19 Mar 2019

Unsung Podcast on Goat's World Music

They say:

World Music by Goat
We retreat to Scandinavia again this week, this time travelling further north than ever before in order to meet Goat.

Whilst the band (allegedly) come from the Arctic Circle, the music couldn’t be further from the frozen north in sound. A strange fusion of psychedelic rock and afrobeat, ‘World Music’ plays like a 60s throwback. All at once intoxicating and rousing, it’s an assured debut by a mysterious, talented band. There’s everything from Can to Parliament found in here, alongside influence from a bunch of African artists. We touch upon all of this in today’s episode, and a lot more besides. 

Chris has compiled a playlist that serves as a brief intro to Afrobeat and more.

Is this their best album? As ever, the decision is yours.

See the rest and hear the podcast review here: Unsung Pod


Introducing Mamuthones 'A Place In The World' EP

We are delighted to reveal that the Kraut-Disco Post Punk band Mamuthones have a new 4 track Digital EP 'A Place In The World' due out on April 5th.

Visit Rumore Magazine to watch the video from the lead track 'A Place In The World' here: Rumore

Pre-order: Bandcamp / Stream

The Press Release:

The vibrant reinvention that Mamuthones have undergone, from Italian Occult Psychedelia to Kraut-Disco Post Punk, is no more evident than on their new track ‘A Place In The World’.

Recorded around the same time as their electric mischief ‘Fear On The Corner’ album from 2018, the track creates a kaleidoscopic vortex of groove-based cerebral punk invention, in the direction of distinctly New York-based headspace where a realm of mirrorballs and black-clad basements share infectious hooks.

The band having originally taken their name from the death-masks used in rituals in their native Sardinia, now find themselves transcending their roots and undergoing a
metamorphosis from mystical and ceremonial realms into a direct connection with the everyday, the personal and the political. Like self-induced neurosis ‘A Place in the World’ is
the end of the party that began with ‘Fear on the Corner’ where there is nothing left to fear.

Mamuthones are patient; Mamuthones are benign; they envy nothing; they are never distracted; never puffed up; they have neither aspirations nor seek not their own; they are
even-tempered; and think not evil; they mock not iniquity; they are enraptured with scientific truth; they support everything; and believe everything; have faith in everything and uphold everything.

So at least if Mamuthones can’t find their ‘Place In The World’ they can exorcise their percussive needs, frenzy another guitar solo, embrace even more demented synthesizers all into a CAN like soup as a vitriolic No-Wave beast where Chrome share sonic invention with LCD Soundsystem.

This 4 track EP, features a deranged alternative take of the title track, where the band truly unhinge their sound. Then we have 2 remix tracks by Italian DJ and producer Lucretio a.k.a.
Domenico Cipriani. The first takes us into a more minimal mantric beat driven kinetic excursion, the second a bleak tapestry soundscape, transcending into a demonic conclusion.

Now ask yourself, which is your place in the world?


Mamuthones tour dates are: 

28 March / Spazio Astra / Foligno
29 March / Camelot 3.0 / Prato
30 March / La Fine / Roma
31 March / Freak Out / Bologna
10 May / Santeria / Milan (w / ZU)
18 May / Gnoomes Fest / Perm (Russia) (w / Gnoomes & Gum Takes Tooth)
12 July / Subcult Fest / Padova

Vinyl copies of the 2018 album 'Fear On The Corner' are still available here, CD's have long since sold out: Bandcamp


'Rocket to Russia' – 'Gnoomes Fest 2019' announces great line-up

Gnoomes have just announced the line-up for this years 'Gnoomes Fest' in their home city of Perm in Russia on 18 May. 

The bands playing are:


+ DJ’s

Doors: 13:00
Venue: Zavod Shpagina

And Gnoomes have said this about the event:

Gnoomes are bringing the mighty Rocket’s to their Motherland!

Gnoomes Fest is a 1 day international music festival in Perm, Russia and focuses on artists who doesn’t limit themselves in the extension of musical palette. At the event one could meet different genres from ethno-folk and krautrock to abstract hip-hop and experimental electronic music.

The key elements of the festival will be the performances of the London-based band Gum Takes Tooth, the Italian band Mamuthones with whom other Russian artists will share the industrial stage of ‘Zavod Shpagina’.

Rocket's Mission Control will be travelling over for the event, it would be amazing to see other Rocketeers joining us!! 

Tickets and more info can be found here: Gnoomes Fest

And follow on Instagram here: Instagram


18 Mar 2019

Joe from Hey Colossus has new book published

Joe from Hey Colossus was approached by publisher Pomona to write a book about life as a DIY musician in the UK underground scene as past of their 'Sleeve notes Series. And that is exactly what he did...it even features some words from Rockets very own Chris Reeder.

The book is a must for all music fans, so buy it from here: Pomona

Photo is by DRMCNT


Fragmented Flaneur reviews Centrum album 'För Meditation'

They say:

We are all on a journey. Aren’t we?

Sometimes life seems to make sense, but perhaps more often we feel as if there is no continuity to our lives. As the world around us seems more fragmented we try to construct paths and ways to make sense of things. Our existence can become an Instagram feed of images with voids in between where the famous metaphysical question, of whether a tree makes a sound when it falls alone, is very pertinent.

In other words if we don’t post something on social media, did it happen? Hell, not only do I write about music, I even post pictures of the records I play, and I’m really happy that Rocket Recordings provided me with a copy of this album in advance of its release to do just that).

This is the point that one of the members of the band (Centrum are made up of members of Hills and Weary Nous amongst others) made to me while talking about this album.

‘För Meditation’ is a perfect opportunity for what it sets out to be: ‘for meditation’. An opportunity for the listener to disconnect from the laptop, Facebook, the constant influx of white noise for 40 minutes and just relax. And maybe catch a glimpse of some previously unnoticed quality of one’s mind...

Reads the rest here: Fragmented Flaneur

Preorder the album on ltd red vinyl here: Bandcamp


Neolyd say some words about DJINN

They say:

It is seething again in Götheborg's magic kitchen. Last year, the goat man had already left the goat association for a short time to release his first solo album "Rhythms" . Now, fragments of the mystical bands Goat and Hills have teamed up to create another offshoot: Djinn . And, probably, everything here remains as mysterious and inscrutable as in the formations just mentioned.

The new collective fabricates experimental psych-jazz that feels well in the drawer of Alice Coltrane and Sun Ra. With the five-and-a-half minute excursion to the Garden of the Dead (including the original title "Le Jardin de la Morte"), the formation presents a first harbinger of this: a meditative trip, interspersed with noises, rattle and atmospheric gejazze. That sounds very promising and makes you want to the self-titled debut work, which appears on 17 May on the British label Rocket Recordings.

See the rest here: Neolyd


15 Mar 2019

Raven SIngs The Blues say some words about Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation new single 'Feel The Sun'

They say:

A new single seeps out today from Swedish psych slinkers Joesfin Öhrn + The Liberation. The second single off of her upcoming Sacred Dreams is a hazy bubbler, teeming with rhythmic burble, swirls of echo, and despite the title’s focus on the sun, a darkness that creeps up the spine. Öhrn has long been propping up the more shadowy and less showy end of the psych-pop spectrum, opting for humid atmospheres and an oil painted presence rather than the dayglo colors and high-octane moves of so many riding the psychedelic throttle through pop’s waters. The new record lands April 22nd on her usual stomping grounds at Rocket. Slip into this seether below. 

See the full piece here: RSTB