28 Jan 2019

Sound of Brit reviews Gum Takes Tooth's 'Arrow'

They say:

The London duo of acid house Gum Takes Tooth delivers a third opus in the air of the time, so much that it can quickly be lost in its own wandering

Five years from scratch, since the last sign of life of  Gum Takes Tooth . Since then, many things have evolved on Earth - badly as well as well - and the group is certainly one of the spokespersons of our new generation. Driven by technological facilities, electronic assistance and artificial evidence, our society knows the limits of its creations and is even more aware of its humanity.

Jussi Brighmore and his sidekick and drummer Tom Fug also understood. Formed since 2009, the duo from London has shaped their music according to events, by maneuvering audacious discs because they are constantly experimental. Never to excess. Or almost ... The twenty-first century is a treat for Gum Takes Tooth, who extends his electronic fantasies in coveted countries, to a crisis of bulimia. Reunited at home in Wayne Adams' studio , the band recorded an amazing and crazy album. This third album - the first at Rocket Recordings - entitled Arrow , is as old as it is polluted by its subject: modernity, urbanism...

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