22 Jan 2020

Raven Sings the Blues say some words about Och's new single “NU:64”

They say:

Out of the ashes of Flowers Must Die springs OCH. Some (though not confirmed who or how many) members of the band have sprung forth under the new moniker and are working through the detritus of the German Progressive collapse. Locked to a groove that’s as insistent as a heartbeat, the band washes the rinds of their sound in synth tones that hearken to Harald Grosskopf playing homage to Cluster and Popul Vuh. While there’s a Kosmiche nature to “NU:64” its just smoke above the propulsive motor. The band’s album is hard to parse into pieces – winding up more of a soundbath that’s best experienced in the whole, but this nugget is a damn good entry point. Check out the video by Fredric Ilmarson above and begin to sink into the band’s primal ooze. The record lands 2/28 on Rocket Recordings.

See the piece here: Raven Sings the Blues


21 Jan 2020

Gnoomes announce February tour

Your favourite Russian band Gnoomes have a announced a series of dates in Europe and Russia for February:

07 Feb / Ljubljana - MENT Festival (SI)
13 Feb / Rennes -  Penny Lane (FR)
14 Feb / Paris - Supersonic (FR)
15 Feb / Angers - Jokerspub (FR)
19 Feb / Moscow - Powerhouse (RU)
29 Feb / Ufa - G-Room (RU)

The bands highly acclaimed third album MU! is available on Ltd LP and CD here: Bandcamp


Swedish band 'Och' reveal second track of head-spinning sounds exclusively via Cvlt Nation

We are happy to share with you the second track by new Swedish Rocket signings 'Och'. The track which is called 'Nu:64' and is released on all streaming platforms this Friday (24 Jan).

'Nu:64' is taken form their forthcoming album called 'II' which is being released on ltd LP on 28 February. The band have created this lo-fi 'tripped-out' video to accompany the track:

Watch the video for 'Nu:64', exclusively via the great Cvlt Nation here: Cvlt Nation 

"Soundtracking a mysterious ceremony on a medieval planet." Shindig
"Take an existential trip through the dimensions." Fragmented Flaneur

The eight exploratory journeys, that makes-up Och's album  'II' lets the listener plot out a psychic course that traverses the likes of the meditative trance-states of vintage Popol Vuh, the chemically-altered mania of Guru Guru. Synth-driven propulsion akin to French iconoclasts Heldon and Lard Free, and naturally the bucolic raptures of the band’s erstwhile national forebears such as Träd Gräs Och Stenar and Älgarnas Trädgård, not to mention more recent exponents of the same lineage such as Hills and Dungen. Yet the entire vision the band conveys on this delirious travelogue is both timeless and paradoxically fresh.

'II' is ltd to 350 copies on Fluro Yellow / Black splatter vinyl. We have sold out of our 50 preorder copies but the rest are available to preorder from all good record shops or find one on the bands merch table. Live dates to be announced soon.


20 Jan 2020

Listen to BBC Introducing interview with Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs at Eurosonic

Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs were in Holland last week at Eurosonic Festival and BBC Introducing were there and asked the band some questions. Listen back here: BBC Sound


3voor12vpro reviews Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs live at Eurosonic

They say:

Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Has the hottest licks licks licks

The English port city of Newcastle is known for two things: the metal band Venom and Newcastle Brown Ale. Add those two together and you get Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs (also called Pigs x7). Also from Newcastle. The mix of Marshalls and Orange amplifiers that are warming up considerably before the performance in the white hall light of Mutua Fides, are already promising. 

The five (two with long hair, three with fresh short) play a mix of stoner, sludge, metal and straight-up noise. A lot of use, many changes in tempo but played with soul and a certain funk. James Brown on four revs. Wolfmother with real balls. Today we did not see the amplifiers open that far yet. The goblet is also allowed at full power. Singer Matthew Baty has a reasonable throat, but it must have its appearance. In 45 minutes an intense workout comes along reminiscent of Henry Rollins. Including the shiny black sport pants. Occasionally he turns the knobs of an extra noise bin. Applause is meaningless. Everything has to be broken and with oldie 'Sweet Relief' that is no problem. In the end, everything lingers in motion, pounding, rattling and echoing. Until we can do nothing but shout "WHO ARE THE KINGS OF THE FATEST LICKS?" The answer then automatically echoes back from the stage: Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs. (RL)...

See the piece here: 3voor12vpro


Teeth of the Sea announce Aberdeen show

Teeth of the Sea have announced their first show in Aberdeen on 7 February

Info/tickets: The Tunnels


17 Jan 2020

Cvlt Nation interviews Iggor from PETBRICK

They say:

If you like genre-defying music, make some noise for Petbrick. Because they will sure do the same for you, and very well. The duo, composed of Iggor Cavalera and Wayne Adams, released their first full length called I last year.

We’re talking about extreme music that can shake unconventional dance floors at same time as it makes you head bang. It’s industrial, by a simple classification. But is not only this. 

The music Petbrick generates goes beyond labels, creating mesmerizing and disturbing moods by bringing together elements of noise, repetition, nervous beats, kraut experimentalism, hardcore urgency and metalic heaviness. While Iggor (former Sepultura/Cavalera Conspiracy/Mixhell/Soulwax) is in charge of punching the drum kit, Wayne (Big Lad/Death Pedals/Johnny Broke) takes care of the electronic devices that sustain the rhythmic mayhem.

And they have special guests on the debut album to make the chaos loud and clear: Dylan Walker (Full of Hell), Dwid Hellion (Integrity), Mutado Pintado (Warmduscher and Paranoid London) and Laima Leyton (Iggor’s wife)...

Read the rest here:  Cvlt Nation


16 Jan 2020

The Fragmented Flaneur gives a track-by-track reviews Och – II

They say:

So begins this album… with something that feels very familiar to me… the sound of a Berlin U-Bahn train leaving the station… it’s a sound that signifies the beginning of a sonic journey… but one that never really seems to come to an end.

The commencement of opening track ‘Jag är här, Jag är här’ ‘(I am here, I am here’) is also appropriate because this very much feels like an album of moments… like a flowing stream… never a raging torrent… but very liquid in its approach… never alighting on any particular mood… never going too far… but always moving.

‘Jag är här, Jag är här’ has taken its German beginnings and runs with what is a great motorik track which fairly powers along. However, repeated listens help you to realise that there is more going on here than just a journey… particularly when we get to the noise of the crowd at the end… and this got me thinking how this album feels to me like one of those rapid transit trips through a city where each stop brings new sights and sounds onto the train as people get on and off…

This is borne out by the second track on the album ‘Baum Bar’ which uses tabla and sitar sounds to give the music a very different feel from its predecessor… yet the use of the guitar at the end somehow brings us back to the here and now… another trip on what is becoming a series of them...

Read the rest here: The Fragmented Flaneur 


15 Jan 2020

Centrum in Get into This's '19 albums that slipped under the radar in 2019'

They say:

Regular readers will be well aware of our affinity for Rocket Recordings.

A label which boasts the likes of Goat, Teeth of the Sea, Gnoomes, Julie’s Haircut, Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation, Pigs x7 and a whole lot more – and we still managed to miss one of their best releases of any year; Centrum’s otherworldly psych stew För Meditation.

Hailing from Sweden, För Meditation does exactly what it says on the tin – it’s a meditative aural hug which is so luxuriating you could bathe in it.

Melding percussive shuffles, tabla, sitar, cyclical flute and undulating drones, here’s an album to literally lie down with, close your eyes and be taken into the land of Never Ever.  Yet, there’s always a searing fuzz-toned guitar around the corner to awaken you from the dream.

Bookended by two colossal tracks, Stjärnor is akin to Jason Pierce jamming with Ash Ra Tempel in the Uluru desert while the other ‘short’ track, the eight minute Sjön is the kind of stoned exotica fans of Kikagaku Moyo will revel in.

However, it’s on the album’s opening and closing tracks where the band truly excel; Som En Spegel is a 12 minute tribal groove which explodes into life midway through with fugged out chanting vocals and dissonant bells, wind chimes and thudding drums deep in the mix.

Opener Vid Floden is even better with a warped Arabian drone contrasting with buzzsaw guitars and lightly scattered sleigh bells.

To dissect the album’s components though is to miss the point – För Meditation is a complete whole which needs to be digested as one.

Those with little patience will find little to enjoy, however, if you immerse yourself into their mysterious void of sound – the riches are truly magnificent. – Peter Guy

Read the rest here: GIT


Paste magazine puts Gnoomes in their '10 Experimental Bands Who Are Redefining Guitar Music' list

They say:

Gnoomes (pictured above) infuse spacey shoegaze with cold techno and brisk krautrock, and the Russian band’s latest full-length, MU!, offers a much more meaningful and unique psychedelic experience than most. Per a press release, MU! was made after the band “locked themselves in an old soviet radio station with analogue synths,” and it completed their album trilogy, which began with 2015’s Ngan!. Marked by therapeutic vocals, marching drums, blooming synths and fuzzy guitars, Gnoomes make reality much more blissful.

Read the full piece here: Paste Magazine