17 Oct 2012

Spin! get into a spin about Goat

American magazine Spin are loving the Goat album and have written a nice little piece plus revealing Q/A with the band:

The mysterious crew from Sweden runs the voodoo down
Mysterious collective Goat dropped one of 2012's most coveted pieces of vinyl with World Music, a damn-near indescribable collision of searing psych-metal, trance-inducing Afrobeat congas, Krautrock infinity-gazing, and demonic disco. Recorded hot-as-hellfire to tape, this thing could be mistaken for a Now Again or Finders Keepers reissue from West-Africa (via Mars), but in fact the group hails from a small town in Sweden called Korpilombolo. The band claims this town runs deep with a history of practicing voodoo and ducking religious persecution, but this may just be another great backstory from a country filthy with genre-bending anonymous bands (holler at us, Ghost). Whatever the deal is, World Music is a delirious mix of brassy, hook-laden, royally thunderous heavy metal; fast-paced Nigerian disco; hypnotic African rhythms mutated through Cuba and Haiti; some accidental bhangra; and a full-on, rocked-out cover of Malian hit "Diarabi." Hear the whole thing below with our Q&A with the mysterious Goatman! ...

Read the feature in full here