16 Aug 2019

Preorder Double Date on DVD

Double Date – the movie that was scored by (and staring) GOAT gets its Blueray/DVD/Digital release on 9 September...and you can preoder a copy now: Amazon

The soundtrack 10" that we released is long sold out from us and our distributor, but some shops still have copies hidden away in their racks – one such shop is Crash Records in Leeds, so if you don't have this killer soundtrack then get it now before the discogs prices rise and rise: Crash Records


14 Aug 2019

Ltd Edition Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs 'Green Man' poster

Here's a great Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs poster for this weekends Green Man Festival performance. The poster is a collaboration between @WeThreeClub and @lukedrozd.

They will be on sale at the fest and if any are left we expect they will be selling some online via: WeThreeClub


Midnight to Six reviews Gnoomes MU!

They say:

MU! is album number three for Russian band Gnoomes, who set up shop right on the spot where narcotic noise-pop and experimental krautrock grooves meet. It’s a dandy of a psychedelic journey start-to-finish, squeezing as much color as possible out of traditional rock instruments, taken to new brain-busting heights by heavy digital post-production. If you love sonic experimenters like Eno, Can, Kraftwerk, MBV, Wire, and Spacemen 3, then you’ll get where the band is coming from, but there’s something really alien about the way Gnoomes contort those influences into a new whole. Take the song “Irma” for example: The tight rollicking beat could have come from Tago Mago, and Slowdive heads would approve of those beautiful guitar sounds; but there’s also dense layers of vocals snippets placed atop one another that create a highly disorienting effect. By the time the song kicks into its’ psychotic double-time crescendo it sounds downright futuristic. What I find most interesting about MU! is that most of its nine songs barely seem rooted in any kind of traditional song-structures. What that means is that, unlike the bands that influenced Gnoomes, the songs on MU! would be almost impossible for another band to cover (“Glasgow Coma State” is perhaps the only exception). MU’s songs are built to deliver a certain type of sonic nirvana and I just don’t see a way a band could take a song like “Sine Waves are Good For Your Health” – which is basically six minutes of kaleidoscopic headfuckery over rolling tom-toms – and do anything to make it their own. It’s exciting, heady stuff, and I’m pretty sure it will place high on my year-end list of best albums. I’d also imagine it sounds devastatingly good when you’re frying up on your favorite drugs.

See the full piece here: Midnight to Six


13 Aug 2019

The Utopia Strong Reveal 'Konta Chorus' - 2nd Track from their Debut Album

We are hugely delighted to share 'Konta Chorus' the 2nd album track to be revealed from the up & coming The Utopia Strong debut album. The video with a slight homage to The Prisoner TV series was made by Rocket's Johnny O, so watch in the link above.

Stream Track: Konta Chorus

The Utopia Strong, the combined forces of Kavus Torabi (Gong/Cardiacs/Knifeworld/Guapo) and Michael J. York (Coil/Teleplasmiste/Guapo) and Snooker legend Steve Davis have arrived at no less than a modular driven kosmische colossus of transcendent power enough to drive all talk of green baize firmly into the blue yonder.

With Davis’ modular geometry and ambient structures weaving with Torabi’s keen and skewed sense of melody and York’s various gifts for pipes, drones and fevered abstract are no more apparent on the 2nd track to be revealed ‘Konta Chorus’.

The resulting tapestry is as likely to remind listeners of the countercultural benchmarks of Terry Riley and Cluster as the later vortex-voyages of Zimpel Ziolek with it’s melange of ‘70s Brain Records and ‘90s Warp Label skewed diabolus in musica melodic undertow.

An extraordinary marriage between celestial radiance and hallucinatory repetition as the sounds of an early Aphex Twin track intertwined with Liquid Liquid’s repetitive groove into a climax of electronic Grumbling Fur folk.

The Utopia Strong self titled album with be available on all formats on 13 September & the band will be playing a string of shows around the release with more to be added:

24 / Blackmarket Bar / Hastings

05 / Oslo / London (supporting Teeth Of The Sea)
08 / Krakenhaus Festival / Cumbria
08 / Golden Lion / Todmorden

11/ The Cluny / Newcastle
12 / The Hare and Hounds / Birmingham

18 / The Crescent / York
19 / Deaf Institute / Manchester
20 / Cafe Oto / London
21 / The Music Hall / Ramsgate

The album is still available for pre-order in 3 different colours vinyl & CD via Rocket store or your usual outlets:

Buy: Bandcamp
Stream: The Utopia Strong




6 Aug 2019

PETBRICK announce Crash Records instore show

PETBRICK are heading to Leeds to do a very special instore performance at Crash Records, they say:

Very happy to announce that Petbrick will be in the shop on Sunday 18th August at 2pm performing and meeting fans - i cannot tell you how excited i am to have these 2 noise merchants here ( if you haven't heard this is the new project from Wayne Adams - of Big Lad / Death Pedals / Johnny Broke and Iggor Cavalera - of Soulwax / MIXHELL and of course Sepultura ) get those pre orders in to guarentee a spot - its gonna be LOUD!

Preorder here: CRASH


Gli Stati Generali interviews Mamuthones

They say:

The interview is organized by the Indica radio program team , broadcast on Radio Sherwood : Matteo Molon and Salvatore Caruana.

As soon as Sherwood Festival ends it is nice to know that in Padua literally "the music continues". This is allowed by two factors: 1) groups of youngsters * who slam a lot to organize spaces and festivals dedicated to music, socializing and culture; 2) a city that has always lived an enviable underground musical movement.

In the first case we find, among others, the Arcella Bella team , which for the second year in a row gives life to the Milcovich Park in the Arcella district, contributing to the urban regeneration of the area. In the second case, instead, there is one of the fundamental bands of the Paduan subculture: the Mamuthones . As Indica we have been following the occult-psychedelic scene for some time, and finally on Friday 13 July we had the opportunity to interview the legendary group that played in the frame of the Arcellano festival.

The evening went by everything except as scheduled: on the stage the Lizards' Invasion should have been open , but the rain fell into question the line up. Once ascertained the passage of bad weather and having to greet the performance of the Lizards (we hope to see you soon!), From 23 to 24 the Mamuthones formed by Alessio Gastaldello (voice, synth), Francesco Lovison (synth), Matteo Polato (guitars) Andrea Davì (drums, percussions) stirred up the stage...

Read the rest here: Gli Stati Generali