14 Oct 2012

Adventures in the Soundscape reviews Collisions 03

'Adventures in the Soundscape' have written a great review of our next Collisions release:

"Big thanks to Chris at Rocket Recordings for sending me a preview of the latest release of Collisions series on the label, a pairing of the mighty Gnod and Shit & Shine – a new band to me; and that’s what I love about the Collisions split releases is that they introduce me to new artists. Collisions 01 introduced me to The Heads and their mind-melting psych, and both this release and Collisions 02 continued to add brilliant tracks from White Hills, Oneida and Mugstar to my record shelves – and as always from Rocket Recordings the vinyl releases are fantastic looking mini works of art… great music, imaginative pairings of bands, freedom for the bands to explore the music they love and push themselves, brilliant artwork.

Gnod are going from strength to strength and the recent Chaudelande volumes are some of my favourite recent releases. Their contribution to Collisions 03 is Shitting through the eye of a needle in a haystack.

The hazy, late night mist of Chaudelande has lifted to reveal a throbbing brute of a band, metallic shards rattling through the soundscape and reverberating through your brain. The track pulses and throbs, brutal and heavy.. this is late-night headphone music, the kind you put on loud, your walking pace quickens and makes you feel fucking invincible – you, the music and the empty streets of a city at 5am.

Gnod haven’t lost their groove though; yes this track is more industrial sounding, definitely harsher and reminds me of some of the Foetus 12″ releases where the tracks are presented as industrial movements. Shitting through the eye of a needle in a haystack explore a new area; the loose jam-style explorations of drone and the layed-down groove of the riff are replaced with the industrial grooves and rhythms of the drum machine, the soundscape is cruel, bleak and lonely but as intriguing to explore and get lost in as their other work – great work from Gnod, chalk up another success to their exploration of sound, grooves and mood.

The flip side to Collisions 03 is Ladies Circles by Shit & Shine.. a new one to me. The track is built around a repeating lead guitar motif, drums driving the track but always the metallic funk of the lead guitar… sometimes hidden away under the organs, the vocals and then it hits you again the groove and the lead guitar takes centre-stage.

Very groovey track, Ladies Circles makes a great partner to the Gnod track and for another brilliant Rocket Recordings release, a mean slab of industrial psychedelic rock that your record player is screaming for you to drop the needle onto.

Installment number 3 of the Collisions series from Rocket Recordings is available from the 15th October so go hunt it down… Norman Records have it available and you may get some Maoam to go with your vinyl!!"

See the review in full here.