7 Oct 2015

Soundblab reviews Mamuthones Symphony for the Devil EP

Mamuthones – Symphony For The Devil

The art of musical bastardry is a delicate one. Mamuthones cover the Rolling Stones track 'Sympathy for the Devil' from Beggars Banquet and the question is, do they have something relevant to contribute to the song's legacy? Well, if you to cover a song that sits so prominently in the public consciousness, then make it your own, stamp some personality on it, lest it be seen as some kind of commercially advantageous gesture.

Having said that, there is a kind of symmetry about Mamuthones covering a song about the devil and his malevolent deeds, given the group are steeped in the Italian occult. They take their name from the death-masked pre-Christian processions in Sardinia over 2000 years ago, a tradition that is honoured in Sardinia to this day...

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