1 Oct 2012

Rough Trade sings it's praises for our Gnod / Shit & Shine Collisions LP

Rough Trade shops says this about our next release that is due out on October 15th:

"Next up in rocket's collision series sees a much talked about split between manchester's gnod and the simply wonderful shit and shine. gnod deliver 'shitting through the eye of a needle in a haystack' - built on heavy rhythm drum machines and heavy dub echoes. a rolled and smoked groove built for late nights. a nice little starter before the main course if you like because next up is 'the magic moment' - 'the main course' - 'ladies circles' by shit and shine. over the past year the now austin based band have delivered two jaw dropping albums - 'jream baby jream' and 'le grand larance prix' - taken europe by storm on a rare summer tour and are getting ready to play a very special one off show at the wire's 'adventures in modern music' in chicago. 'ladies circles' could be seen as a progression from the 'larance prix' set - a hot n' heavy slice of machine funk, dipped in krautrock and spun out for around 13 minutes. lynch-like vocals creep in and out while the groove carries the synths, church organs appear and disappear, the track starts repeating on itself and then - the drop - a jerked out guitar and drum section splashed with synth bass and jazz keys. this is shit and shine for the dancefloor. the voices come back and it all kicks off again. and again. and again. absolute magic. another stunning 2012 release from 'the shine."