25 Jan 2019

MOWNO say some words about Gum Takes Tooth's 'Arrow'

They say:

More and more dubbed by the followers of marginal rock and experimental, the English of  Gum Takes Tooth  continue their dazzling polyrhythmic ascent on January 25, on the occasion of the release of their third album  The Arrow. Inspired by their city of London, inhabited by the certainty that to live in the city becomes more and more a constant battle against space and time, the duo signs a new album intense and visceral, although melancholic and elegiac, that we can discover below in full. As usual since 2009, Jussi Brighmore and Tom Fug are distinguished by the treatment of their voices, but especially their unique approach of triggering electronic elements through percussion, all dedicated to a singular register oscillating between rock psyche , indus, experimental and acid house. 'The Arrow is so named because it flies in a straight line or in an arc, but never repeats itself or goes back ': a metaphor appropriate for Gum Takes Tooth themselves.

See the full piece here: MOWNO