6 Oct 2015

The Five Ws of Gnoomes

Website The Five Ws have asked Gnoomes some questions...

WHO are they?
“We are Gnoomes, Russian band from Perm, Urals. The line-up consists of Alex (bass & vox), Pasha (drums & percussion) and Dima (guitar). We (Alex and Pasha) played in another Russian garage band ‘Powlers’ about 5 years ago, but we wanted to make something more melodic without the groove loss. Besides, we had to work as event cover musicians in restaurants, local pubs and so on. It gave us lots of experience and mostly the will not to be involved in this sphere anymore. Have you ever seen Russian weddings? Ha-ha! You have to watch it on YouTube! So we started Gnoomes in early 2014 with another guitarist, then Dima came in and the Gnoomes story began.”

“During 2014 we rehearsed a lot and produced our first EP It’s moonbow-time, boy. This work was heavily influenced by classical and modern Shoegaze and Dream-pop bands like Slowdive, Cocteau Twins, Lotus Plaza etc. For example the last track Night Queen on the album was influenced by Axel Willner projects (Hands, The Field). At that time appeared the idea of ‘stargaze’: music that will never do harm to your ears, music for lying on the grass at night.”

“Pasha is a big fan of shoegaze scene, Alex is more keen on German krautrock and Dima loves traditional American music. We think about our track Roadhouse as a great symbiosis of what we’re all listening to.”...

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