24 Oct 2012

Gnod to play at Julian Cope book launch

"Julian Cope and Lee Brackstone, author and patron, discuss the worldview of his new book COPENDIUM, a feast of obscure and neglected masterworks which takes energy, originality and heaviness as its bearings. The Black Sheep’s Fido-X presents Tue’sday Night/Wodnesday Morning, further explorations in the style of the Black Sheep Radio Show. GNOD, the Manchester motherfuckers at full tilt, play a live set. Julian returns to present Copendium as revealed through YouTube. We conclude with a screening of Fido’s Blues – ‘awesome’, wrote Jon Savage, upon viewing this highly disorientating Black Sheep road movie."

Mono in Glasgow
Tuesday 6th November 2012, 7pm

For more information visit Julian Cope's site here

(Photo of Gnod at the recent Rocket Party taken by Tony Mountford)