24 May 2017

NARC interview GNOD

On the back of their remarkable new album 'Just Say No...' Lee Fisher spoke to Paddy Shine of GNOD about Politics, Crass and Trepanning.

Salford based collective Gnod have been making music in all manner of styles and configurations for over a decade now, embracing everything from psych and doom to techno, and at the same time becoming key figures in the development of the community of artists and musicians working within the now essential Islington Mill complex. At the end of March, the band released perhaps their most astonishing and uncompromising album yet, the bluntly titled Just Say No To The Psycho Right-Wing Capitalist Fascist Industrial Death Machine, a five-track howl of anger delivered in a particularly ferocious style. But as Paddy Shine, one of the central members points out, it’s not necessarily what people imagine it to be.

Read the full interview: NARC


GNOD are on tour:

05/24 UK Newcastle The Cluny  tickets
05/25 France Roeun les 3 Pièces
05/26 Belgium Mechelen In Utero Festival tickets
05/27 Belgium Tournai Water Moulin
05/28 Germany Frankfurt Das Bett tickets
05/30 Denmark Aarhus Tape
05/31 Denmark Aalborg 1000fryd tickets

06/01 Denmark Copehagen Loppen tickets
06/02 Sweden Gothenborg Truckstop Alaska
06/03 Sweden Malmo Plan B
06/04 Germany Hamburg Stubnitz
06/07 NL Utrecht DB´s tickets
06/08 UK Cardiff Moon Cub tickets
06/09 UK Nottingham The Maze tickets
06/10 UK Glasgow the Flying Duck tickets


23 May 2017

Echoes and Dust reviews Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs live at Desert Fest

It reads:

A band which noisily emerged in the underground scene on Rocket Recordings is Pig Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs. After frontman Matt Baty took vocal duties for Terminal Cheesecake’s extremely trippy head fuck psych on Friday, he returns with his own band and their own take of Sabbathian riffs and Butthole Surfers weirdness. It results in a rip-roaring, raging mess, and this is meant only as high praise.

With Matt only donning black Addidas shorts, his stage presence is like a drunken British holiday maker in Benidorm having a severely bad acid trip. It might not look dignified, but it is visually riveting. ‘Sweat relief’ possesses an even more punked up ferocity live, but is held together by the band with aplomb, as is the whole set. This in turn informs an exuberant mosh pit. Pigs x7 are as encompassing chaos as I was hoping, and more. Great stuff.

Read the full review here: Echoes and Dust


Anthroprophh reveal sleeve of new album on Creepy Crawl

Anthroprophh have revealed the great sleeve for their new album that is coming out on Bristol label Creepy Crawl in August.

No info has been released about the album – but of course we know it will be an essential listen!


18 May 2017

Watch live video rendition of Julie's Haircut track 'Deluge'

Watch live this great live rendition of the Julie's Haircut track 'Deluge'.

The video was filmed at the Locomotiv in Bologna, Italy on March 3.

Read what the Italian website Rock It had to say here: Rockit

The band are on tour in Italy on the follow dates:

08/06 Modena - Estat OFF
15/07 Chiaverano - (TO) A Night Like This Festival
20/07 Molfetta - (BA) Eremo Club
21/07 Benevento - Soundproof Festival
22/07 Loreto - (AN) Reasonanz
23/07 Genova - Pop Sagra Urbana
26/07 Osio Sotto - (BG) Libera la festa


Flowers Must Die posters for up-and-coming UK shows

Here are two posters for up-and-coming Flowers Must Die shows in Reding and Cambridge....

Full tour is:

16 Cardiff, The Moon
17 Reading, Public 
18 Birmingham, Supersonic Festival
19 Cambridge, The Portland Arms

20 London, Café Oto (supporting The Space Lady)

Don't miss!!!


Hey Colossus announce special album launch party at New River Studios

To celebrate the launch of Hey Colossus's new album 'The Guillotine' the band are playing a special party at New River Studios...tickets can be bought from here: Baba Yaga's Hut 

Baba Yaga's Hut presents:

The Wharves

June 8th
New River Studios / Manor House / London

Tickets here: Baba Yaga


To help celebrate this night and new album, Rocket's faithful brewer Brewage à Trois have brewed a great Dubbel IPA called LOSE YOUR HEAD. 

At 9% abv it's a rich, strong beer, packed with aromatic Belgian yeast, Citra hops and a sharp, clean finish. 

So...another great excuse to come and lose your head!!


Schwet: 10-05-17 - GNOD Special

Check out this great mix going through Gnod's 10 year career curated by Schwet.

Some classic Gnod tracks have been included here – also some classic tracks are missing, still it is one helluva listen.

They say:

Attempting to condense 10 years of sonic sorcery from the Salford psychedelic cult, into a bitesize two-hour all-vinyl mix.

Gnod & White Hills - The Secret Society of Ants
Gnod – The World Is Good
Negra Branca – Farca Do Inberno
Gnod – The Importance of Down Time
Gnod – The Somnambulist's Tale (B)
Gnod - Creedon's Clearwater Revival
Dru$$ - Last Train To Nowhere
Gnod - 5th Dub
Anonymous Bash – Ambiguous Trash
Love Cult Take Druss – Nonplusultra
Gnod – Vatican
Dwellings – Drone Invasion
Gnod – Holy Empire
Dwellings – 20 Sides a Minute
Gnod – Manimal Agnotism
Gnod – Man on The Wire
Gnod – Bodies for Money
Gnod – The Mirror
Gnod – Tron 
Gnod - Shitting Through The Eye of a Needle in a Haystack