1 Dec 2015

Drowned in Sound reviews Oneida – Positions EP

It reads:

Brooklyn’s Oneida have been a force in experimental rock for almost 20 years now and in the last seven or so of those they have really eased into Doing Whatever The Fuck They Want. In 2008 they started their 'Thank Your Parents' album trilogy with Preteen Weaponry, a 45-minute track divided into three sections, followed the next year by the surprisingly-good triple album Rated O and completed in 2011 with the drumless avant-garde drone noise of Absolute II. It has now been three years since their last studio album and the band seem to have mostly content to have engaged in other sorts of ideas and projects. Thus we come to Positions, an EP containing two covers and one new song.

The thing I've always found most admirable about Oneida is their single-minded approach, their unpredictability, their desire to never do the obvious or expected. So if, as the press release concedes, an EP consisting mostly of two covers seems like a bit of a step back for the band, it most emphatically is not...

Read the rest here: Drowned in Sound


30 Nov 2015

Rocket probes – November playlist

It's Called "Moon" from Emanuele Kabu on Vimeo.

Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation – Take me beyond (Gnoomes remix)
(Amazing krauty techno remix of the great JO+TL single by Gnoomes ...hope to get this out in 2016!)

Negra Branca – O Anzol
(Another great track from Marlene from Gnod...taken from the next Rail Cables compilation)
Negra Branca

(Great new project by Paddy from Gnod)

Minami Deutsch – Minami Deutsch
(Great album of psychkraut sounds from Japan on the great Cardinal Fuzz, maybe the labels best ever release!!)
Minami Deutsch

Coldnose – Zeon light tape
(Really great psyched out acid techno)

Radioland - Radio Activity revisited
(Nice reimagined version of the Kraftwerk klassic)

The Comet is Coming - Prophecy
(Psyched synth n' sax grooves from Melt yourself Down members)
The Comet is Coming

Cut Hands - Festival of the dead

(Another great album of tribal techno)
Cut Hands 

Drmcnt – Teenager
(Hey Colossus's Drmcnt creates a new track that's taken from a forthcoming compilation called KVLT ACID)

The Chipmunks - On 16rpm
(Silly yes, but also rather bloody good...like Earth meets Low)
The Chipmunks


Backseat Mafia reviews Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation and announces their Top 20 Psych albums of the year

The review reads:

The vast majority music that I listen to is, for want of a better word, dirty. It usually has lots of fuzzed up guitar and other effects: sonics that are foggy and dense. Every so often though a record comes along that is clean and clear that I just really take to my heart. Such a record has to be bloody good to drag me away from my fug-filled reverie because why would I want to move away from what I like and know I like.

The latest in a very short line of albums to do this is the new release from Josefin Ohrn + The Liberation, yet another innovative ‘psych’ combo from Stockholm (like Goat, Les Big Byrd and Hills to name just three). In one way it stays within my comfort zone, being released by Rocket Recordings: a label who very rarely release something that I do not like. This, however, is something else. While it is an album that most definitely has psychedelic leanings with its motorik beats and Can/ Neu intensity in places, there is more than that going on here. This is also a pop album, and an album that is as cool as fuck. This is no manufactured X Factor shite, this is the real deal...

Read the rest here: BackSeat Mafia

Also, check out their Top 20 Psych Albums in the year as it features Teeth of the Sea, Gnod, Hills and Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation

See the full run down here: Top 20 Psych Albums


Baba Yaga Hut announces new Hey Colossus show

The great Baba Yaga Hut are putting Hey Colossus on at London Fields Brewery on with support from the band Ill on 10 March.

You can buy a ticket here: Baba Yaga Hut


28 Nov 2015

Teeth of the Sea live on BBC Click

The latest BBC Click programme  is all about music technology and the show features an live footage of Teeth of the Sea from their recent album launch at London Fields Brewery...plus some words of wisdom from Jimmy..

You can watch the episode (dated 28.11.15) here: BBC Click


27 Nov 2015

Oneida Position EP – out today

Oneida's new EP Positions is released today.

You can buy LTD Vinyl only from here: Rocket Bandcamp


ONEIDA - Positions

Possessed of a restless spirit and an uncompromising approach, Brooklyn’s peerless experimental rock iconoclasts Oneida have been delighting and perplexing the wider world for some eighteen years now, never once settling into a recognisable style on a continuing mission that has blown minds, furrowed brows and spun heads at every turn. Informed by the art-orientated mindset of krautrock, the chutzpah of post-punk and the radical ethos of minimalism, yet never falling prey to cliche or homage along the way, this is a band who’ve always seen predictability and comfort as sworn enemies, relentlessly forging forward with a fierce experimental drive .

With this in mind, the fact that their new EP  ‘Positions’ on Rocket Recordings sees them hammering out two cover versions might initially seem like a look backwards for the band, as they take on work from those artists whom they’ve drawn succour and inspiration. Yet as ever with this outfit, things are not that simple, and this 29-minute opus is anything but. In selecting songs by This Heat and Chrome - two bands who have affected the band as much in reckless adventure and synapse-shifting innovation as in revolutionary sonics, the fivesome use the rhythmically intense mantras of the former’s ’S.P.Q.R.’ and the latter’s interstellar trash-trawl of ‘All Data Lost’ - rendered here as a thrilling and intimidating 16 minute psychic voyage -  as mere jumping-off points for searing blasts of kaleidoscopic invention and white-hot intensity that destroy boundaries and defy categorisation at every turn. Adding their own sinister drone-based mantra ‘Under Whose Sword’ for good measure, the result is a work as potent and intense as it is fierily forward-gazing.

Rocket Recordings have been fans and friends of Oneida for some time, having released a vinyl version of their ‘Anthem Of The Moon’ record back in 2003, and they’re delighted to be releasing the latest chapter of the storied history of a band who still stand apart from most any reductive genre tags, maintaining a freshness and vitality that render them a unique and inspirational force, reinventing the soundworld and spirit of psychedelia for all to bear witness  A band who continue to exist outside of scene, time and place, with their feet firmly on the accelerator in search of oblivion and the unknown, to which ‘Positions’ bears mighty testimony.


26 Nov 2015

Bearded reviews Oneida – Positions EP

It reads:

Concluding their series of ‘Rocket Shop Exclusive’ EPs, venerated psych rock label Rocket Recordings are set to issue Positions, by Brooklyn psych-prog outfit Oneida on November 27th. 

Home to US psych rock maximalists Hills and Italian space rock crew Lay Llamas, the release will be the third in the sequence.

The new Oneida release follows in the steps of Italian proggists Mamuthones who issued an impressively irreverent cover of The Rolling Stones’ Sympathy For the Devil in September. Succeeding the Liverpool Psych Fest alumni were Capri Informis, an offshoot of GOAT, who played a legendary set at the festival in 2012.

The first music released by the Swedish experimental rock group, the released by Capri Informis was the first music from the project, established by GOAT’s unnamed djembe player.

Oneida's new EP Positions sees the group covering two treasured influences, late 1970s London experimentalists This Heat and San Fran industrial pioneers Chrome. 

Representing the former is an intense version of S.P.Q.R. (check out the Soundcloud link below) and a 16 minute psychedelic voyage into the latter’s All Data Lost. A new Oneida original, the mantric drone of Under Whose Sword completes the set.

Read the full piece here: Bearded

And preorder the ltd vinyl that is released tomorrow only from here: Rocket Bandcamp