10 Oct 2015

'Get into This' say some words about Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation new single 'Take me Beyond'

Getintothis’ Patrick Clarke continues his stalker-like obsession with Rocket Recordings, gets seedy in Seattle and surrenders to the hazy bombast in episode 53 of  his weekly introducing round-up.

It’s no secret how much I love Rocket Recordings. In fact my very first article for this website was about how much I love Rocket Recordings. If ever they’ve an artist eligible for a top 10 must-sees before a festival they’re the first on my list, if ever I can shoehorn them into this column, I will. I really love Rocket Recordings. I even bought a Rocket Recordings t-shirt at Psych Fest last year. I’m pretty sure they think I’m weird.

The stalking, however, shall continue unabated, especially when their output’s as formidable as new airing Take Me Beyond from Josefin Öhrn & The Liberation. A heady injection of transporting psych via Trans-Europe Express, it’s a circling, spinning four minutes backed with a heavenly lift that’s a sumptuous chink of light to counterpoint the inky, villainous intensity of their finest labelmates – and my other psych obsession right now – Hey Colossus. 

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