply in a league of their own...

Read the rest here: Echoes and Dust


30 Apr 2017

Rocket Probes – April playlist

Gnod – Live at Roadburn 2012
(The bands first communion at Roadburn)

Alessandro Alessandroni – Indagine Notturna
(Nice fuzz wah of repetitive strummed guitar)
Alessandro Alessandroni 

Detobeat – Dream stream (Khidja version)
(Interesting, repetitive post punk psych)

Abdou el Omari - Rajaat Laayoun
(Fuzzed organ and Moroccan grooves from '76)
Abdou el Omari 

The Braen's Machine – Fall out
(Killer groove, fuzz wah soloing and keys from Italy in ’71
The Braen's Machine

Chrome – New age 
(Postpunk groove from 1980)

Dionne Warwick - You're Gonna Need Me
(Fuzzy, wah driven, string filled soul from 1973)
Dionne Warwick

Hibushibire – Freak Out Orgasm! 
(Ok, you know what you are gonna get – but there are some great Heads like wigouts on there)

Disco Shitan - Shitan part 1 and part 2
(Great slab of disco repetition)
Disco Shitan

The Pawnshop - The Telegraph Is Calling
(Third track from the recently deceased Alessandro Alessandroni in this months playlist…great track of fuzz n’groove)
The Pawnshop

Livy Ekemezie - Get It Down
(Nigerian Disco with some fuzz from '83)
Livy Ekemezie

Japon - Gagaku
(Classical drones and rhythms from Japan...has an Under the Skin and Predator soundtracks feel in places)

Kim Sun - The Man Who Must Leave
(Fuzz and filmic grooves from South Korea)
Kim Sun

Pharoah Sanders – Pharoah
(Great 1977 album from the master)
Pharoah Sanders

Sach – Engineered in LA
(Nice dusty hip-hop from '98)

The Road to Suicide – The Road to Suicide​/​Spökraket Split
(Great shoegaze from Denmark...nice recommendation by one of our friends in Hills)
The Road to Suicide

Mazhar ve Fuat - Adımız Miskindir Bizim
(Great sound on this Turkish groove track)
Mazhar ve Fuat 

Galt MacDermot - Golden Apple (Pt. 2)
(Bernard Perdie's drums give a 'Jaki like' feel to this Jazz instrumental)
Galt MacDermot 

Hama - Ataraghine
(Keyboard driven African psych – one for the Goat fans)

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