28 Jan 2019

Album a Day reviews Gum Takes Tooth's Arrow

They say:

“Basically, becoming a dad in these times, thinking of the present and the future that it’s aiming to construct, has brought all these up, intensely magnified and amplified.” Jussi Brighmore (half of the duo behind Gum Takes Tooth) commenting on how this album was made.

Hot damn! Now that’s some good shit!

It’s fucking big. It’s expansive. It’s walking out of a tent made of animal skin dressed in Viking gear and a robotic eye and, after a deep introspective pause (breathe in, breathe out, breathe in, breathe out), screaming out of your ripped and scarred vocal folds into an expansive rocky mountain range. It’s intellectual warfare. It’s anger. It’s families splitting apart because of opposing political views. It’s being pissed off with how the world has turned out. It’s the disappointment that comes when realizing humanity isn’t all that great. It’s that silent fear and panic we hold in your chest when we read the latest fuckup in fucksville. It’s looking at your kid and thinking, “good fucking luck”. It’s claustrophobic. It’s angry. It’s pent-up rage. It’s expressive. It’s Tom Fug and Jussi Brighmore making some badass tunes out of electronics and drums. And, hot damn, is it ever fucking good...

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