23 Oct 2015

Chromaticism reviews Capra Informis – Womb of the Wild EP

‘Womb of the Wild’ is the first release by Capra Informis, a new band put together by the unnamed djembe player from Goat.”

An enigma wrapped in a mystery then…

I love the whole anti-celebrity air of mystique that shrouds the Goat collective, proof positive that you do not have to sell your soul to the devil in order to achieve success, real success on their own terms – or perhaps that was an integral part of the Vodun compact, invoked with Bondye?

Capra Informis or Shapeless Goat, bodes well, as the collective expands our consciousness, so too in many guises can they expand their esoteric dominion...

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Then buy it  there are only 300 copies and you can only buy it from here: Bandcamp