5 Nov 2019

Get Into This feature PETBRICK in their Albums of the Month

They say:

They’re called Petbrick. They are Sepultura‘s Iggor Cavalera and Wayne Adams of Big Lad.

They have tracks called Radiation Facial and Jesus Dropkick. And they’re on Rocket Recordings.

What were you expecting, ballads?

Petbrick‘s opening outing is exactly what you’d expect – 10 tracks and 39 minutes of unremitting brutality.

But there’s nothing tossed off, or throwaway here, instead I delivers with gut-wrenching ferocity yet underpins the noise with ridiculous grooves and, dare we say it, a healthy dose of melodic pop.

Sure, it’s the filthy kind of gunk you’d find at the bottom of kitchen bin but check the frenetic machine-gun beat down of Gringolicker, the blitzkrieg distorted synth riot of Some Semblance of a Story or the face-melting industrial death disco of Guacamole Handshake.

These are tracks tailor-made to put a strut in your step or punish the senses in some sweat-stained dive bar. Crank up, punch the sky, and enjoy. – Peter Guy

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