3 Oct 2015

The Quietus makes Hey Colossus – Radio Static High it's Album of the week

The Lead Review: Noel Gardner On Hey Colossus' Radio Static High 

Following on from the release of In Black And Gold earlier this year, Noel Gardener examines the group's continual moving further away from big riffs and sludge metal, into hypnotic melodies, creamy bliss, and giving breathing space to tangible human emotions.

If this review made a point of praising Hey Colossus for embarking on their own stylistic path, while so many try weaselishly to fit into moulds carved by others, it would run the risk of selling them short. This is because they're not a ragtag group of rootless nomads, but an affable – if ear-bleeding – British heavy rock band who, since forming in the early part of the millennium, have operated on principles derived from DIY punk culture, and have equally taken from and given back to a community of likeminded souls. Except if I were to hold up Radio Static High as a shining example of the greatness produced by the UK […] scene (the blank space is because it's never really been given a name that stuck, as far as I know), that too would feel slightly demeaning towards this marvellous album...

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