23 Jan 2015

Last run of sought after GOAT t-shirts available to buy now

After lots of emails from Goat fans wanting Goat t-shirts we have decided to do a short run (only 30 of each) of three popular designs:

The very popular sleeve of the first highly sought after Goat single get one LAST print.
(Red and white printed on a dark grey marl shirt)

Luke Insect's stunning design for the Stonegoat single gets one LAST outing, thought this is a unique and not seen before colour way.
(Red and black on grey marl)

Commune logo
These sold out so fast on the Goat Euro tour.
(Gold print on Black shirt)

All these shirts can be bought from here: Rocket Bandcamp

BUT as said, this is the last time we are printing some of these designs, so be quick!


Hey Colossus are Revolt of the Apes 'Band of the day'

Here is a great piece by Revolt of the apes about the new Hey Colossus album 'In Black and gold':

Hey Colossus – Band of the day 

Of all the adjectives we expected to employ when babbling on at length about “In Black and Gold,” the new album from the U.K. cosmic-crush-collective known as Hey Colossus (out February 9 on Rocket Recordings), “beautiful” wasn’t one of them.

When last we left our heroes in Hey Colossus, we were just introduced to their somewhat unhinged, somewhat indescribable sound, in the form of 2013’s “Cuckoo Live Life Like Cuckoo” – an album we declared had us “breaking out in a cold sweat, trembling, our eyes rolled back toward the back of our head, our third-eye squeegeed quite cleanly, our tongue out, out, all the way out.”

And now? “In Black and Gold” has us returning over and over again to the single, simple word – beautiful. As in, “The first track on the new Hey Colossus album is simply beautiful.”

It’s true. The first track on the new Hey Colossus album (“Hold On”) is simply beautiful. As a song, “Hold On” seems to appear nearly out of thin air, a bit of seemingly inconsequential ambient noise and good Theremin vibrations making the transformation to tear-streaked angels choir in what must be a land-speed record. We hear the angels inquire, “Can you feel that it’s changing?,” before the song reaches its ultimate destination as a stirring yet subdued piece of musical perfection, one we’re only minimally ashamed to tell you has the power to make us weep, even – or especially – after several dozen listens. Ladies and gentlemen, Hey Colossus is floating in space.

So. That’s “Hold On.” Simply beautiful. And “In Black and Gold,” the album as a whole? Simply masterful...

Read the full piece here: Revolt of the Apes


Echoes and Dust reviews our Collisions 04 LP

Evil Blizzard / Mamuthones – Collisions Vol.4
Martyn Coppack

Released on January 19, 2015 via Rocket Recordings
Padova and Preston. They’re not two places that pop into mind as the most likely of psych hotbeds. Italy may have more style but Preston certainly has more brawn…and Blackpool down the road. Cultural gaps bigger than Mario Balotelli’s wallet give one a sense that these two places will never meet in the World Series of any sport. At least until now and in what is another Collisions release from Rocket Recordings; a glorious smash up between Mamuthones and Evil Blizzard.

On paper these two acts couldn’t be further apart in terms of music. Mamuthones are purveyors of out there dance music whilst Evil Blizzard are…well, Evil Blizzard. If you haven’t discovered them yet then get straight to last year’s release which demonstrates one of the most frightening and intense bands you will ever hear. But so much fun.
It is therefore, somewhat of a shock at first to discover that these two conjoin so well in what is a glorious celebration of darkened psych dance. Not so much shocking for Mamuthones who have pedigree in this field, but for the aforementioned Evil Blizzard whose multiple bass attack on the senses is dulled into a drone like experience almost verging on dub. After this shock wears off you simply have to admire the brilliance of it.

Read the rest of the review here: Echoes and Dust


Rock a' Rolla makes Goat Commune it's album of the year

We are completely blown away to announce that Rock a' Rolla magazine  has made Goat's album Commune their album of the year!

So thanks all that work and write for the magazine for their continued support for Goat and all other Rocket bands!!


Hey Colossus Nottingham poster


22 Jan 2015

Mojo stream exclusive new Hey Colossus track 'Black and Gold'

Mojo Magazine have just put up a an exclusive stream of a new Hey Colossus track called 'Black and Gold' which is taken from their forthcoming album 'In Black and Gold' which hits the shops on February  9th

Listen to 'Black and Gold' here: 


And get your tickets to see Hey Colossus live on the 'In Black and Gold' tour:

06th Feb - Bristol - The Exchange
07th Feb - London - Lexington (Album Launch party)
14th Feb - Brighton - Green Door Store
18th Feb - Birmingham - The Flapper
19th Feb - Newcastle - Head Of Steam
20th Feb - Edinburgh - Bannerman's Bar
21st Feb - Nottingham - Sona Studios
6th March - Manchester - Islington Mill
7th March – Shipley - Golden Cabinet


Charles Hayward presents Anonymous Bash live in Shipley feat members of Gnod

Charles Hayward is bringing his recent amazing Anonymous Bash album to the stage on February 22nd thanks to the good old people at Golden Cabinet.

Full details of the show can be found here: Golden Cabinet

But to sum up:

Charles Hayward presents Anonymous Bash 

Golden Cabinet is ecstatic to be involved in this – 'Anonymous Bash' is a record that was conceived, recorded and produced at Islington Mill as part of the first Samarbeta music residency program that features Charles Hayward of the seminal 70s experimental rock band This Heat. 

Further aural accompaniment comes courtesy from members of Gnod, Part Wild Horses, Mane On Both Sides, Naked On Drugs, Locean, Terminal Cheesecake and 2 Koi Karp.

On this brief and short tour, the band will be performing tightly structured dub workouts that are anchored on deep bass with Hayward’s taut and propulsive percussion work.

Each track continues to edge the group of players out of established borders and into unique parallel vistas. There is a real sense of danger in these re-constructed songs - from sudden dips in rhythm to the jarring use of synthetic textures, disquieting violin tones and gnarled guitar freak-outs.

DO NOT MISS OUT – once these events are gone, they're gone for good.


Support from:
The Family Elan - 
DJ Cataclyst (DJ set)

Feb 22nd

£7.00 adance tickets at -

£8.50 on the door.
Tickets will be at at Jumbo records, online and in-store and at Saltaire Bookshop. 


Charles Hayward presents Anonymous Bash