30 Nov 2019

Rocket Probes – November 2019 playlist

Gum Takes Tooth – No Air, No Walls (Broken English Club Remix)
(Great post punk rework by Oliver Ho)
Gum Takes Tooth

Shit & Shine – No No No No / Doing Drugs, Selling Drugs 
(Yes Yes Yes Yes)
No No No No
Doing Drugs, Selling Drugs 

Jon Hassell – Vernal Equinox
Jon Hassell

Thomas Mera Gartz – Morgonens Sång, Del. 1 & 2
(Our friend from Centrum introduced us to another Swedish psych classic) 
Thomas Mera Gartz

Midori Takada - Crossing
(Lock in)
Midori Takada

Psychic Lemon – Freak Mammal
(Some good guitar abuse)
Psychic Lemon

Ekoplekz – Do the Meinhof
(Moody groove from Brizzle)

Camberwell Now – Green Lantern
(Great avant pop from Charles Hayward)
Camberwell Now 

Vox Low - It's Rejuvenation
(Krauty postpunk dance moves)
Vox Low 

Faust – C Plus
(Jazz modes)

BNNT – Middle West
(New BNNT album of repetitious experiments on the always reliable Instant Classic)

10,000 Russos – Kompromat
(Some nice repetitive psychouts)
10,000 Russos

Gong - Love is how Y make it
(Repetitive prog-pop)

Booze – Prayer for Rabbit
(Psyched electro sounds)

Brian Eno - Third Uncle
(Massive killer Post Punk monster from ENO)
Brian Eno

Red Dead Redemption 2 - Banking, The Old American Art / Hell Hath No Fury
(Two full mission music tracks from Red Dead Redemption 2, long drawn out psych which last even longer if you play the game)
Banking, The Old American Art
Hell Hath No Fury

Acid Arab – Électrique Yarghol
Acid Arab

Kevin Ayers – Decadence
Kevin Ayers

Prana Crafter & Tarotplane – Symbiose
(Exploratory psych...one for Achim Reichal fans)
Prana Crafter & Tarotplane

Sordid Sound System – Pneumonia Gulch
(Tribal repetitions and tripped out sonics)
Sordid Sound System

Schizofrenia - Taste of Blues
(Late 60s psych from Sweden, not all great but has its moments)

WaqWaq Kingdom – Circle of life
(North African electronic grooves from Japan)
WaqWaq Kingdom

Syd Barret – Golden Hair
(Haunting vocals from Syd)
Syd Barret

Mica Levi – MONOS Soundtrack
(Another great soundtrack from Mica Levi for one of the films of the year)
Mica Levi

David Earle Johnson – Time is Free
(Proggy drums n' synths)
David Earle Johnson

Tomb Mold – Planetary Clairvoyance
(Bit of a slayer vibe to the guitar sounds which is no bad thing!)
Tomb Mold

Model/Actriz - Matador
(Repetitive post punk noise...thanks Zoo for the tip)

Jack Bruce - To Isengard
(Members of Nucleus feature of this Jack Bruce epic track that starts of a little Bowie & moves into full on jazz freak rock)
Jack Bruce

UKAEA – Dead Paths
(New disorientating sounds)

Gunslingers  - Live Lighter Slinger Festival
(Yes Dave,..face is melted, thanks!)

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