5 Nov 2019

Manchester Wire say some words about The Utopia Strong up-and-coming show

They say:

Though he achieved his big break in the 1980s as a snooker player, Steve Davis – alongside Kavus Torabi and Michael York – form the trio The Utopia Strong as they look set to storm The Deaf Institute this December. They released their eponymous debut album earlier this year on Rocket Recordings, adding a unique tonal pattern to the perpetually expanding encyclopaedia of UK contemporary experimental and psychedelic music. The sonic landscape they create through their live shows is otherworldly, built upon layers of modular and analogue synths and experimental textures. Their sound flirts with the avant-garde, tips its hat toward Kraftwerk and they are more than comfortable with Krautrock. This is music for the mind as well as the heart. Tickets are available via The Deaf Institute’s website, so make sure that you come and stargaze this December...

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