23 Oct 2015

Capra Informis – 'Womb of the Wild' EP out today

We are pleased to announce 'Womb of the Wild' the first release by Capra Informis, a new band put together by the unnamed djembi player from Goat.

The ltd vinyl EP can be bought ONLY from here

Capra Informis – Womb of the Wild EP

Literally translated from the Latin, the name Capra Informis means ‘Shapeless Goat’, a curious turn of phrase given that this project is the work of the nameless djembi player from the Swedish psychedelic warriors monikered with the latter of the two words. Nonetheless, somewhere amidst the hinterland between shape and void, dream and waking, it would appear that some form of transformative process has indeed occurred over the course of the nineteen minutes of their debut EP on Rocket Recordings. Casting a heady and intoxicating spell of nocturnal atmosphere and drone-based abandon, these four tracks set out a shamanic mission both fresh and feral.

Whilst Capra Informis may share some stylistic touches with their main protagonist’s regular band, they also boast a markedly darker approach - the mesmerising percussive onslaught may be present and correct, yet the psychic landscapes and deviant monomania of these four raven-hued trips renders them imposing in their Dionysian debauchery. Moreover, while the one-chord guitar-driven inferno of ‘Womb Of The Wild’ finds kindred spirits in the nihilistic, spiritually-driven like of Dead Skeletons and early Skullflower, ‘Cold and high’ sees glacial synths and garage-birthed organ take the lead on a cinematic twilight voyage not unlike a Kenneth Anger filmscore’s depiction of an ayahuasca ritual. 

Throughout, however, the potency and persuasive powers of Capra Informis’ approach cannot be called into question - within these whispered incantations and mantric arrangements lurk dark forces and strange undertakings untold. Yet it remains a rare pleasure to bear witness to this rich collision of fiery intent and fearless third-eye vision. Far from the shadow of their ringleader’s past work. Capra Informis are staking their claim as chimerical warriors with manifold powers, and this four-track sermon marks only the first of their forays into the unknown that promise rich rewards for the far-gone and the intrepid alike.