24 Oct 2012

Gnod go Death Disco in Liverpool

Peter Guy has written a great live review of Gnod's show supporting Expo 70.
A show where the band ditched the guitars and drums and replaced them with lots of synths and wires:

"There's little to prepare you for GNOD.

First impressions suggest three leftover specimen's from a Levellers convention; all knotted dreadlocks, beat up threads and weathered skin, they cower over a table festooned with all manner of electronic gismos.

We barely notice the pipe-cleaner thin figure with a pitch black bowl cut sat on Mello Mello's stage steps, hunched over with his face pressed into what looks like a book in an oversized cigarette case.

For several minutes there's just slow, dry electrical surges seeping down the curtains of wires and wires and wires. More wires than you've ever seen..."

Read the full review here