17 Apr 2014

Fan filmed footage of NEW Goat track at Coachella

As far as we know this is the only footage of a new and at present 'untitled' Goat track.

The track was first premiered live at Goat's shows at ATP Festival and London's Koko in October last year. But this live recording from last weekend's Coachella is as far as we know it the first time it has been captured. 

Obviously being an amateur recurring from a festival the sound isn't the best!!


"Goat makes the entire Rickshaw horny"

Here is a great review of Goat's recent show at Vancouver's Rickshaw Theatre:

Goat makes the entire Rickshaw horny

What’s the capacity of the Rickshaw Theatre? Six-hundred-and-fifty, or so? That’s roughly how many horny people walked out after Goat’s performance in Vancouver last night (April 15). I hope the orgies commenced in all corners of the city.

Goat, if you don’t know, is a “collective” hailing from that noted centre of voodoo magic, northern Sweden. The music is a kind of afro-psyche hybrid if it was distilled through the roughest parts of Detroit in 1975 (ie. not northern Sweden). But more importantly, Goat is all goofy costumes and masks with the heaviest sex-cult vibe this side of Yahowha 13 and the Source Family. Only the music’s better, even if the set-opener “Goatman” (was it? I was drunk) came off more technically impressive than heat-inducing.

But you can’t just turn this shit on and off, see. By the time Goat had soared its way to “Run to Your Mama”, the band’s two screeching frontwomen—let’s call them Greenie and Bluey, based on their respective tribal outfits—had whipped, stroked, and generally dervished the club into a condition of total supplication (plus they added some percussion).

Let’s note that Goat actually sounded better live than on its amazing 2012 debut album, World Music. Does that count as enough objective music criticism? Cause the point of the whole night came—and I do mean came—when the exotically limber Greenie was leaping up and down on the spot trance-flashing her undies and clawing at her crotch during hypnagogic encore “Det som aldrig forandras”. The men of Goat, meanwhile, remained rooted where they stood, channeling all that heavy orgone into their instruments, which is why it came out so drenched in super-electric feel. The tension was insane. The climax was Swedish.

See the review and picture here: Straight.com


16 Apr 2014

Gnod + Lightning Glove + Mark Wagner show

We are really excited to announce that Gnod are returning to London for a Bad Vibrations promoted show at the Macbeth in Hoxton.

Support comes from Tesla Tapes artist 'Lightning Glove' and friend of Rocket 'Mark Wagner', who's tape Mental Transmutation Music for the great Zam Zam Records has not left the Mission Control stereo since we heard it:

Lightning Glove
Mark Wagner
The Macbeth
30 April


Buy your tickets from: Wegottickets 


4/5 review of LAY LLAMAS forthcoming debut album OSTRO

Here is the review roughly translated into English:

Lay Llamas - Ostro
Rocket Recordings

Edited by White Mud

The beginning is equatorial ... ambient sounds, moisture and leaves everywhere, then we go. Mechanical laps one after another, sometimes losing shots on the road , moving with the elegance of an amphibious vehicle in the swamp. Penetrate slowly when the voice surprisingly, messianic. Archaic Revival from the title shows the cards on the table, pulls us away from the tracks and take the flight, finding our power animal among the plant. " I wanna get back there," chanting voice, but it's our ultimate desire , the journey has just begun. In something wrong take the pace , the guitar initially flickers in the background and the drums are from the carpet to the song , before taking possession. In search of pasture plants is shamanic at low pressure, with a flute and synth tones that color in the background to opaque crystalline voice. Beats digital call a tropical rain, slow and steady while the keypad vibrate humming a lullaby. Pastoral Amazon .

With the passage of the tracks and minute hands are immersed in what looks like an initiation ceremony , Ancient people of the stars is the circle of the tribe, the lamas and lay the bonfire. It's up to us to decide whether to be observers or participate in the rite. By opting for the second choice , of course, the head and the body flatter sound with small movements , before the union: We are unfortunately only lasts 7.20 minutes you .... lasted half an hour, we would have a worthy companion to "This dust That makes mud " Liars and the first disc of the" Each one Teach one " of Oneida . I'm hoping for a remix that quadruple the battery life. We are in limbo, with no need to exit . Then, when you thought you had it all comes The Lay Llamas , motorik that seems an anthill amplified to a nightclub in ruins. Desert of the lost Souls from the title says it all, bodies collapsing and baked by the sun, in disarray and frightened by the rattles that trilling behind the stones ... the tinkling tune that comes on the end is perhaps the harbinger of the end. Oh yes, the title track is decompression and makes us understand that we are not Tommy / Tomme, we are not in John Boorman's Emerald Forest but we are here in the land must be colder, with the only option to restart the needle on the record player.

What else to add ? Nicola Giunta, assisted by Joel Valenti and Eugene Luciano, has shown he can still go back to childhood, to be able to still want a machete to save a forest and rascinare the Polyphonic Spree in the mud to resurrect them ugly, dirty , sweaty and covered in insects .... there WOULD be god as a backing band to Iquitos , which organizes Fitzcarraldo , a guarantee of the promoter.

The album will be released May 26 , and my advice , granted, is not to deal with the summer without a copy. 

Score: 4/5

See the actual review here: Radio Gwendelin


Footage of Goat live at Slims in San Francisco

Here is footage of Goat's sold out show at Slims in San Francisco .

The clip (which is clip 6 of a series) show the end of Dreambuilding, Run to your Mama and Goathead...According to the band, it is one of the best public shows they have done!!


15 Apr 2014

Brooklyn Vegan photo's of Goat at Coachella

Check out some photos of Goat in full swing at last weekends Coachella. The band return there next weekend for the second of their two shows.

See a lll the photos (Taken by Dana Yavin) here: Brooklyn Vegan


APRIL 19th – RECORD STORE DAY: Teeth of the Sea - A Field In England Re-Imagined

For those who missed our original post, Rocket Recordings are proud to present a limited Record Store Day LP release of Teeth of the Sea’s re-imagined score to Ben Wheatley’s metaphysical midnight movie A Field In England, available worldwide on the 19th April.

This work sees London’s most adventurous and intrepid psychedelic adventurers allying motifs and psychic spectres from Jim Williams and Blanck Mass music and reinterpreting them to their own ends, arriving at a bold and richly atmospheric transmission that takes the rites and revelations of the original work into pastures new.

Originally spurred into action by a commission for Cork Film Festival in November 2013, w
ho are incredibly proud to have commissioned the event from the off especially as it will never be performed again, read what Cork Film Festival have to say about the RSD release here.

Teeth of the Sea’s goal was to take the mind-games, the malevolence and the magick of the film as fuel for a work that exists on a parallel dimension to the earthen realm on which the protagonists carry out their actions. 

Housed in a sleeve featuring all-new artwork by Rocket Recordings seer Johnnyo, and available in a limited edition on thick red wax, A Field In England: Re-imagined represents that psychic quest made gloriously manifest.

Open Up, And Let The Devil In.