15 Oct 2015

Line of the Best fit interviews Hey Colossus

Hey Colossus rack up the albums – and tension

Watch out. Lightning has just struck twice for British psych-rock veterans Hey Colossus, a band who’ve knock out two outstanding albums in less than eight months.

To celebrate, the six-strong noise unit rolls up to the Electrowerkz bar and makes it a double. Because Friday night (October 9) is all about raising a glass to their second long-player of the year, Radio Static High, on Bristol’s Rocket Recordings.

The band’s current rich vein of form can certainly be described as intoxicating. Radio Static High is a stunner of an album, trapped in a claustrophobic array of wild sonic adventures, mind-melting riffs and an overriding tautness that makes it creepy as fuck.  

Sure, the 12-year-old band is no stranger when it comes to making arresting and hard-to-categorise music. But given that it was only February when its predecessor – In Black and Gold – was revealed, the pattern betrays a band clearly revelling in its new creative power. And any band that can crash out this level of quality, gloriously deranged stoned rock in such an efficient manner is onto something good... 

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