31 Oct 2012

Rocket Probes October Playlist

Anthroprophh - S/T
(The record is all mastered now and is currently being manufactured, The Heads guitarist has delivered a record that has barely left our playlist)

Lumerians - Transmissions from Telos Vol.4
(This is an amazing record...the A side is psyched out kraut funk, that has a real Can, Miles Davis, Sun Araw, Sunburned HOM sort of vibe. While side two sounds like what would happen if Teeth of the Sea and Gnod locked themselves in the studio after a night on bad party drugs... essential listening!! Check out the great 'Hands in the Dark' records) lumerians

The Lay Llamas - Vatican Zombie

(African Spacecraft, Can like World Music Vibes) the-lay-llamas

Dead Sea Apes / Black Tempest - TBC

(Great vinyl only collaboration by these masters of space stretching soundscapes...on the wonderful Cardinal Fuzz Records) dead-sea-apes-vs-black-tempest

The Heads - TBC
(Second release on Cardinal Fuzz in our playlist this month, and it finds The Heads thrashing out some great pure heavy fuzz!)

Oneida - List of the Burning Mountains
(A different sounding (and looking) record by one of our favourite ever bands, two 19 min tracks of droned out cosmic soundscapes underpinned by some great 'free' rhythms) oneida

Puffy Areolas - 1982 Disonorable Discharge
(Fuzzy Hawkwind influenced punk skronk, bit like Vincent Black Shadow) puffy-areolas

Rent Boys - Shoot Your Shot
(Amazing two track single from yet another great band from Leeds...saw them live once totally blew me away, total anarchic, spaced out, fuzz rock) rent-boys

Ty Segal - The Hill
(Nice bit of 60's grunge pop) ty-segal

Skin Men - Construction
(Nice droned out beats and bowed percussion by this new collaboration from members of Gnod and Drunk in Hell) skin-men

Lash Frenzy & KK Null - Live at Supersonic

(Not a record per say, but the experience was etched like a phosphorescent wall, Intense: smoke, strobes, repetition, noise with half naked women wondering around) lash-frenzy

Celtic Frost - Into the Pandemonium

(Strings, industrial beats, soul and opera collides with incredible Thrash riffs and Tom G Warrior's death grunts... shouldn't of ever worked, but it did spectacularly!) celtic-frost

Miles Davis - In a Silent Way

(Needed 'Shhh/Peaceful' to get me through hours of very heavy traffic on my way to London for Lexington show, 4 hour journey….with the same track of course) miles-davis

Beau - Silence Returns

(If you don't freakout to the Fuzz guitar on this then give up!