6 Nov 2019

Buzz gives PETBRICK a 5 star live review

They say:

Clwb Ifor Bach, Cardiff, Fri 1 Nov

There’s a special vibe to tonight’s gig, in the intimate surroundings of the downstairs bar at Clwb Ifor Bach. A smattering of people in the know have assembled to watch Wayne Adams from Big Lad and Iggor Cavalera from Sepultura, in their ultraviolent noise project Petbrick. It’s not for everyone, but the chance to witness one of metal’s greatest and most influential drummers smash his kit apart less than two metres away from me is a chance I – and the people assembled here – are not going to pass up...

Now I fully admit to fanboying out a bit here, as Iggor is a bit of a hero of mine. The guy has played on several of my most influential albums and continues to push boundaries in the drum department. Petbrick, his latest project, combines live drums with Wayne’s sampler/keyboard/computer combo, the result sounding like early 90s Ministry or early Skinny Puppy. There’s not much in the way of vocals – any that are on the album are in sampled form here, and Adams himself will occasionally have a snarl at the mic – but that’s OK, as the focus is purely on the noise element. Cavalera effortlessly slams his way through breakbeats, blastbeats, tribal beats and everything in between, while Adams rocks back and forth at his workstation like a psychotic Roddy Bottum...

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