31 Oct 2015

Rocket probes – October playlist

Oneida - Positions
(New EP from New Yorks finest see's them cover This Heat, Chrome and some new material...next releasein our Rocket Shop Exclusive 12" series)

Deej Dhariwal - My Father, my sun
(Second solo album of swirling spunds from the Thought Forms guitarist...on Zam Zam)
Deej Dhariwal

Acid Liner – Acid Church
(Lucky enough to hear this hot from the mixing desk...Rhys from Hey Colossus/Drmcnt has created an album that takes you on a dark but uplifting acid house adventure)
Acid Liner

Defenders of Style – The death of meaning

(Tremendous psyched out sounds from this UK Hip Hop crew...reminds us of the best period of Def Jux. Easily best Hip Hop album we have heard in years, stunning stuff.)
Defenders of Style

A Middle Sex – Soul Sways West
(A great album of post kraut grooves and drones...for fans of Gnod, WHOK etc etc)
A Middle Sex

Housewives - Work
(Really diggin' this band on the great Hands in the Dark label...repetitive, postpunk, avant noise - for fans of This Heat. Great live too!)

Mai Mai Mai - Petra
(Nice EP of dark and brooding machine (occult) psychedelia)
Mai Mai Mai

Anthroprohh - Anhedonia
(More psyched-out, kraut-noise jams from the mighty Anthroprophh...on Greasy Trucker)

The Beautiful Bunker - Beaurocratic Headache
(A unique and uncatagrizable album that touches on many psych/postpunk/avant pop sounds...from Lay Llamas backing band)
The Beautiful Bunker

China – China
(Proper kosmiche disco from '79)

Kevin Morby - Harlem river 
(NIce repetitive psychy folk groove)
Kevin Morby

Tomaga - Familliar Obstacles
(Second Hands in the Dark release of the month...big fans of Tomaga so great to hear some new music by them, two tracks of multi rhythms and analogue synth journeys)

Various – Science Fiction Dance Hall Classics
(Trevor Jackson creates another flawless collection of tracks...this time it is a selection of On-U Sound's finest spaced-out, grooved-out and experimental moments!!)
Science Fiction Dance Hall Classics

The Road to Suicide​/​Spökraket – Split 12"
(The guys from Hills turned us on to these nice psychy shoegaze sounds)
The Road to Suicide​/​Spökraket

Orlando Julius With The Heliocentrics - Jaiyede Afro
(great psyched out afro jazz grooves)
Orlando Julius With The Heliocentrics

Natural Information Society & Bitchin Bajas – Automaginary
(Lovely jazz drones n' grooves by this great collaboration album)
Natural Information Society & Bitchin Bajas