12 Oct 2012

Optical Sounds reviews Collisions Vol.3 LP by Gnod and Shit & Shine

The ever amazing Optical Sounds magazine (issue 4 coming soon apparently) have forwarded their review of our next release, the next instalment of our Collisions series, this time by Gnod and Shit & Shine:

Gnod & $hit & $hine - Collisions V.3 (Rocket Recordings)
We’ve certainly been treated well by those Rocket boys when it comes
to these Collisions series The Heads, White Hills, Mugstar, Oneida and
now fellow space brethren – Gnod & $hit & $hine. Once again, Gnod
refuse to be tied down to expectations with their charmingly titled
‘Shitting Through The Eye Of A Needle In A Haystack’, (which reminds
me of the toilet facilities at last year’s Supernormal festival). If
you’ve seen them live recently, you may have noticed an electronica
vibe, reminiscent of the ace Meat Beat Manifesto in places, starting
to percolate through the Gnod Machine. Neurons are decimated by the
fidgety stop-start beat and grinding drones, whilst Neil Francis
continues his stream of consciousness lullaby. Always mutating and
always brilliant, if you get the chance to see Gnod live, for fuck’s
sake, go and do it. NOW!

$hit & $hine are expatriate Brits now stirring up dust devils in
Texas. Every bit as disturbed as their spiritual forebears, Butthole
Surfers (they are regularly joined live onstage by veteran Butthole -
King Coffey) , S&S  take coal back to Newcastle with the heat-warped
Beefheart-ian groove of ‘Ladies Circle’. Great stuff. This is an
inspired pairing and if you’re a fan of repetitive grooves that go
nowhere in particular but can take you anywhere you want, then this
transcendental piece of plastic is just for you. It makes you wonder
with delight what interstellar mix the next Collision’s pairing will
be. (Brett Savage)

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