31 Jan 2019

Rocket Probes – January 2019 playlist

Teeth of the Sea – I'd Rather, Jack
(Erol Alken produced stomper) 

Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation – Desire
(Great first track to be revealed from their forthcoming album Sacred Dreams) 
Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation

Gum Takes Tooth – Fights Physiology (Nene H Remix)
(Killer remix of the third single from Gum Takes Tooth's album 'Arrow')
Gum Takes Tooth

GNOD R&D – Vol.3
(Great double LP of GNOD in research and development mode)

Jamie Paton – Disk Memories
(New 12 by Rocket collaborator on Hoga Nord)
Jamie Paton 

KIKOK – Pehl
(Love the afro techno drive on this track off new album by Gnoomes drummer)

DEAFKIDS – Metaprogramação
(New track from new album!)

Stefan Blöser – Voyager One
(A 70s journey into space)
Stefan Blöser

Section 25 – Dirty Disco
(Fuzzy post punk)
Section 25

USA/Mexico – Matamoros

Black Tempest – Psyberspace
(Varied album of sounds from Black Tempest...mix of transportive, synth & guitarscapes to kraut grooves)
Black Tempest 

Taiconderoga ‎– Speakin' My Mind
(Great slice of German Freakbeat)

Bill Callahan – AMERICA
(The mighty Bill Callahan in repetitive mode!)
Bill Callahan

Mario Migliadi – MATALO!
(Fuzzy Italian soundtrack groove)
Mario Migliadi

Pseudocode – The Brightness of Love and Illusion
(Great droning repetition from '82)

Kraut – Marimba
(Tribal House with a bit of a MKWAJU ensemble vibe)

Swoosh – Nice Things
('Free Rock' wah-jams from Berlin

Joe McPhee – Nation Time
(What time is it?)
Joe McPhee

Gong – A sprinkling of Clouds
(Kosmiche jazz)

Black to Comm – Fly on you
(Mike from Teeth of The sea brought this banger to our attention)
Black to Comm

Oh Sees - Animated Violence
(Get into the groove!)
Oh Sees

Watery Love – Face The Door
("I'm talking about a full on motherfucking Revolution")
Watery Love 

Sagitta – Gama
(Spaced out)

Nurse with Wound – The Self Sufficient Sexual Shoe
(Dark kosmiche)
Nurse with Wound

Housewives – SmttnKttns
(Nice new Housewives)

Mighty Lord Deathman – An Inhabitant Of Karkoza
(New album by of banging 'psyched' machine beats from MLD)
Mighty Lord Deathman 

Scorpions - Sails Of Charon

Yerba Mansa – 'Untitled' LP
(Nice psyched-out sounds from Manchester...reminds in places of Moon Unit)
Yerba Mansa

My Disco – Rival Colour
(Great new track from one of our fave Australian bands)
My Disco

Sepultura – The Roadrunner albums boxset
(A great way to shake off those January blues...thanks Igor!)

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