5 Dec 2019

Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs to play Beakender this Sunday

Beak have just announced that Sundays secret guests at their Beakender this weekend at the Brudenell in Leeds is Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs.

Info and tickets here: Brudenell


4 Dec 2019

Swedish band 'Och' reveal first track from forthcoming album 'II'

We are very proud to reveal the first track by new Swedish Rocket signings 'Och'. The track which is called 'Pelennor's fält', is the first to be taken form their forthcoming album called 'II' which is being released on 28 February. 

Listen here: '‘Pelennor's fält’'

'II' is ltd to 350 copies on Fluro Yellow / Black splatter vinyl. We have 50 copies that can be preordered here: Bandcamp

The rest will be available in all good record shops or on the bands merch table.


Och – II

As a new decade dawns, the music obsessive inhabits a claustrophobic modern era of instant gratification in which they’re seemingly so spoiled by online options and easy access that transcendence can be paradoxically hard to find in the melee. With this in mind, it can be reassuring to be mindful of the manner in which a random discovery in the bargain bins of a second-hand record store or a charity shop can set off sparks of inspiration and untold fascination.

It was naturally just this kind of obsessive chasing of avenues beyond the commonplace and the easily explicable that led to the formation of the fabled Nurse With Wound List by habitual £1-bin-haunter Steven Stapleton in 1979. Within this assemblage of exotic monikers were an eternal coded gateway to worlds of experimentation and adventure that were all the more affecting for their mystery. 

A full forty years on, rare though it is to come across a new record in the here and now which conjures up the same sense of ‘other’ as the cryptic artefacts of yore, it seems that one is on the verge of crossing our transom. ‘OCH’ - Swedish for ‘and’ - are poised to release their first album for Rocket Recordings (following a self-released EP which saw the light of day six years ago) This trio - of whom little is known other than a kinship to their labelmates Flowers Must Die - have created a collection of beguiling soundscapes and audial epiphanies that can’t help but summon up the freewheeling ‘70s spirit, the small-hours headspace and the broader sense of adventure that has legendarily dominated the areas of the esoteric. 

Amidst these eight exploratory journeys, the listener can plot out a psychic course that traverses the likes of the meditative trance-states of vintage Popol Vuh, the chemically-altered mania of Guru Guru. Synth-driven propulsion akin to French iconoclasts Heldon and Lard Free, and naturally the bucolic raptures of the band’s erstwhile national forebears such as Träd Gräs Och Stenar and Älgarnas Trädgård, not to mention more recent exponents of the same lineage such as Hills and Dungen. Yet the entire vision the band conveys on this delirious travelogue is both timeless and paradoxically fresh.

Just as their name invokes an ampersand, so this record is no less than a gateway who knows where; proof positive that these dimensions beyond the everyday - at the hands of OCH - are as accessible in 2020 as ever they were, not to mention still more potent.


3 Dec 2019

New sounds coming your way on Wednesday at 10am...


Teeth of the Sea play Quietus Fundraiser

Members of Teeth Of The Sea are part of a supergroup that is getting together for one night only on Weds (tomorrow) Dec 4 at the Social in London to help raise much needed cash to keep the Quietus afloat.

The band, Sly and The 77 Snapped HARRGA Teeth Of The UKAEA!


Austin (Snapped Ankles)
Russell (Snapped Ankles)
Dali de St Paul (HARRGA)
Matt Cargill (Sly And The Family Drone)
Mike Bourne (Teeth Of The Sea)
Sam Barton (Teeth Of The Sea)

James Allsopp (Nostalgia 77)
Dan Jones (UKAEA)

Tickets are a tenner in advance or £12 on the door and techno legend Regis is DJing!

 Ticket can be bought from here: Dice


Listen to the third of three The Utopia Strong Spotify playlists

Listen to the third of three The Utopia Strong Spotify playlists:

The three members of The Utopia Strong are each creating a special Spotify playlist of music they would like to share with you.

The third one to listen to is the playlist curated by Steve Davis which you can listen to now via Spotify


2 Dec 2019

True Cannabis interviews Julie's Haircut

They say:

Julie’s Haircut: creativity is silence electric

Music as an act of creation: we're meeting bands and artists asking for their approach in finding new paths of inspiration. Let's start with Julie’s Haircut.
Creativity is a movement that changes through time. This is particularly true for Julie’s Haircut - a band from Emilia, northern Italy that keeps looking at the irresistible noisy pop of their early years through an ever-imaginative kaleidoscope. In their ninth album, In The Silence Electric (Rocket Recordings), they bring together rhythmic quadratures and jazzy flashes, blasts of noise and metaphysical oases. We met with Luca Giovanardi, the sextet’s singer and guitarist.

Nick Cave once said: “Inspiration is not the sacred fire that comes down from the sky, but a need that must be nourished”. Do you feel the same?...

Read the rest here: True Cannabis


Three Rocket albums feature in The Quietus's Albums of the Year

We are always very flattered that The Quietus always acknowledge some Rocket releases in their prestigious Albums of the Year rundown, and 2019 is no different – they have included:

The Utopia Strong – The Utopia Strong
Teeth Of The Sea – Wraith
Gum Takes Tooth – Arrow

See the full 100 here: The Quietus


Read /listen to Lay Llamas interview/playlist with Fresh Pot Music

They say:

Lay Llamas (Rocket Recordings) is the musical moniker of Italian-based artist Nicola Giunta. Drawing inspiration from Krautrock, psych, African rhythms, Thai funk, and more, Lay Llamas embraces an immersive musical experience.

We talked to Nicola about his musical origins, Italy and of course coffee. Check out his curated playlist and interview below. 

Fresh Pots: What’s your origin story? What music was being played at your house while you were growing up?

Nicola Giunta: My name is Nicola Giunta, I was born 40 years ago in a little town called Marsala, in the west part of Sicily. You know, that triangular island in the deep south of Italy (or upper north of Africa if you prefer). Not so much music in my house… a bit of Santana, Elvis, Brazilian music, Spanish flamenco.

FP: What are some of your earliest musical memories?

NG: Japanese cartoon soundtracks and Italian pop music from radio and TV.

FP: Where are you currently located? Do you have any favorite local bands or artists worth checking out?

NG: I’ve lived in Padova for 8 years almost. It’s in the north-east of Italy, close to Venice. There are a lot of interesting local bands and musicians! And some of them are well known outside Italy and Europe also. I’m thinking about Jooklo Duo, Tommaso Cappellato, New Candys, Mamuthones, Jennifer Gentle and many others...

Read the rest here: Fresh Pots 


Rocket releases in Get Into This's 'Best Albums of the Decade'

And we thought picking the best album of the year is tricky, well Get into This have taken on the mammoth task and picked the '100 Best Albums of the Decade' and humbled to have the following in the list:

Teeth of the Sea – Master
GOAT – World Music
Julie's Haircut – Invocation And Ritual Dance...
GNOD – Just Say No...

See the full run down here: GIT


30 Nov 2019

Rocket Probes – November 2019 playlist

Gum Takes Tooth – No Air, No Walls (Broken English Club Remix)
(Great post punk rework by Oliver Ho)
Gum Takes Tooth

Shit & Shine – No No No No / Doing Drugs, Selling Drugs 
(Yes Yes Yes Yes)
No No No No
Doing Drugs, Selling Drugs 

Jon Hassell – Vernal Equinox
Jon Hassell

Thomas Mera Gartz – Morgonens Sång, Del. 1 & 2
(Our friend from Centrum introduced us to another Swedish psych classic) 
Thomas Mera Gartz

Midori Takada - Crossing
(Lock in)
Midori Takada

Psychic Lemon – Freak Mammal
(Some good guitar abuse)
Psychic Lemon

Ekoplekz – Do the Meinhof
(Moody groove from Brizzle)

Camberwell Now – Green Lantern
(Great avant pop from Charles Hayward)
Camberwell Now 

Vox Low - It's Rejuvenation
(Krauty postpunk dance moves)
Vox Low 

Faust – C Plus
(Jazz modes)

BNNT – Middle West
(New BNNT album of repetitious experiments on the always reliable Instant Classic)

10,000 Russos – Kompromat
(Some nice repetitive psychouts)
10,000 Russos

Gong - Love is how Y make it
(Repetitive prog-pop)

Booze – Prayer for Rabbit
(Psyched electro sounds)

Brian Eno - Third Uncle
(Massive killer Post Punk monster from ENO)
Brian Eno

Red Dead Redemption 2 - Banking, The Old American Art / Hell Hath No Fury
(Two full mission music tracks from Red Dead Redemption 2, long drawn out psych which last even longer if you play the game)
Banking, The Old American Art
Hell Hath No Fury

Acid Arab – Électrique Yarghol
Acid Arab

Kevin Ayers – Decadence
Kevin Ayers

Prana Crafter & Tarotplane – Symbiose
(Exploratory psych...one for Achim Reichal fans)
Prana Crafter & Tarotplane

Sordid Sound System – Pneumonia Gulch
(Tribal repetitions and tripped out sonics)
Sordid Sound System

Schizofrenia - Taste of Blues
(Late 60s psych from Sweden, not all great but has its moments)

WaqWaq Kingdom – Circle of life
(North African electronic grooves from Japan)
WaqWaq Kingdom

Syd Barret – Golden Hair
(Haunting vocals from Syd)
Syd Barret

Mica Levi – MONOS Soundtrack
(Another great soundtrack from Mica Levi for one of the films of the year)
Mica Levi

David Earle Johnson – Time is Free
(Proggy drums n' synths)
David Earle Johnson

Tomb Mold – Planetary Clairvoyance
(Bit of a slayer vibe to the guitar sounds which is no bad thing!)
Tomb Mold

Model/Actriz - Matador
(Repetitive post punk noise...thanks Zoo for the tip)

Jack Bruce - To Isengard
(Members of Nucleus feature of this Jack Bruce epic track that starts of a little Bowie & moves into full on jazz freak rock)
Jack Bruce

UKAEA – Dead Paths
(New disorientating sounds)

Gunslingers  - Live Lighter Slinger Festival
(Yes Dave,..face is melted, thanks!)

Listen to our updated monthly Rocket Probes Spotify Playlist here: