5 Nov 2019

Rocket interview with Greek site Mic

They say:

The art of repetition is what we are looking for ...
It has been over 20 years ... (dis) running (as Chris Reeder self-sharply says to Maria Fledou) this particular British company, which despite its love for repetition has managed to not ... repeat

Rocket Recordings is Chris Reeder and John O'Carroll . The company was launched in 1998 with the sole purpose of releasing 7inches and today, over two decades later, is one of the most important and special independent record labels in Britain, faithful to the original idea-vision of its founders, namely to provide the creative space. so that they can release the music they love. Chris talked to us about the company's history, its musicians, their future plans and of course what ultimately means 'psychedelia'.

Mi C : I'll start with something you mentioned in our discussion of the process of 'curating' a record company. Your idea has always been to release the music you like and have talked about your approach to psychedelia many times as a musical item if you like and not as a restrictive music category. This is evident in the sound of the shapes you represent. However you have been linked to a neo-psychedelic scene let's say and for many people you have made room for musicians who have this commonality. Do you think that for a discography so open to what 'psych' might mean you have influenced the general perception of music audiences and experts on the subject?

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