17 Oct 2012

Terrascope review Collisions Vol.3 LP

The mighty Terrascope say some very nice words about our Gnod/Shit & Shine Collisions LP:

"As the name clearly implies, this is the latest in a series of what it must be said are always-welcome collaborations featuring Rocket Recordings artists and affiliates. In this case the accolades go to Manchester experimental rockers, the ever-worthy Gnod, and the none-too delicately named but no less laudable Shit and Shine, with each given free reign over a side each of what in old language would be termed a “mini album” - under 30 minutes in total - to, as they say “do it to you”...."

Read the full review here

And just to clarify regarding the last (amusing) comment, Rocket is run by John O'Carroll as well as Chris Reeder.