14 Nov 2019

Relics Controsuoni reviews Julie's Haircuts In the Silence Electric

They say:

The Emilian band has accustomed us for years to experimentation, but never as in this new album are there sounds and avant-garde suggestions. In the silence electric , the second job that Sassuolo's training publishes for an English label, Rocket Recordings .

The result is a sound journey full of ideas, including ambient references, hints of post-rock and psychedelic passages. The opening song entitled Anticipation of the night is a narcoleptic psychedelic ballad, a prelude to the accelerations that we find in the next Emerald kiss , from the acid and convulsive arrangement. Sometimes the voices are filtered, and this creates a greater sense of alienation. Excellent performance of Sorcerer , full of cosmic and pulsating sound. The most beautiful track is undoubtedly the hypnotic Darlings of the sun , avant-garde and free-jazz experiments, fascinating in its progress with sax plots. No less Until the lights go out, in which there are floydian influences that refer to the record A Saucerful of Secrets...

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